Monday, August 22, 2011

Goldman Sucks

Something big comes this way gentlemen. Making phone calls as we speak.


  1. Blankfein's in trou-ble, nyea nyea nyea nyea nyea.

  2. I'm in an airport, zippo connection.

    Check the TED Spreads (what I think of the panic line), have shot up 5%

  3. Here is some nuggets about Blankfein’s apparent attorney, Steptoe & Johnson’s Reid Weingarten, an experienced Washington defense attorney.

    Prior clients: Bernie Ebbers, the former WorldCom CEO convicted of fraud; Roman Polanski, the film director who has been wanted in the U.S. for decades-old charges involving having sex with a 13-year-old girl; Lauren Stevens, the GlaxoSmithKline attorney cleared of corporate misconduct; Former agriculture secretary Mike Espy, who won acquittal on corruption charges.

  4. LOL, You know how people just wright LOL, I'm actually laughing my fucking face off right now.

  5. wright? Are you high? Wish I was...

  6. SGS, have you heard anything about gold margin hikes?

  7. Rome, is fucking burning!

    BAC, now GS!

    Yikes, are they really going after GS, this is the best shit ever!!!!

    Now, were is the JPM prosecutor? His paper work must be stuck at the Post Office.

  8. > Gold just bounced of $1,900 bones
    > Kitko Spot blows dead goats
    > PM shorts ball-zack squeezed
    > Obama is on vacation - lol
    > SEC should ban Bank shorts - lol
    > SEC should investigate naked shorting - lol
    > CME to hike margins to 125%
    > Wall Str teaching FED a lesson
    > Big 5 Flash trade computers over-heating
    > FED ordered cotton and truck loads Ink

  9. Flaunt:

    Yes. Rumors of 22% coming. I would presume as soon as it touches $2000 which should be on Jackson hole day. It it piles through there I will buy GLD PUTS at $2100 to protect.


    Haven't done any comments or posts recently. Been very busy working on my next large article. Unbelievable the amount of research and fun I am having at the USGS website. The more I read, the more I am surprised at just how much silver the US mined backed in the early 1900's.


    Up until the great rise to $50 in silver in May of this year, silver inventories were dropping...especially the Registered or dealer inventories. Over the past several weeks there have been transfers from Eligible (customer) to Registered.

    Today we had a big move of 2.25 million ounces moved from Eligible to Registered. Just a few weeks ago, the Registered was on 27 its over 32 million.

    The world is falling apart. Nothing left to keep it all together. Just a matter of time before the PHAT LADY SINGS.

  11. SGS, sounds like a good guess. I wonder why they like the 22% number so much? IIRC that was how much they raised them last week. I noticed the Sept 140 GLD puts today were getting a bid even greater than they were on Friday when gold was lower. Not sure what to make of that other than that money is positioning for a drop.

  12. Goldman - Only the Best for the Blankster (dodo creek)! Alternatively the Blankster was offered time alone with a length of rope and an strong oak tree in the Town Square. How about court appointed attorneys like the rest of us?

    Goldman Sachs (GS) CEO Lloyd Blankfein has hired a high-profile defense attorney, Reuters reported shortly before the market closed on Monday, sending the shares down sharply. Blankfein is not facing any civil or criminal charges, but various government agencies, including the Justice Department, are inquiring into the role Goldman Sachs played during the mortgage meltdown.

    Blankfein has hired defense attorney Reid Weingarten of Steptoe & Johnson. Weingarten has represented numerous high-profile defendants, including Bernard Ebbers.

  13. LOL!

    I use to follow this guy. He has had some good trades and advice. I mean I agree with him that gold has been on a serious tare, but I understand why, but he doesn't.

    Yukon Cornelius
    "Needless to say I got blasted out of my GLD and SLV puts today, but I'm hanging onto the UUP calls I have from my winnings last Friday. I just do not understand all this gold and silver hoopla going around. Me and my wife were watching the nightly news for the first time in years and they had a gold story and I'm sitting there thinking, "Gold? Gold covered on the nightly news?" Gold is dramatically and undeniably overbought. It feels just like silver and gold is getting turned loose a little bit on some pro gold stories (Libya, Venezuela, etc) all to prime the pump and setup another take down at some point. I'm just not buying any gold here and won't be until we see things calm back down and pull back some. Silver is following gold up and it's hard to buy any at these levels as well. I just don't see it."

  14. "So here's how I see things: We have got to be at or near a top in gold at $1900. Silver I see topping out around $47.50 or so. I believe stocks are cheap relative to our other options and we might be at a bottom here. For stocks I like energy (particularly oil), agriculture, and mining (particularly copper and gold miners.) I like the USD. Hell, I really like lumber here, but I was hoping to see $200 before jumping in, but maybe $217 is the low here. Also, the fear is palpable from every direction. I don't see it. I don't believe it. As I've stated since coming back I like commodities and stocks here - a lot. That's where I'll be. How about you?"

  15. Dammit! I need a good Blythe monkeyhammer to pick up a monster box before it blows. I was hoping for another shot at $40. Can one of you make a call? Don't you know some people? Isn't COmex needing to hike silver margins (AGAIN?)?

    That said, I can only hope Lloyd's gonna take one in the pooper here. Lil fukker.

  16. @Don Smith: I am usually not shy about putting my targets/thoughts on this post, but right now, I just don't know. It has hit an upper traj. line & has some miner gaps to the downside to fill, but as of now, I don't see it getting slammed all the way down to $40, esp. with JPM falling like it did today. I'm sure Blythe is now tighter than a male inmate on his first stint.

  17. For those with credit cards with credit available, this may be of interest to you.

    APMEX has discontinued CC purchases. - Unknown Maximum Limit - 1500 Max. - 1500 Max.

    Tee hee!

  18. My Miles Franklin guy told me today that the bullion banks (not speculating margin players) are driving the gold price. Therefore, margin hike will do very little to slow the tear (just like last time) because bullion banks are not buying on margin to make fiat. They buy to own the phyzz and pay straight cash homey.

  19. Where are you seeing APMEX suspending CC purchases? I'm one step away from confirming my order with my CC in the checkout process and everything's ok so far.

    I can't believe they'd do that. That would kill their business.

  20. Why are you guys paying the premium to buy coins with a credit card? Besides the already large Apmex premium you are paying the extra vig for the CC purchase. I realize you may not be buying enough to purchase thru Tulving, but the extra cost is not a wise move.

  21. I'm sure the drop in GS stock was just a fat finger trade. Kinda like me hitting the "I love Blythe today" button by accident when trying to click on the comments while using my Android phone. I'm sure it and Bank of Am. will snap back tomorrow!.....being all in PMs its all just entertainment at this point.

  22. @ledbedder - Lol. Miner gaps. Get it? Silver? Miner?

    Anyway, yeah, I think the hammer down to $42.50 today might have been it. I was just looking at the 42-38.50 hammer on the 4th, just wishin'.

  23. Dr. Durden,

    Yes. The FAQ still states CC is okay, but when I go to check out, it says that CC payments are not applicable anymore. This is at the end of the transaction.


    It's basically free for me. LMAO on the way to the Central Bank of PaidInGold.

  24. @Don Smith: not sure anyone would catch that! Awesome that you did!