Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jim Rogers - I'm short a really big bank right now

Got BAC? Bears what?


  1. JR - " I hope it doesnt go to $2000 this year but certainly in the next decade"

    Yeah, fuck that.

  2. $2000 by Christmas.

    Rogers plays things wayyy too conservatively.

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  4. Rogers has been talking about the big bank he's shorting for a little while. He won't say which one it is, probably for regulatory reasons but also because he "has too many friends that work there." He mentions that it's a bank that hasn't gone down as much as the others.

    Anyone wanna take a look at JPM's chart?

  5. Ol' girl's constant blinking was bugging me out...

    And me three. $2000 by year's end for AU.

    @SGS, how are you going to play BAC this coming week?

  6. anyone wanna look at WFC chart too?

  7. I am guessing he is shorting JPM. Monday, JPM is going to go down while silver is going to take off.

    Damn... I just sold my 100 puts of JPM yesterday. If only I hold onto it a bit longer, i would have made a lot more.

  8. You can't short something and hope to profit if the currency in which you are shorting is the currency issued by the entity that you are shorting. Therefore JPM is out of the question since JPM IS the Fed.

  9. How do you know JPM is a witch? "She looks like one".

    What do you do with witches?
    Burn them.
    What do you burn apart from witches?
    So why do witches burn?
    Because they are made of... wood?

  10. Just had a gal I work with sometimes come up to me and say "I've been thinking of investing in gold and silver, Dave (another guy we work with who generally knows the score) told me to talk to you". Not only flattering but long story short, another convert to truth inherent in the metals.

  11. @reefman.... you are too deep for me. I have only one way to get more physical gold and silver legally. That is to buy it with fiat currency. If i had kept my 100 JPM put 25, I am guessing I may be able to get one to two monster box next week.

  12. Hey guys, havnt posted in awhile as I'm travelling southeast asia, but I'm a daily reader. Any way had 2 interesting conversations yesterday.
    1st one was with my sister who has just moved to western Australia to take advantage of the mining boom. Any way I have been hounding her for 18 months to get silver, and she finally did the other week. 2x 1kg bars from the Perth mint took over 2 weeks to be sent out. I'm guessing a backlog.
    2nd was a guy from NZ who cashed up his property portfolio right at the end of 07, which was perfect timing in NZ. I asked him how he knew to sell. He said because we were headed for a change of govt from the equilivent of dems to republicans and "it would not be good for the working man". This is how clueless the sheep are in NZ!

  13. Weather Unit, exactly what is it that makes you post here and make an utter and complete jackass of yourself? Back up the truck boys, WU is buying phyzz. Maybe that means we should all think of maybe getting some!

    No fucking shit WU!

    Developing.....Physical PM's might be a good investment.....Developing....

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  15. JR - " I hope it doesnt go to $2000 this year but certainly in the next decade"

    He might just be trying to tell us something with this statement. I believe he thinks the Dow to Gold Ratio will be 1 to 1 in 10 years.. If not sooner.


    There are some cool widgets here about metals, oil and other things. The gold and silver production and use is pretty cool.

  17. You're a moron who's obviously desperate for attention and you take every opportunity to prove it... Developing

    P.S. I've got WU's address (before he removed his post above) playing some kind of tough guy if anyone wants to send flowers in sympathy or something...

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  19. @WU: I have tried to defend you in the past. Tried to tone down the anger towards you. But, my gosh, can't you get the point? Don't answer this post, because I don't care. Can't you find another blog?
    Do what you need to do, bro. Just don't do it here. OK?

  20. @SGS, your ads, are they the click kind that you get paid? If so, just tell everyone that comes here to click 5, 10, 15 times a day to donate. BTW, showing patio furniture from The Home Depot right now, not sure that is going to generate alot of fiat in most of the country. That season is over, believe it or not.

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  22. silverjournal1,

    No one here is buying it. Stop spamming. Go rile up some sheep who'll find your website beneficial elsewhere, dude.

  23. @Led, that list of 100 things was great, I am going to pick up a few things today that I didn't think of (if you can believe that) thanks to your posting it.

  24. I wonder if Weather Units list of 100 things for survival includes "Ass Lube".

  25. So good that it could use a bump up.

    The whole concept of buying 2 of each is a great takeaway.

  26. @SGS.

    SGS, what is your comment on this.


    Interesting Read

  28. @silverjournal1

    I read your comment the first time ... no need to re post it 3 times

  29. SGS...

    this just posted on Screwtapefiles early this morning. Sounds like this guy's been investigating you quite ambitiously and is raising several conspiratorial questions about your past, your websites, where you get your Bears video information, and your relationship with Zero Hedge.

    The plot

    Hell I don't care about all that man...I seriously appreciate the time and effort you have been putting in all year to keep us informed on what the criminals are up to.

    Just thought you'd be interested in what these guys have put together about you over at their site.

