Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doug Casey- inflation to hit 20-40%, in debt sheep to be rewarded, savers wiped out

“Inflation in the next few years is likely to start running ahead at 20% or 30% or even 40% per year or more and that’s going to devastate the prudent people in this country and perversely it’s going to reward the imprudent ones, the grasshoppers in our society that are deeply in debt because it will wipe their debt out. This is all quite perverse, very bad."

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  1. My stupid plan might pay off. In February, I took a loan for 60k against my 401k and bought 90% silver & 10% gold. I tranfered the balance of my 401k out of the market and into fiat. My plan is to transfer back into the market after it drops 20-30% and hold on to my PM's.

    P.S. I would have never done this without reading the comments of all you crazy people.

  2. As the U.S. turns into a third world country I'd ideally like to get dual citizenship and move my small business and myself to a South American country that in the least will offer a better way of life. Seriously. I'm looking into it.

    Barring that doesn't happen, I guess plan "B" would be to do what SGS was talking about a couple months ago, namely cashing in on the wealth accumulated via the phyzz and purchasing a house within the country.

    What I don't really like about this idea is the fact that it's still in the U.S. and as the country collapses further I suspect the gubbermint will only start abusing it's citizens further via taxes and other forms of atrocity.

  3. we have not sEEn anything yet. aLL phyZZ. stay long. stay strong. beTTer to be gOOd.

  4. Can't think why the police trying to stop illegal crossing of the US-Mexican border are now facing the opposite way!

  5. This monetary system is so fucked the more dumb you are and believe there is no bubble and its different this time morons get rewarded. Man fuck this world

  6. One more Obama term should do just nicely. The $2+ Tril won't last long if the middle east blows up, they will need a couple more T's in emergency Iran shock and awe. Now that the Osama ice cube has been put to rest the military can focus on moving opium out of Afghanistan using drones. They will need a plan in 2012 to add $240B to their bottom line.

    North of the boarder, Harper has no idea what's going on, he's sitting in a Majority lounge chair sipping Freshie pinas while watching Netflix and writing his next UN address about who's ass to kiss to get a free pass into the Bilderbergs. In the words of Terrance McKenna "We are lead by the least amongst us".

  7. I couldnt read it must be a problem with the webpage coding or my $400 video card... I see part of it and then try to scrollpage and it wont scroll.