Tuesday, July 19, 2011

John Embry - Triple digit silver, hyperinflation before its over

"I don’t think anybody wants that to happen on their watch, so hyperinflation here we come...It’s very easy to foresee triple digit silver, I don’t consider that the least bit outrageous and it might be high triple digits before it’s over.””

From KWN:
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  1. Well by Friday these guys will have an effect. Hong Kong starts a 1000ounce contract in Silver

    Not long ....


  2. this lulu has been nothing but a pain in my cock

  3. holy fuck what is going on with this LEMON man so many dumb asses piling into it...I hope these morons can all wear yoga pants and run around . THis is why the world is fucked too much money flowing into the wrong places..

  4. Raid?
    Bounce :-)

    Blythe - Please keep raiding, I have a bunch of fiat arriving soon that I want to swap for some real money.

  5. I see alot of EDGX on the bid of LULU and big ltos sales at the ask. Classic daytraders, and someone pushing into their own shorts. This motherfucker has to come down....someone selling huge here and the NAS is up big and this doesnt want to budge. 50/50 here, I just hope they dont push it through $62 and squeeze and then drop it to $55's. THat would be classic too. lol

  6. This is mind boggling - Soros is 75% in cash of 25 bill. How you going to move it in a hurry depending in wish currency it is.

    We are the closest we have ever been to overnight devaluations!!

    Shew - I wouldn't be able to sleep.

  7. I love it. $40 now appears to be mighty strong support.

    SGS, do you think silver will detach from gold and move higher even if gold cools it's heels at $1600?

  8. And here comes another smack down.

    @ Everyone. How long can this nonsense continue?

  9. Now that's a good question.

  10. off the table for both metals, plummeting, these tricks never end ... so everyone just came to conclusion at same second that gold and silver are a financial albatross??

    tough to beat these bastards; make all that progress then in snap of fingers gold is crushed, never goes up that fast, only down ... waiting for another -40 day I guess.

  11. Nonsense moves almost daily now. Good, waiting for the waterfall. Thank the Maker for options, otherwise I would be squeezed.

    BTW, what would be a good symbol (stock/etf) for some DOOM oil calls if Israel does the nasty on Iran?

  12. Awesome dip in GOLD and SILVER with a stock market going up at the same time. I think I'll still wait for below $20 to get the phyzz on. If it goes this fast down just think how quick it can get back into the teens:
    Gold and Silver Dip As Market Rises

  13. "I think I'll still wait for below $20 to get the phyzz on"

    Good. You keep waiting for $20 weather unit, a lot of my readers here are really interested in your blog when you say shit like that.

  14. Ya b/c 5 margins hikes in 8 days couldnt get it under $30, I guess we will see the teens now that Gold is at 5000 year highs and silver above it MA again. You keep doing what you are doing WU, we will sit here and keep buying.

  15. Can someone please give me your opinion on...

    WTF is this market smoking? It's acting like QE3 was just announced.

    Why do the miners go down on massive up days in the market? When gold is down, the miners go down. When gold is at it's highest ever, the miners sit there with their foot on their dick.

    I swear I'm gonna shoot someone if they keep these games up. It's like saying you want to help out the American economy, while simultaneously trying to collapse the metals and rob the average Joe of any prosperity. This whole shit show is nothing but a farce and ponzi scheme. I can't wait til it all burns.

  16. It's options expiration next week for the COMEX SGS. They are buying derivitives and driving the price down. You know what happens when we hit those whole numbers. You are smarter than that. Now one of two things are going to happen. It will either take off or it will go down, it will not stay sideways. This could instill some serious fears for investors and HSBC and GS are going to load up on more shorts after a short Fibonacci retrace here.

    Quit juggling your puts and average down like a man!

  17. When the dam breaks and equities go waterfall, on that same day I'm ready to lock in my price for phyzz because you know on that day everything will take a hit, Au, Ag and oil if only briefly. A little tiny window to get everything on a discount (I hope). I'm still underwater on my shit miners I got in 2006. Damn bastards. Miners will have to go up or go bankrupt. When oil is $200, how can they continue to mine due to the costs? Then there will be less supply, which should push up the price. At least that's how it's supposed to work. All bets are off in this bizarro reality.

