Tuesday, August 23, 2011

JP Morgan and Bank of America? Where did you hear that first?

Welcome to the big leagues folks. You must be in good hands hear. Right? After all, I'm not seeing many haters show up anymore saying, "Bank of America and JP Morgan, never." "I can never see that happening..." Where was the first time anyone heard that JP Morgan is considering Bank of America?

Right. Let me rewind to where most of Wall Street, if not the world was exposed to this 'rumor' Click here to hear this at 1 min and 40 seconds...

This article appeared today that caught my eye, not that its news to me as I exposed this on August 5th on the launch of the Bears 7 video, but take a gander at this and then we will stop gloating and move onto more important things than BAC stock going to .30 cents. Epic. Click here read the rest...

Heading over to Harvey's Report we learn today that the ponzi is continuing like any usual buisness day would. No change. Harvey losses his temper here a bit, which I encourage everyone to do once in a while to get mad a little when we see this garbage.
HO: "WOW!!!!!! we lost an amazing 24.83 tonnes of gold from the GLD.
This is becoming a farce. Probably some of this paper gold entered the comex today
to help out in the raid, and some physical left the shores of England onto foreign shores. The chairwoman of the SEC should be shot for her total lack of duty on this."

Love it.

Moving into the next two days of trading I am going to sit back and watch. Most of trading is observation. Realizing the same patterns, catching algos running the .35 cent candles for 10 minutes then breaking up or down. Its all a game. And like I said in the video today, Friday will be the game changer, and thats when I place my bets, doing this prior to that is a straight up gamble. Trading is not gambling.

If Silver hits $39 again I'm all in. Gold could easily retrace to $1700 at that point I'm all in. Bring it on Ben, lets see what you got.

I really want the new site to be a gigantic learning experience in a fun environment. Thats all I got, I am swamped. Was my kids 1st bday and I'm still cleaning up from the weekend as we threw a monster 100 guest bash.

Lastly, the end of of September should be Epic. I am speaking with the inside on the CFTC but cannot divulge info at this time to due touchy circumstances. More to come later on lets say.


  1. "I really want the new site to be a gigantic learning experience in a fun environment."

    Hah! You'll be bleeding from the ears in no time. :)

  2. Happy Birthday to the Little One!

  3. If the CFTC does something about this, I'LL throw a monster bash for my one year old, and I don't even have a kid!!

  4. Congrats SGS! happy birthday little SGS :)

    Now, is it to late for put of BAC?

  5. Is anyone familiar with magic T-Theory? It seems that silver fell off a 2.5 year T last May and could take time to recover. There's a possibility of a short term T that's going to expire around Friday. These are time symmetric and fractal structures based off peaks and troughs of various kinds of data sets. Here is the possible short term T I drew:


    I think T-theory would require a longer cash build up period before a sustained move up can occur in the metals. Usually after these runups there are 6 months of consolidation. The Bressert cycle indicator on the monthly charts is still down

    I've been hesitant to post about this here because the fundamentals are more important and they are definitely bullish. I'm also not a good trader in the least. There are so many ways to draw the Ts, but I think they can be used effectively given your money management is good. Would be interested in hearing if any of the pros here have used this method.

  6. Oh come on SGS, not the CFTC shit again.


    I can't believe you are falling for that shit again.

  7. The Bears will go down in history as being on the cutting edge, many great calls and commentary on this blog. Looking forward to any CFTC info, most likely for entertainment purposes I can only imagine, and the new site. Guys like you doing independent media are the news for people who can still think and are changing your world, big props for all you do. Sounds like a great weekend. Glad to see you comment on gold more often also. Thanks and best regards.

  8. fucking LEGIT bloomberg just covered my reactor story. I also just discovered from friends in virginia that there were major concerns about safety at the north ana reactor for years prior, and in 2009 the backup coolant system sprung a leak and was reported as an event in local papers, and the SAME THING HAPPENED TODAY. I shot bloomberg an email and you can all expect to see a revised bloomberg cover story courtesy of commodityworldnews

  9. I just got messaged back from the author of the bloomberg story saying

    "Thanks for the heads up! I will look into this."


