Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dow futures up 200, LOL.

I write this Sunday night 9 pm EST. THe Dow futures are up a lot. It seems like the duche sacs have given the 'world' a chance. Right.

Question: If the DEBT is the problem, how does adding $2.3 trillion more DEBT, solve the problem, and balance the budget, as OWEbama just told the world live? Please, all the non conspiracy people out there come on out of your hiding and tell us tin foil hat wearing idiots how this is humanly possible.

Get ready for the last pullback in the metals before the September/October godsend, I would encourage a $36 silver price before the week is done, free up some fiat and get ready to buy some Phyzz-last call ALL ABOARD?

I will be trading all day tomorrow as its a holiday here, and will be active on the posts.

Enjoy the CNN shit show.

Here is Schiff on some Debt ceiling clarification.


  1. nobody stops the (REAL) money train!

  2. $36 again would be delish.

    Thank GOD all is well and good in the world. Weeew, I was kinda worried there.

    Nowthen, where did i put my wheelbarrow......?

  3. Raising the debt ceiling without talking about real job creation is like raising the debt limit on the credit card that you already cant afford.

  4. Happy inflation to one and all!!!

    Just wait until uncle Ben gets the steam presses oiled up and grinding this fall. Should be fun.

  5. I would like to see a violent pullback as well since sentiment has gotten way too bullish on gold and silver way too fast. Whether it materializes remains to be seen.


  7. just curious what you guys think... these metals GURUS always say this HUGE SURGE IN METALS is right around the corner, will go nuts etc etc, but they kick this can around the corner all the time, anyone else ever get that feeling ... I hope it goes up slowly, the days of 100 swings in gold they often refer to, are kinda wacky to me

  8. $100 - $200 swings in gold during a day will likely be proportionately appropriate at $5K or $6K/oz, etc.

  9. The junkies must have their fix!

    I got up this morning and had a good laugh at the Reuters headline “World warns of disaster if no debt deal done.” There is going to be a disaster all right, its inevitable. But it won’t be because no debt deal has passed, it will be because of all the debt deals that HAVE passed over the last 30 years. As usual the media and the pols are selling the sort term propaganda job rather than the long term reality and as always the rest of us will end up suffering the consequence of their folly, (and our own for buying into it all these years.)