    BTW, I hadn't heard of their site before this morning as I was reading through all the comments on Turd's latest post and found it in someone's comment which I've pasted below:

    Submitted by averagejoe on August 7, 2011 - 7:12am.
    Hat Tip!1I like this thought. They are looking into all websites that promote silver and why. (SGS site) explaining their motive

  30. oh, and for what it's worth, I posted on Screwtapes site asking if they have divulged all information and backgrounds about themselves before. Maybe if they gave up all their own personal info it would lend credibility to their investigating others and raising conspiracy theories about them. We'll see if they choose to respond and what their answer will be.

  31. Don't care about it either. Enjoy coming here & reading & getting potential heads up. I make my own decisions. It is called being an adult.

  32. Stocks drop as Mideast markets open following US credit rating cut; Dubai sheds over 5 per cent:

  33. LOL, had a phone conversation with him long long ago in which he claimed he was in contact with the real Wynter Benton.

    This guy is a no body, and when O'faggagon shows up to his site, I know its case closed.

    Dalal is a programmer I've already forgotten about. LOL.

  34. SGS,

    We have never spoken. And I can assure you that I've never told you or anyone else that I've been in contact with WB (because I haven't).

    Re your point about Dalal, I'll repost what I said in response to your comment on the Screwtape site

  35. Interesting. So why does Mr Dalal claim the site as his own on his Linked In page?

    Why is it registered to his residential address, rather than his business address (i.e that of Think Media or any other business address)?

    Why is a web guy tweeting about silver?

    And why, if Mr Dalal is in the habit of registering clients' webpages in his own name, is the ONLY website he has ever registered in his name? This would seem to be an unusual exception to business practice.

  36. Screwtape files

    silvergoldsilver said...

    LOL, not even close. Mr Dalal is a web guy that registered it under his name. LOL. Nice one.

    Glad O'faggagon showed up, only a matter of time before his butt pirate Kid shows up.
    August 7, 2011 10:21 AM

    Kid Dynamite said...

    *your* not *you're*

    and I don't know why I referred to your "Arguments", SGS - you don't make any arguments - you just repeat random incorrect nonsense that you read at Harvey's blog and hurl insults. You add zero value to the discussion, as usual.
    August 7, 2011 10:47 AM

    Fuck that Place!!!!! Its a fucking joke!

  37. They do a fucking hit piece on SGS why?

    Because he brings to light the manipulation of the markets by their masters. I have read articles and post over at Screwtapes files and they are always in lock step and in defense of JPM et al, why? Because the obviously get paid or work for them!

    Just my observations!

  38. Sinclair and Turk - good interview re. slow train wreck and parabolic gold at $1,764 - where "the King has no clothes".

  39. Zero Hedge:
    Apmex Is On Hiatus Until Asia Open, Or Why You Better Already Have Your Physical...(OMG-LOL)

    As of yesterday, anyone wishing to pad their holdings of precious metals in response to what is about to be a perfect storm in risk, using one of the biggest vendors of gold and silver has to wait until Asia open, as the firm's checkout counter has just decided to enter suspended animation until 8pm today. "*Attention – Due to the uncertainty in the global precious metals markets, we will not be able to accept any additional orders until the global markets re-open in Asia. We expect to be accepting orders around 6:15 pm EST. Sunday August 7th, 2011, following the market open." Implication: the opening print in gold will not be the closing print from Friday. That much we can guarantee you.


    Andrew Mcquire...the silver trader whistleblower that GATA announced testimony on during the CFTC hearing back in March 2010, almost got taken out when a he and his wife were hit by another car who left the scene of the accident.

    Bill Murphy from GATA was harassed in the beginning of GATA. He was punched in the face....his girlfriends car had all her tires slashed.

    I remember during the CFTC hearing March 2010, when Bill Murphy sat down, one John Lothian sat beside him. When Murphy gave his testimony...the video feed went dead. After he came back on and John Lothian then proceeded to explain about these so called "GOLD BUG CHARLATANS". John Lothian was another version of that poor excuse of a human called LARRY SUMMERS.

    Things are getting very strange. Watch your back folks.

  41. If Apmex thought PM spot was about too go way higher at 6pm they would be wise to have been closed this weekend.

  42. Should be fun tomorrow. I'm taking bets the Goldman Sachs (E=MC2) flash crash computer take the markets down 8% in seconds and they end the day walk with a $5 - $10 Billion profit. As Max Kieser suggested the bankers drool over the uncertainty to derive massive profits.

    And in 12 to 18 months the SEC will find no wrong doing or laws broken. Perhaps the laws should be written to protect the rights of the TBTF bank's right to rape investors and large funds!

  43. @Buckanear2: actually the fun starts 6 PM eastern tonight! Can't wait, only 5 1/2 hrs. away!

  44. @SGS, can you pound this arsehole "silverjournall" the hell out of here?

  45. @Ledbedder Ditto!

