Sunday, July 24, 2011

WARNING: Financial Terrorist Hank Paulson Comes Out of Hiding With More Threats, Enters Deficit Talks As They Suddenly Collaspe

The fact that Hank Paulson just came out of hiding and got involved in the deficit ceiling debate is a very ominous sign. Hank Paulson is a financial terror mastermind, not using hyperbole, just speaking technically. His hand in this financial crisis has been pivotal since its inception (see below). The fact that Paulson publicly says he wants the debt ceiling raised, which makes sense because if it isn’t raised his treasured Ponzi scheme may collapse, doesn’t mean that he may have come up with an even more diabolical plan if the ceiling isn’t raised.

Read origial Article by David Degraw here...


  1. Here we go again.

    "Irresponsible harm" ?!? Makes one wonder.

    Media creates the perception that "tough" negotiations are taking place. After the show is over and the debt ceiling is raised, we'll have the same "damage control":

    "We had to do it".
    "No other choice".
    "It is in the interest of the country".

    Makes one wonder, how many people are going to buy the act this time round?

    I'm still stacking the physical.

  2. To be concerned indeed. I guess since he was deemed as a hero in that joke movie I watched on HBO, he thinks he could dupe more people. Don't these people know there are way more many of "us" than there is "them". This takes some nerve. Of course, they are expecting the sheep will be grazing in the field (TV, movies, "reality shows") a very, very sad time in history indeed. Keep stacking the : phyzz, long store food, self defense and solar powered generators and a top notch water filter. I guess that is why I'm not as worried as I used to be. Good luck all. One last thing, the ceiling will be raised, that is 99.99% guaranteed. They are all spineless.

  3. nice to see markets jumping up to start the week ... WU, are you a silver hater or lover, tough to gauge you since you own it yet chastise it 24/7 while chasing tornadoes :)

    this whole below show is amazing,
    from history of french courts,
    to nutrition, Monsanto, to HIV hoax

  4. the robots are at it again. Gold and silver up up and away as soon as the after hours opens up.

  5. things that make you go Hmmm... Even though gld is going ballistic ($1620US/oz) silver has not yet breached the recent high ($40.75US/oz) set on July 19th.

  6. OK, I ask the $1(US) question - which direction will PM go when (not if) US raises the debt ceiling?

    Should put investor's minds at ease and ease the upward pressure on PM, I should think. All this "new highs" silliness is just market jitters.

  7. Gold +1
    Team USA -5000

    USSR, Finland MIA

  8. If Paulson thinks we're in so much trouble,then why doesn't he pony up the tax on that half billion stock sale? I'm sure Uncle Sam would take it.

  9. Oh, just so if anyone missed this...

    "The Weather UNIT said...

    I'm removing my own posts because they are altered here and constructed to fit some other agenda.

    Good luck with your lousy PHYZZ nonsense. The US DOLLAR will rule!
    July 24, 2011 7:48 PM "

    Ya, b/c I can alter comments.Idiot.

  10. Paulson running his cumtrap about debt is almost as ominous as Pudblow and Creamer cheerleading gold. Which they are. Short term top ahead?

  11. Could someone please help me. Could you please let me know the times (PST)that the following markets open:

    1) Australia ASX

    2) Nikkei

    3) Hang Seng

    4) Shanghai