  18. "Now one of two things are going to happen. It will either take off or it will go down." Wow. Captain fuckin obvious is back.

    I sold my calls yesturday for a 70% gain in 3 days.

    Granted I'm getting my ass handed to me in LULU right now but that too will come down.

    If it comes back into the $35 again I will buy 500 Oct 22 calls on SLV. How about that for the teens.

  19. Island: Its summer, the algos run the opposite on some days to fuck people out of their money on light volume setting off stops. Welcome to the biggest rigged casino.

  20. Can't say I understand why a possible deal on the debt ceiling is negative for gold and silver. Deal or no deal both are factors that should support them. May just be an excuse to take profits after the strong recent moves to the upside.

  21. There's the trap retrace and now down further. The $100 predictions are getting old.

  22. SGS, who made the bears video?


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  24. Unbelievable. I can't believe it just goes on and on. I'm $9,000 poorer than I was a few hours ago.

  25. What it takes investors a few weeks to build, the corrupt knaves of the market can destroy in hours.

    It's like they want the people to rise up and kill them.

  26. WU we know $40 was wall get over yourself.

    Here comes Blythe boys...

  27. Hey, Tinka is up, its not all bad :-)

  28. SGS,

    Let me see if I have this right. Silver will never rise until

    a) they allow it

    b) the system collapses

    Are the laws of supply/demand completely bogus?

  29. hey gold was up 125 bucks in last two weeks, drop 40 who the F cares, silver too, it's LTR with the us with phyzz in deep pockets ... WU, isnt there a tornado to chase?

  30. Steps up, elevator down.

    If you are in this for the long haul, just go outside and get some sun.

    If you are a day trader and missed this, stress your nads off!

  31. Island: You are missing the fact that silver will one day run out of supply for a short term period. This is when they will not be able to stop the ascending appreciation.

  32. I hope they whack it good, just opened a holding with GoldMoney recently and want to throw some fiat at Central Fund under $21 for kicks.

  33. Commodities board looks like shit!

    Grains down, Metals Down, Coppers up. Somethings up!

    Fucking OJ, what the fuck! Is there a fucking shortage or is Asia and the rest of the fucking world mainlining this shit, fucking geeze, I drink that shit once a week on fucking Sundays with my vodka, that's it!

  34. DM I looked at CEF, they haven't moved very much over the last year, wight as well by physical.

    Better leverage elsewhere.

  35. If I could buy "physical" with RRSP phosphorus digit fiat, and if I could store more, I would. Better leverage where?

  36. @IslandStyle Paper Ponzi silver is endless. But unlike Madoff, its really hard to get enverybody to demand physical at the same time as most of the big players ( like Madoffs big clients ) want this to go on forever! HFT on paper silver bullshit is a "legal" way for the big boys take your cash on a day to day basis! Also, despite what Bernanke says, he does not want Silver and Gold to go up. The real market and the faux market are in a real battle right now. I hope the real market forces eventually win, and they are. Silver was < $10 not so long ago!

  37. Copper should be up since everyone is stealing transmission lines from poles and cell towers. Might as well go to Home Depot and buy some pipe and ground rod phyzz now. I really think gold and silver are going to get hammered. Watch for the prices to settle back to the $900 to $1100 range for gold and $17 to $22 silver. Is that overdone? Not really. Things are changing in utopia.

  38. WU you're wearing a red nose and rainbow afro right?

  39. DM;

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  40. hey wu, why would all the banks load up on gold at 1500 etc when its going to 900?

  41. DM,

    Look at the 52 week high. CEF is off two dollars, where as some of the other ETF, I know CEF is closed end fund, are off by over 10 dollars!

  42. Colin: Do you believe everything you are told? Appears so. Just sit back and watch and the question is a good one actually.

  43. @malcolm: every time OJ get this high 200-210, it collapses very, very hard. July 1988, high right around 205, then collapsed. Jan 1989, it hit an intra month low around 134 (about $10,650 per futures contract). Jan 1990, right around 206, by Dec. of 1990, it had a low around 99 (about $16,050 per contract). March 2007 around 209, by June of 2007, it hit 119 +/-. ($13,500). Will this time be different? I'll be watching the formations!

