Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CNBC Gold Rush!! LOL...brought to you by HSBC, LOL...


  1. "Open and transparent".... yes...

  2. Tick tick.....

  3. Th US$ does not want to die yet does it...

  4. i just walked in, the gold rush....people that buy gold are "consumer"s...i thought those motherfuckers told us you can't eat it, then how the fuck else can i consume it....yep u.s consumer shops at wal mart...all other wordly consumers "invest" in gold.....

  5. Yeah saw that. Very unprecedented for HSBC to allow CNBS into their vaults. Sounds like an damage control exercise. There has been too much chatter about the legitimacy of the Gold held in GLD (many claims on the same ounce, lack of transparency, etc.). I'm not buying that BS about GLD being audited once a year. Especially, if the auditors are the typical PwC, KPMG, etc.

  6. does this portend another imminent flush? can't have the sheeple buying up things that will protect them. another 100-200 dollar flush will convince them gold is just way too volatile and highly speculative.

  7. Hahahahaha! Do people still believe they have all this gold? What a crock.

  8. To my experienced traders:

    Some fucker at Questrade just told me I have to cover my PANL short because they're "out of shares to borrow." WTF does that mean?! If you run out of shares to borrow, then just don't lend out any more shares to new shorts looking to ride momentum. No need to make me liquidate, just because I was early to the game. I was gonna put my gains in this towards some miners. Maybe they know what's up... Since they see that my account activity for the past few months has been to short any equity rally to buy the fucking dip in silver.

  9. "A microcosm of traditional banks"

    Yep, including fractional reserve system!

  10. If silver doesn't dip below $36 in september 31-Aug-11 09:05 am
    then the stock price of JPM will be below $30 by the time it reports its earnings. And after The Morgue reports its derivative losses in October, will The Morgue even be in the 20s anymore? Hang tight, it doesnt seem like we will ever see a silver price below $36 again which means The Morgue is "deaded".

    Deaded-as in past tense of dead.

    What are you gonna do, Jes? Now we want your head too.

    You're going home in a body bag, do da, do da.....

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    Re: If silver doesn't dip below $36 in september 31-Aug-11 11:48 am
    Our main purpose is to defend $36 and detonate the derivative bomb that will send silver well over $80 by the end of the year. Perhaps even to $120 before all is said and done.

    And just to make sure silver doesnt go below $36, we will be holding contracts for delivery throughout september and will hold these contracts as hostages in case The Morgue decides to get cute with the price.

    I.e., if silver is under $40 then we will demand physical delivery and not take the cash premiums that is so generously offered. If silver is above $50, then of course we would be happy to sell these same contracts for a hefty profit (plus those hefty premiums as a cherry on top). It's your call, Blythe, but either way....

    You're going home in a body bag, do da, do da......

  11. Bill O'Reilly and Dick Morris provide us with the entertainment for the day:

  12. @FuturisticEel, I've never had that problem before but it sounds like bullshit. How long have you had your trade on? Pushing you out of your trade because someone else wants in ought to make you angry. I would politely ask your broker to go fuck themselves. If they refuse, then threaten to take your business elsewhere. And do it.

  13. Some fucker at Questrade just told me I have to cover my PANL short because they're "out of shares to borrow."

    LOL, call them back, bitch moan, yell, and tell ask them to provide you with a registered mail letter addressing the issue, as you only do buisneess by registered mail. And ask them over the phone to walk you though why you are getting, what is esentailly, fucked. This is rare unless you are not using the proper terminology.

  14. Reversed psychology, calling the current state a gold rush. thus deflating its actually underlying worth. and commiting people to sell their precious metals while the "bubble" lasts.


  15. SGS, those were the fucktard's exact words. He says there are no more shares to borrow from long positions, so the shorts NEED to cover. I called bullshit, but hey, what can you do? I closed my trade and bought some September 17 OTM puts. When it pans out, I'm going to transfer all that fiat to another brokerage. Then I'm gonna go trade like apeshit and send them the fucking screenshots as a big "fuck you, you're not getting my commission."

    Oh yeah, the swamp donkey sent this e-mail as a follow up:

    Please be advised, due to a buy-in you need to cover the following short position(s):



    The deadline to cover your position is 10:30 a.m. EST on September 1st, 2011.

    After the deadline, if you have not covered the position(s), we will cover the position(s) for you without further notice. In addition to the regular commission, a surcharge of $25 (in the currency of the trade) will apply for each trade.