  10. I gotta agree with you Pete on this one. Are we gonna get a revelation from Bart 'The People's Commissioner' Chilton? I won't hold my breath. For something that constitutes a crime in progress, after years long footdragging, I can only draw one conclusion...they have implicitly sanctioned the manipulation by their lack of action.

  11. Jeremy - I have some "cyclists" in my blog - gonna ask them what they think about your finding.

  12. not this update?


    August 23, 2011, 8:17 PM EDT
    More From Businessweek

    By Julie Johnsson and Brian Wingfield

    (Updates with comment from regulator on earthquake damage in third paragraph.)

  13. Justin must have bought a huge stack @ $49

  14. ok..let me set the stage....the entire world is the guy that was bitten on his dick by a snake...the bernank is his buddy that runs to the doc to find out what to do...doc says suck the venom out at the bite, ben runs back to his buddy at jackson hole...his buddy ask "what did the doc say?" ben tells him the doc said you are going to die....

  15. You know it does feel strange that I trust cute little cartoon bears that swear like sailors over the MSM. It has that special tingling feeling inside every time they are right. Then you say to yourself.....there I go listening to cartoon charters again! A strange but "fuzzy" and "warm" feeling......those bears!

  16. Good call on BAC. Your observations and implied recommendations are valuable! Your readers are fortunate to have a blogger who shares what you do.

  17. Hey Ledbetter, perhaps we should add a big ole' jug of Vagisil to our survival list. You know, in case someone like Justin moves into the hood! LMAO

  18. Justin, you did not upset us by talking smack about "our leader". You just made yourself a nuisance by whining like a little bitch. It is funny that you call us girls when you are the one whining and crying. A real man would just go away if he disagreed, but your long, whiney, bitchy rant surely proves who the woman is here. Go long Vagisil everyone, Justin will be buying barrels of it.

  19. @Justin, dude, you sound like there's a cactus in your sphincter. Get some Polish Ice Tea (with extra Vodka). If you can get it with the Polish chicks, even better. It'll help with that cactus.

    I sense contagion.

    @ledbedder, Your posts have helped me in my studies of quantitative finance. Just wanted to say thanks.

    Here's the paper I'm going through now:

    Title: The Geometry of Crashes - A Measure of the Dynamics of Stock Market Crises


  20. Justin- price of silver was $15 an ounce at the start of last year. It's now over $40. Seems like a pretty good investment to me, whether you think the central bankers' pyramid scheme is going to crash or not.

  21. Justin,

    I love the community here. I'd rather shoot the shit here than with the sheep I'm corralled with.

    With SGS, he's way more knowledgeable than I with what's going on. He "may" have help, but it isn't blatant manipulation like Simon Black or the NIA.

    You obviously come to the site because you've found value. But looks like you got greedy than got burnt. But if you made some cheese off his calls, you are definitely not the type to donate. So, you're not a benefit to anyone here.

    I've been helped by many here. As a newbie, i'm endlessly grateful.

    Get lost, leech.

    Watch your punkass return when AG hits $65.


  22. Justin,

    I have deleted your posts, you are a little offside pal. Lets keep it civil on here. For starters, can you point to a source that exposed the idea of a JP Morgan takeover of BAC?

    Post it if you do I would like to validate it.

    Tinka went from .15-.73 and fell like most silver stocks after 5 margin increases. Sounds like you bought the .72's.

    As for the donations, I am building a blog very similar to Turds ( I have actually contacted him for pointers) and it all goes back into it.

    I kept this without absolutely ripping into you, I would hope you can respond with some merit instead of an 8th graders response on text messaging you fucking mut.

  23. SGS,

    Recently discovered this blog and find it extremely informative for my silver investments. Thanks. Just wondering why you're waiting until Friday. Is it because of the Jackson Hole info or because of futures options expiring on Thursday? Is there something coming out of JH that could cause PMs to drop? I'm thinking either way, silver's getting a boost, at least until JPM gets more funding for its short attacks from QE3.