Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Schiff on KWN- Silver to $200, Gold to $5000

"I think eventually silver north of $200 with gold over $5,000 makes a lot of sense."Click here for entire article...


  1. Hey SGS, Max Keiser posted your video from yesterday on his page today. Sweet.

  2. Great video about what happened today, and should make your blood boil. Its Madoffs wet dream!


  3. @Garry - Great vid. I subscribe to that same guys channel on YouTube. $10 Billion...woooeeeeee.

  4. I think I might have discovered why the price of Silver is able to be manipulated. (tongue in cheek)
    It's people that "trade" that are the problem.

    If everyone just held physical (like I do) and stopped trading then who would the manipulators be trading with?

    Just stop trading.

  5. p.s. Max Keiser is a wind-bag. All he seems to do is whip up the hate against Americans from his hidey-hole in France via the Russian and Iranian media. I'm English by the way.

  6. Nah, Max whips up hatred against the NWO global elite who don't have loyalty to any nation, including their countries of birth. He does call out the average American for being dumb, but that applies to the UK too. They made us that way with tv, school, and other social engineering projects. bring on the guillotines..

  7. Here is some good stuff about Silver - if you haven't seen him then try listening to him - if you have well then .....


  8. I own a lot of SLV, average price $37. So I'm at the moment in a small profit position (was much bigger until yesterday). I've been thinking about
    1. Dumping it all for the potential upcoming market carnage
    2. Hedging by keeping half of it, with the remaining half to save as dry powder for say $30.
    3. Stay the course.
    So I got quiet and went within for guidance. What came to mind was, do I expect gasoline to be $2 a gallon a year from now? Do I expect corn to be $2 a bushel a year from now? Do I expect gold to be $1000 an ounce a year from now? The answer is, NO! Fiat currency seems to be a one way street, and the name of that street is Perpetual Devaluation. Will the US ever NOT run a deficit? Will the Fed close out it's 2+ trillion dollar balance sheet? Of course not!
    So I'm staying the course.