    We encourage you to give this notification your immediate attention.

    For more information, contact us directly at 1.866.980.9590.

    Best regards,

    Questrade Risk Management

    Questrade, Inc.

    @flaunt: I've had to reposition this trade a few times, because this fucking company kept putting out positive statements day-after-day to suck in the longs. Really, I've only had the position since Monday, so I don't know why they're asking me to cover. I'm guessing it may not only be Questrade, because right around the time I received the phone call, the stock rallied about a buck after puking blood for most of the day (although the Qs rallied around the same time). Goldman just released a $65 price target for this stock today too. Something definitely isn't right... I'm predicting PANL is going to be the poster child of the risk-on trade, because we're not in a recession and everyone can afford expensive TVs made in Amerika.

  16. FuturisticEel, that happens a lot in low-priced, hard-to-borrow stocks. I have no idea what PANL is trading at, but it's called getting "bought in". It sucks, but be glad you're in profit because they can do it if you're in the red too.

  17. @malcolm: I know you got the fiat...

    Ledbedder said...
    To all of you guys & gals with some deep pockets that want as close to a lock trade as you can get. Look at HOF12, that is Jan 2012 heating oil. I say this for a couple of reasons (1) winter time is fast approaching (2) cut through the traj. line easily (today) (3) gap at 3.4054 and I have saved the best for last....The week of 4/8 recorded (so far) the yearly high @3.33. In the records I have, I have the highs & lows for HO going back to 1979. HO HAS NEVER RECORDED A YEARLY HIGH IN APRIL! So, what I am saying is HOF12 is going to break 3.33 by years end. Currently, a 3.33 call is going for $5,355. A 3.34 call is going for $5,224.80. You read it here first!
    August 30, 2011 8:00 PM

  18. @malcolm: next post, as a small correction was needed:

    Ledbedder said...
    OOPS, gap is at 3.3536.
    August 30, 2011 8:13 PM

  19. @Ledbedder,

    I looked at that yesterday, and wanted to get some long range weather predictions first. Also I have never traded HO, so I would need to do more research before taking the plunge.

  20. Futurist...I use to own PANL long before OLED's became fashionable. I know the founder who btw was one of the founders of Interdigital Communication. This company is nothing more than a patent squatter and the entire business model is based on that. How they can be trading at this level is beyond me, the PSR is insane and I believe it is a fantastic short. The problem is and always has been the company's ability to have the stock manipulated. It might be worth single digits or less but that doesnt mean it will get there. I am an investor in a private placement that management issued over 10 years ago called Global Photonic Energy that is supposed to capitalize on the same technology transfer from Princeton that PANL uses. Steve Forrest is a genius but that doesnt make management any better. I wish you luck with this trade.

  21. @malcolm: OK, but weather is the smallest part of my prediction...maybe 5%. Don't wait too long, though. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner just might want to start something with Syria or Iran--LMFAO...Nobel Peace Prize Winner!!

  22. @malcolm: Let me state this again: NEVER had a yearly high recorded in April since 1979. I consider that history on your side, add to the fact that the U.S. Dollar is barely hanging on.

  23. @ledbedder,

    Two excellent points! Thanks! I'll keep you posted.

  24. @malcolm: how about 12/31/11 around 6 PM eastern?
    Out for the night.


    I have been without internet service for quite some time now. Lot's to say. I got a SILVER UPDATE coming soon.

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  28. You know its almost as if once slavery was abolished, the TBTB decided to enslave the entire world. What was the ratio 1 master to 500 slaves?

    Yes, our time, well our governments and those whom control it days are indeed numbered. Maybe, just maybe, during this third turning, humanity will get it right, in that we will lop off some heads, distribute the ill gotten gains of the elite and use the otherwise stolen, hidden or obfuscated knowledge to improve the entire planet.

    But, then again I'm a dreamer!

  29. Oh, while were are at go to youtube and look for: The ring of power.


    Thus the total number of silver standing this delivery month of September is

    865,000 (oz served) + 15,105,000 (oz to be served) = 15,970,000.

    Also remember that we have close to 4 million oz of silver from last month's option expiry.
    Thus almost 20 million oz must be eventually served and settled upon.


  30. as far as heating oil goes I am hearing its gonna be a bad winter

  31. @Marcuz Aurelius

    Count the number of times he says "jewelry" towards the end of the article. Think there was a message there??

  32. CNBS is the new Comedy Central