    A thought crossed my mind ... current market chaos notwithstanding, I wonder if TPTB are obliged to hold the price of Silver down for the sake of industry. Things are tough all over and a significant hike in the price of this widely used commodity could easily take out what's left of ailing industry.

  46. felix,

    the amount of silver used per device is so minuscule, it would not effect the sales price much if at all.

  47. SGS..LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR NEW WEBSITE we can get rid of the likes of the Weather Unit and Silverjournal1.


    1)The Falling EROI and its impact on the physical market.

    EROI - Energy Returned On Invested

    2)The exponential increase of Derivatives and paper financial instruments due to the Falling EROI.

    Many who have studied the collapse of the Roman Empire have offered many various reasons why it did so. The best reason I have found to date is the Falling EROI put forth by the works of Joesph Tainter and Ugo Bardi.

    Every other reason is a symptom and not the disease itself. The removal of the US Dollar from the gold standard in 1971 was due to the Falling EROI. The change from manufacturing to a consumer-retail economy in the USA was due to the Falling EROI. And now...the explosion of Derivatives is due to the Falling EROI.

    We are now entering the "EXPONENTIAL DECLINE" as it refers to the Falling EROI. Tonight and next week marks the end of the US EMPIRE. It will never look the same ever again.

  48. SRSrocco,
    Thanks for the excellent insight!

    EROI - Energy Returned On Invested= Low Hanging Fruit= Peak Everything!

    Declining EROI could also explain outsourcing and our national policy of corporate military intervention.

  49. WTF, silver Journall is SPAMMING, BLOCK HIS ASS....

  50. Thanks for your contributions here SRSrocco.

    It'd be nice if SGS would explain with a bit more clarity what this whole fiasco on is all about. Even a dummy like me has some idea but it'd be nice to see an actual outing of this BS.

    Thank-you all, I think this week could be spectacular, all the best regards and luck.

  51. Malcom.....YOU ARE SPOT ON. I will write about this in future guest posts. The Roman Empire's Economic Model was:

    ENERGY INVESTED in the MILITARY to EXTRACT ENERGY from spoils of newly occupied countries and territories.

    The energy the Romans received was gold and silver mines, wealth including gold and silver, agricultural lands and etc.

    As time went by, it cost more (in Military costs) to control and hold their borders then they received in yearly inputs.

    Towards the end, the Roman army had the resources to conquer the northern germanic tribes, but there was not much wealth to satisfy the cost. On the other hand, there was plenty of wealth in the Persian Empire, but the military costs would have been too high. Basically the Romans had a falling military EROI.

    This is why the Roman GOVT had to keep debasing their currency the silver coin. It was their way to offset the declining EROI of their empire.

    The United States Economic Model has been the spread of the Suburban Economy by way of increased technology. This technology was fed by a LOW EROI of energy of COAL, OIL and NATURAL GAS. All of these are now victim of a Falling EROI.

    Thus the US GOVT has had to do the same as the Roman Empire. The US GOVT has been increasing Debt, Derivatives and debasing the US Dollar in response to its falling EROI of OIL-NATURAL GAS-COAL.

    That is why you see that EROI ICON net to my screen name. It means everything.

  52. CORRECTION The Suburban Economy was fed by a "HIGH EROI" not a LOW. Today we have a low EROI.

    1930 EROI of OIL-GAS = 100/1
    2011 EROI of OIL-GAS = 11/1

  53. Jeanne or Dave F (louis Cypher). If you want me to conitnue I will but with me leaving it at Dave F. I dont think you want me to continue do you? You should have contact Dave F (Louis Cypher) before writing such a waste of time blog post which only enhances my web traffic and income thank you for that by the way.

    We spoke in March. You called my 800 line. Its was 33 min and 47 seconds long. I record all files. Then I take pictures of all people I talk with via my private eye in the sky baby. All i's dotted, t's crossed.

    I wont even write a price on this. I'll keep it professional unlike you. Go ahead and call Albert Dalal, he's my pogrammer I gave a 5% stake to on the original bullion site. Idiot. He keep posting his phone number on your blog but you keep deleting it. Thank you for piggy backing on the Bears 7 video, I wish your blog a great success.

    Say hi to Brian Ofaggagon and Kid fucktard.

    SGS out.

  54. @malcolm - understood. Still,there appears to be a growing disconnect re Silver and Gold... GOLD DOWN $7US (as stated in one of the videos. Thurs?) - Big Woppie!!! When something costs $1650US does $7US really matter?!

    But.... Silver.... now there's some action! The question is why! Sure, JPM are up to their assholes in paper Silver shorts... W.H.Y.? To keep the price down W.H.Y.? What The F^%k are they hiding?

  55. well lets pretend that everything screwtape brought to light is true. Yes it would have helped to create the bubble in April, yet, Commodities including silver are the investment play of the decade. So the bears, even if its an NIA conspiracy in collusion with Zerohedge it helps us all.

    Those in fiat are going to suffer the most, atleast we should have a chance.

    Now when to sell? Thats a question we will all need to make ourselves.