  44. SGS, how the fuck did you know the raid was coming 30 minutes prior to the SSSHTF (Small Silver Shit Hitting the Fan) ?

    Impressive the least..

  45. Hey, Led,

    Whats the play there? Futures options, puts?

  46. walp: $40 was new resistance, I could see it in the options market no biting on the calls this morning, and we were due for a Blythe attack as soon as the metals closed. Fuck her. Or Fuck me for not buying PUTS. Either one is right.

  47. WU: you said silver to hit $20 when it hit $31. Just for the record are you sure we are going to $15 before $45? If you lose this bet, can you never come here again?

  48. I'm not SGTbull07 and I don't make bets. So what about the $20 or $200 silver? Is it required to be an accurate forecaster of silver and gold now? All right then I will make a forecast for silver only because I think gold is actually going to hold up during the duration of this sideways consolidation to lower trend coming. Here's the play by play action and you can rub my nose in it later:

    SPOT SILVER is going to test 34.00 in the short term (probably this week) and likely break it going lower into August. It could happen real soon here with today's gold and silver disconnect from the market. My target price to buy PHYZZ will start below $30 and I'm expecting that in September. How low will it actually go? Admittedly it could hit $20 with no problem and probably will but the question is when? The answer is I don't know but I will go out on a limb and say between now and the end of the fiscal year. After that the $3.7 Trillion Obama deficit reduction plan will fall apart and we will be back into the fear mode again looking for a safe haven. This is when the rest of the sheep begin to finally wake up but they have to have a stock market rise in the interim to feel good and then a big crash comes in October. The majority of the sheep believe Obama and the FED at the moment and Wall Street wants to suck the sideline money into the market now.

    Watch for some of these stocks that have been laggers like RIMM, NOK, X, F, CSCO, AA, NVDA, and others to take off again. The Coffee stocks are very healthy gainers too such as SBUX, CBOU, GMCR, and JVA. They are heading for the NFLX, PCLN, GOOG, AAPL, and CMG camp. (you though I pay attention only to silver eh? well, that's where you do err).

    Gold and Silver are not the answer to financial preservation in this market. My idea is to have only 1,000 ounces of silver and less than 50 ounces of gold just in case. All that stuff is is emergency money. It's not an "investment" or a "preservation of wealth".

    $20 silver by October possibly lower. If you have too much get rid of it and get back in later. Keep some of course.

    How do you get rid of those 1,000 oz bars? Probably just keep them eh?

  49. WU!

    I usually dont call ppl names, but you are a ROYAL DUMBASS!

    When they fucking devalue all currencies by 1/3 to 2/3 enjoy you devalued equities.

    And I will enjoy my 500$ silver and 8k Gold, my new 20 acre farm and imported Asian girls to help me with my labor :)

  50. That is an absolute complement to be a ROYAL DUMB ASS. You couldn't have said it more perfectly because that is exactly what I am.

  51. WU: I have it documented. Lets see what happens. So you dont think after 5 margins increases in 8 days silver could not break $30, it will try now?

    Please explain why this is...

  52. Getting my a$$ taken away a layer at a time from my LULU puts too :(

  53. anyone ever listened to Beethoven before/during trading like tweeners listen to LilWayne before basketball?

    I started listening to Beethoven to help me sleep lately and it deffinetly keeps you on your toes (or fingers for the computer mouse).

    keeps me from riding a trade too long. lets you ride the wave, without getting whipped by surprise.


  54. wu,

    so all these claims banks are buying gold are false?

    also where is your safe haven: big pharma and meds for DNA doofs that chase tornadoes?

    PS I cant take anyone seriously that believes in cloud deities such as fictional Gods.

  55. The Weather UNIT said...

    I'm not SGTbull07 and I don't make bets.

    The Weather UNIT said...

    Hex: If you saw me you would change your description. That I would bet on.
    July 19, 2011 5:36 PM

    Haha you stupid tool.....


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  57. Led:

    Your normalcy bias is kicking in. And, I may be switching this blog to an all our forum based blog like Turds within the month. I'm sure you can talk futures there with someone.

  58. @malcolm

    Thanks for the info and opinion Sir.