Monday, July 25, 2011

SLV Silver Manipulation Caught On video Part 2

Some call it quote stuffing, I call it an endless supply of paper money to suppress the price and trigger sell orders. It is slowing the price appreciation down big time. Its like hiking up a mountain with a school bus on your back. Case closed.


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  2. Again, read on some option theory before you create a video that makes you look stupid. The reason why you see so much volume at 3.05 is due to the nickel increment rule that takes effect in penny options that are worth more than $3.00. $2.98 to $3.05 represents a HUGE jump in volatility (7 cents of time value), and thus everyone including their mother will be willing to sell to you at $3.05. In the context of market-making, the fair value of that strike is probably at $2.99, so if the market makers sold at $3.05, they would theoretically make 6 cents as opposed to only 2 on the bid. And even if there was a significant imbalance in supply and demand, those orders are all dynamic that change with stock price. You would need a static order of incredible magnitude at 3.05 to actually keep the stock price down.

  3. Silver price live: sto pspamming my blog or I will end your short stint here before you even started.

  4. whatever: would you like to see 50-60 other different strikes on the SLV at ANY increment that supplies insane sell order? I can show you if you want.
    "You would need a static order of incredible magnitude at 3.05 to actually keep the stock price down"
    Wrong. Flashing orders keeps the bid algos in check, and makes sell algos hit the bid creating a never ending hitting the bid (selling) loop.

  5. Silver being collapsed as I watch your vid.

    It infuriates me.

  6. Why China's New Futures Market Is Bullish for Long-Term Silver Prices
    By Keith Fitz-Gerald Jul 25, 2011 10:45 am
    Asian investors now can buy silver directly on the Hong Kong Merc, ending America's stranglehold on the metal.

    A New Catalyst for Silver Prices

    The Hong Kong Merc's entry into the silver-futures market is a game-changer for a number of reasons. For one thing, the emergence of a new market player will effectively neuter US elitists like those at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

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  9. @Whatever,

    WTF are you talking about?

    These videos are meant to show how manipulators are moving or not moving the ETF options markets via algos and unlimited paper. Nothing to do with how people price options due to some broker stipulating asks in terms of dimes or nickels in their order menu.

    Nice work SGS, keep 'em coming!


  10. I wish they would go ahead and officially raise the fucking debt ceiling so we can get the gold/silver bloodbath over with. They are just trying to cap silver here until that happens so that the "sell the news" crowd will be able to push it back under 40.

  11. @SGS

    It would seem your on 'the right path' as you and your blog are being 'attacked' more often lately. Just ignore the BS (not worth the stress or keystrokes) and keep doing what your doing as its pissing off those your trying to expose!

  12. SGS,

    What charting software are you using in the vids?

  13. "Wrong. Flashing orders keeps the bid algos in check, and makes sell algos hit the bid creating a never ending hitting the bid (selling) loop. "

    That makes absolutely no sense in the context of options market making. Maybe in stocks you could achieve the aforementioned by playing that game. All that matters in options though is the implied volatility of the strike and not the actual price of it. $3.05 is just a hard offer that for whatever reason all market makers quote in such large volume. You would see the same behavior in any strike on the bids as well, depending on the width of the option market and volatility level. I could add a 5,000 lot to an offer in an option market and it would mean absolutely nothing until the stock price moves and makes my order a good opportunity for someone to take.

    Now if you were to actually prove that whatever big firm out there is keeping SLV at $40 by creating a ceiling via the option market, you'd have to show me a couple of things and not just a single strike with standard market making. You would have to show me other call strikes with similar volume imbalance occurring at the same time, AND PUTS having an equally strong volume imbalance on the bid side. You would also have to prove to me that while any one of the call strikes has large volume imbalance to the sell side, there is not a single other call strike that has a large volume imbalance to the buy side.

    Now don't get me wrong, I like your blog and like the flavor that you deliver your ideas with. But when it comes to options market making, I believe you are mistaken and losing some of your credibility to the more experienced traders such as myself. I don't know what your agenda is with this blog, but if you do care about educating yourself regarding options pricing, let me know and we could arrange a chat. I have enough experience to show you the actual ways the options market could impact the price of the stock and how the big boys utilize border-line legal strategies to do so.

  14. Okay. All I know is that it goes down when I see this. And went down shortly after this. And when it goes down, there are NO quotes being stuffed with huge amount on the BID side at all, thus validating my assumptions.
    I dot not purport to be an options pro, by no means as I was an equities trader, but these tricks that are played on options are identical from my equities expereice. If a trend now around the $40 mark, not chance anymore.
    Let me know if you see these anomolies moving forward at other levels as a 1000% increase in ASK flashed size is not by accident anymore-its there for a reason.

  15. Chinese Silver Investors Bring Suitcases of Cash and Leave in Moving Vans

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  16. So I now have an inside contact at [HUGE_NYC_BANK]...

    Wondering how to proceed.

  17. Hope the Chinese buy with both fists!

  18. NFLX taking a crap after hours.
    still short :)

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