Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SUmmer suck fest in high gear...grab a cigar and watch the mosquitos get zapped

I am more annoyed at everything now then ever. I cant put my finger on it. Every time I hear, smell, or watch stupidity I get infuriated. It seems to be everything though. Its the piece of shit who doesnt have the common courtesy of putting on the signal light. Its the fact that I base my businesses on high morals and timely standards, yet, EVERY service I use blows me off, is late, or just doesnt care, yet, people keep flooding in to use their incompetence.
I drive into the east end now to find welfare leaches dealing drugs in front of a high school with no shirt on, white trash ass crack hanging out, smoking an Indian made Reserve cigarette. Makes me fucking sick. I cant put my finger on it but my level of annoyance right now at its peak. I will let you know when it hits me, or if I do the hitting.

Now in Canada the royal duchess and duche sac are making their rounds and distracting the sheep it seems now, everyday we see more news on it, by the hour. Little do the little sheep know that all the major Canadian banks raised their 5 year rates yesterday. Not one person has sent me anything yet. I know why-its because everyone I know and their mothers are on a variable 2% right now riding the high life. Dear Mark Carney: Raise the fucking rates by 1% a quarter, lets quell this inflation-be a zero hero!

The first thing that popped up on my Yahoo page today was this article (below):

So I guess the best way to wear a bathing suit is to have a THO.

See, this is the problem and people just dont get it: we are in a maze of distractions. No other generation has more distractions. I was walking through the mall and saw a 20 something year old couple on the mall bench. Instead of this needle dick trying to get his fuck on, they were both on their crackberries for like straight minutes and then they looked at each other to see if they were both still breathing.

The world is in a numb pain right now. Lets just reset it and move on.

Okay now to gold and silver-the only thing that keeps me motivated these days.

I quote form Harvey, "It is in the adjustments that we see hanky panky. Our good friends over at JPMorgan
recorded a big drop of 255,732 oz from their customer inventories. This was recorded as an accounting entry error and not a withdrawal by the customer.
Strangely yesterday, the customer received almost an identical 256,729 oz into the JPMorgan vaults."

Wow. Thats a pretty significant accounting error. Done.

For more surreal news, we turn now to the silver sphere. It seems as though the BIS (see bears vid for details on BIS) is now helping the banks manipulate silver. I quote, "The revision was an adjustment from $203 billion down to $93 billion, and the adjustment is strange, because it was the only number that was repeatedly and consistently highlighted in this silver stock report. It's also strange because the amount of the value of the gold contracts, at $425 billion, and other commodities contracts, at $3101, went unchanged for that reporting period."


I am done for the night. I am so pissed off at everything.

I still hold my LULU $115 PUTS. And I bought more phyzz (US eagles).
And an Armalite AR-15, strictly for range/target use. ;)

Oh and do some research on the Chinese Bullion Exchange launching after the summer. I hope to god you guys have your phyzz in order.


  1. you need to spend some time out in the woods dewd.

  2. Ok...well...this is what I am going to be posting up on light poles and business windows until I am arrested.

    I gotta get away from this fucking computer and wake the sheeple by one if needed. I will be filming my poster postings, and will upload to my YouTube when I can. I will drop a link when the video(s) are available as well as any encounters with police will be audio and video recorded for your viewing pleasure. I hope some of you can print a few dozen and post em up in your towns too.

  3. AR-15, wooow this guy is on some watch lists now.

  4. What happened to Mike after corn got fucking pwned? Did you BTFD?

  5. Still long and got longer <600 December basis.

  6. You know, I'd be pissed to SGS, esp. when Tinka is putting up numbers like these vs. SNDXF which I bought on a whim:

    symbl sh close mkt val purch gn/ls $ %
    SNDXF 2k $1.4095 $2,819 $2,151 668.00 31.06
    TKRFF 2k 0.42 840 1,006 -166.00 -16.50

    Yeah, I know I'm a piker with these little positions, but I'm old enough to know better than to bet the ranch with these micro miners. And if you have a public email addy, I can send you a letter to the editor from the NY Times circa 1933 (to long for a comment) that shows fucking the little guy by the elitists is a time immemorial sport.

