Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Paging Blythe, who just bought 35,000 SLV JAN 2012 Calls at $30 and another 30,000 at $38 and another 17,000 at $40.....paging Blythe


  1. are the contracts on the SLV the same as comex contracts, i.e. 5000oz of "silver", or at least of similar value?

  2. what software is this?

  3. slv is 100oz

    SGS, you sound like your feeling better. Glad to hear it!

    APE is interesting but 369 million shares holly fuck shit that's crazy. Still might buy some but keep getting a jacked up intro recording when I call them to ask for IR,,,ERRRR

  4. 1 SLV call option equates to 100 shares of the underlying. So, 35,000 calls is equivalent to 3,500,000 shares of SLV/ounces of paper silver.

  5. so those 30k calls are worth around $116,000,000.


  6. Not sure what it means but nice find. There is also a lot of open interest on the Jan 50 calls (75K).

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  8. So just the contracts on the $30 strike alone absolutely dwarf that $1m $25 strike put a couple of months back.

  9. So you said you have Tinka, etc. plus you have phyz or PHYS? or maybe PSLV?

    In a default scenario, my guess is that PSLV and PHYS will just take off to the moon, however if there's a market sell off.. they might just go down.

    Any thoughts?

  10. Thanks! Great news. Fascinating! SGS, what impact do you feel the new Chinese precious metal exchange will have on the Silver and Gold markets??

  11. post off ZH ....

    by Libertarians fo...
    on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 12:59

    Isn't it hilarious how Sprott endlessly rants about manipulation in the PM markets, and attempts to distinguish himself as the one billionaire who cares about the little guy, and wants to flush out manipulation by the behemoth banks who control/manipulate everything?

    Yet, at the same time, Sprott pays huge underwriting fees to Morgan Stanley who was one of the major banks indicted in 2007 for fraudulent behavior in............the silver market.

    Why is Sprott funneling money to the very manipulators he rants against? Because he thinks the dumb, redneck retail investors who worship his YouTube videos and Max Keiser interviews won't notice.


    Opportunistic hypocrite.

  12. Check out also:
    Jan '13 $40 calls, OI is 82,121, $35 strike, 35,803.
    Updated Jan '12 @4:45 p.m. Wednesday:
    $35 calls - 42,083,
    $40 - 49,863.

    The short side numbers are far, far lower.

  13. Could it be that someone is trying to take a large position of SLV who will then take physical delivery. This will remove a significant amount of silver from the SLV coffers which could/would trigger some sort of a default. Meantime the player has shorted JPMorgan's stock (ie. CDS) where the upside from that pays for their SLV outlay?

    Could this be someone taking the SLV and JPMorgan down?

  14. Those $30 calls are ten bucks a pop. Looks like someone bet $35 Million silver is going up. OI on the $20 strike is @ 64000 contracts as well. Somethings coming. Better kill Osama again.

  15. Wouild someone explain further what these Calls mean. And also, "OI on the $20 strike") I'm not familiar with the lingo yet.. Thanks. Don't mean to sound like a tard, i'm just a newb. I keep meaning to read 'trading for dummies 101' but havent made the time yet...

  16. Ok: for those of you who want me to "put up or shut up":

    (1) long HOZ11 @ 3.2
    (2) long RBZ11 @ 2.92
    (3) long CLZ11 @ 101.1
    (4) short SBH12 @ 27.1

    Above will be my entry points. You get into any of these trades, your exit will be different from mine.

  17. "Why is Sprott funneling money to the very manipulators he rants against? "

    He has no choice.

    Phyzz = Phycial metal, not any of that other bullshit

  18. i had no feelings either way on that ZH poster's comments, everyone in life does things whether philanthropic or not affects all levels of people in different ways, the BUTTERFLY EFFECT etc ...

    what I have to laff about that as I type basically all of tues damage was undone today...

    Like i have said many times, enjoy life, walk away from 20 sec tix, and wait till 2015 to see if any of these "experts" and dalliers like myself had half a clue

  19. BrotherJohnF has posted an excellent video that shows just how removed from reality the COMEX silver market is. He shows that in just one minute 50,000 contracts were traded on the COMEX silver market. That calculates out to 250M ounces of paper silver or $10B worth of physical silver. IN ONE MINUTE! You can see his video here:

    Silver Update 71811 Caught in the act

    Wow! That's a lot of silver. Brother John claims that these contracts were "dumped" on the market but I think that is highly doubtful. Who took the other end of those trades? Surely someone was not laying in wait for $10B worth of paper silver in that very minute.

    What seems more likely is that this was a computer driven price manipulation carried out by members of the banking cabal (JPM? EWT? UBS?) trading back and forth to each other in order to SET the price at a lower level before things got really ugly with the debt ceiling debate. Computers trading back and forth to each other at such high volumes as to destroy true price discovery.

    Sick, isn't it?

    The good news is that it exposes, once again, that the silver manipulation is alive and well and there will be no FREE MARKETS in silver until the computers are turned off...for good!

    Silver has already jumped back above $40 because they can't keep up this scam forever.

    And investor are starting to WAKE UP!

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

  20. SGS,

    They just bought those options? And if so, why buy at the money calls? Thats basically buying at the strike price.

  21. paging WU

    what up, doomsday?

  22. quote

    This is the news that I have been waiting for and is probably the reason why silver has been so strong the past couple of days. The HKME
    is starting its silver contract this Friday July 22nd! This officially
    breaks the Anglo American monopoly on silver. This will be the first
    time that Asians can buy and take future delivery of silver in Asia. No
    longer can the CME raise margins close to 100% in 8 days. (Then refuses
    to lower them despite a 30%+ drop in 5 days.) The extended hours should
    also stop the 10 am smack down since traders can now access the HKME.

  23. dan,

    Another factor that is highly overlook, is that there are no long week hands in the Comex, the all got crushed during the margin hikes.

    The contracts are in strong hands, with the margins being so high the CME has created a cash market. If your in a SI futures contract you are most likely willing to stand for deliver or at least a nice fiat bonus!

    I think they have really screwed up on this one. Next step is an all cash market, then HKME exchange, then Ag 100+ <6 months!

    As an aside, the Iranians have opened a new oil exchange with no dollar transactions!

    That's what Sadam tried and Libia!
    Look for September guys!
    Get fucking ready!!!!

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  25. @Malcolm: see my post at 5:06 PM. Ties in with the part of your post that starts: " As an aside..."

  26. I see!

    Smart man!

    Great Plays! I'm on it!

    Fuel oil, gas and crude!

  27. Seems to me, just a normal joe and not a professional trader, that this is a nice little spread, if I recall correctly. I think since daily volume on the $30 calls was 30,266 and open interest was 47,686, that was the long call play. The $38 calls, daily volume was 30,435 and open interest was 16,969, and I think that was the short call play. If those were long calls at $38, open interest, I suspect, would have to be greater than daily volume. In other words, I think the $38 trades were shorts, lowering open interest.

    Whoever the buyer/seller/speculator was, they capped their upside at $38+option price. I don't know what the prices were at the time of the trade, but using the prices in the video, $30 calls cost $9.83 (figure they're "cost basis" is $39.83/shr of SLV). They sold the $38 calls for $4.76 (max upside is $42,76). Breakeven, if my math is correct, is $34.62. Max loss, at closing SLV price, is around $29, max profit is around $40. At that price, ROI is about 50% (assuming max profit).

  28. OH, and as an addendum to my previous post, I'm going so far as to say that the speculator isn't expecting prices to go much above $38-42 or else would have sold higher-strike calls...just saying.

  29. PHU: and what about the 17,000 at $40?