  7. I go on nightly walks with the kids and all I can think about the whole time is how everyone else is out and about likely having no idea of what's coming.

    An AR is a good choice. There should be plenty of that ammo lying around after the SHTF. My personal preference is the 7.62 round instead because the kinetic energy about triple that of a .223/5.56mm round, but that's me.

  8. What SGS just posted about our wonderful society proves the collapse function is in full speed ahead.

    Today most of the public and a good percentage of investors have the attention span of a gnat. It is that very reason why this oncoming collapse will just take ones breath away. Technology worked wonders on the way up and will do the exact opposite on the way down.
    Today terms like "She's so FLY, or "That's my shorty", or "Say my name...Say my name" proves the societal toilet is getting ready to flush.

    Silver and Gold will set one free from one paper world.

  9. SGS,

    Now you need one of these...but you need to send one to me too...:-)

  10. Mike S with the quick rebuttle, love it.

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  12. The Obama ILKS at Homeland Security are now spreading more hillarious FEAR. They are scaring airline passengers again saying that brain dead Al Qaida suiicide bombers (people with an IQ of about 45) have sticks of dynamite implanted in intestines. They are suggesting it would be both comfortable & possible to have a dozen sticks wrapped around your shit tube. Surely with only a mild feeling of bloating after major surgery there's a risk of crapping out a 12" stick, blasting cap and 50 feet of fuse before boarding the plane. What morons I ask will believe this and allow their grandmothers, babies and toddlers bend over for a 2 finger anal probe by a cross eyed trailer park TSA agent? How about strip down and sit in that lazy boy recliner and spread'm while the TSAs check both cracks and the tall boy!

  13. SGS. Best. Post. Ever.

    I am in completely agreement.

    PAL in the mail and arriving any day now. Then it's Sig time.

  14. Bob Chapman says the class action lawsuits against HSBC and JPM are now in discovery and JPM is covering their naked shorts. Chapman is calling for a big rise in gold and silver as the lawsuits will show the US Gov complicity (CFTC) and could include hundreds of $billions in penalties which could take these TBTF banks down.

  15. highrise ill keep your jpg bernake poster up on my blog for a little while to show respect (ive done similar things.. no one seems to care unless it is some sort of big spectical... something creative ya feel

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  17. Dear SGS
    Your annoyance stems from the fact that you are becoming aware of the planned manipulation. The Tavistock Institute in London is the centre for all the best propaganda and mind-control. Not even an American Secretary of State gets the job without the Tavistock Institute giving the thumbs-up.
    As an Englishman I long ago accepted that the Royal family is a clever devise to keep the plebs distracted. Major sporting events and the Olympics plus pop-concerts and TV soaps are all carefully orchestrated to keep the masses amused.
    What you are witnessing with the promotion of the Royals in Canada is the side-lining of the Queen and Prince Charles to make way for the new "media stars" to take over. Obama is a "media" creation that has had his day and will be the focus for anger in the not too distant future to deflect it from the people who are really in power.
    As we become aware more and more of the manipulation and control we become more and more angry.

  18. non-related(directly), but here is my update :


  19. Weather UNIT:

    Get The Fuck OUT!!!

  20. LOL, SilverBull, you're almost as equally as crazy.

  21. Did you already try porn and/or recreational sex?

    We live in a Brave New World/The Matrix! ;-)

  22. B - We do indeed live in the Matrix (see my moniker!) and agreed, SGS needs a w**k and to calm down :-)

  23. i like you when your angry at the world sgs,


  24. @IAmPhoenix - Wow.. appreciated, but...I dont own that was just something I found while dickin around a few months ago. But, yea... i checked out your it... bookmarked as well. Thanks for postin that though. Spread it like AIDS my friend.