Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dont want to raise the debt ceiling? RACISTS!



  1. lol i feel like im watching Jerry Springer or something.

  2. Didn't he/she get voted out of office? I question this video. I'm so tired to look it up, I don't give a F@#$

  3. he is different because he is a Marxist wanna be...and a hack politician from Illinois..with an over the top arrogance that either you are on his side or you are a racist...I am not on his side and I am not a racist just a red white and blue lovin fool that believes in the CONSTITUTION and GOD not some hack from Illinois..and I do not mean to defame the state

  4. Ye gads. Makes me ashamed to be from Houston. Thank God I live in a different district. Guys, every time "Queen Sheila" opens her mouth she embarrasses 99% of Houstonians, and Texans in general. She happens to be an under-educated, rude, ignorant, racist, a know-it-all, loud mouth, arrogant, entitled, and overall stupid person. The favorite pastime of many talk radio personalities here in Houston is picking on her, because she is just so...well, you saw for yourself a small sample. Queen Sheila has yet to lose her office, because the district she is in...

  5. @Ledbedder
    No, she did not get voted out of office. This just happened recently.

    Not only is she full of shit with her "Barack is treated unfairly because he is black" bullshit argument, but she also thinks the USA is a DEMOCRACY and not a republic.

    Not only is she "black" like Obama, but she is "stupid" like herself.

  6. Ahhh yes. The race card. The last bastion of the cowardly and weak. This video just goes to show you the hatred and anger that still festers in the United States. The only people who AREN'T racists are the whites. We're tired of the issue. But some people just won't put this baby to bed.

  7. Is it just me or are congresscreatures getting fuglier and fuglier by the day? I saw a picture the other day of one that looked like a fucking werewolf.

    Imagine what this country will be like when they're all this ugly stupid and powerful.

  8. SGS...

    For the first time I have to disagree with you. I think this presidency has been about race a lil bit. Come on...all the birther crap. If he was Swartzenegger would he have gotten all of this resistance?

    It seems like all Repubs are in a conspiracy to take him down. I don't think the Dems are any good either, but come on, this has a lot to do with race.

    People want to stay silent about him, but Bush was no better than Obama and he didn't get half the resistance this president is getting.

    I think the reason he is getting this treatment is beacuse he's not the "magical negro" that everyone expected him to be(You know like Whoopie Goldberg in Ghost, Black sports figures, and every black person in every Stephen King book) He's just a normal multiracial who f__ked up like the presidents before him.

    Yeah this lady is pulling the race card, but in my opinon its warrented.

    Keep stackin

  9. @IslandStyle

    "The only people who AREN'T racists are the whites. We're tired of the issue"

    I know you don't believe that. Just go check and tell them what you are telling us.


  10. From outside the US, I don't believe it's race that means he's not getting the calls he wants like all other presidents, it's because you're in deep shit.

    It's because the repugnants know they've got power and they're wielding it while they can.

    I like Obama, but he only has himself to blame. He has employed Goldman Sachs across the board to make policy, and he's been completely hypocritical on the debt ceiling as he ran on the fact that Bush etc had not been fiscally smart. He was right, but he's been just as bad.

    Just watched Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story. Says it all really.

    Very few of congress stand up for the people. But we here at SGS all know that.

  11. As I remember correctly, during the Bush time Obama was AGAINST raising any limits... Funny thing. Americans will never learn. ;)

  12. Oh... was she playing the black card? I thought she was meaning because he's an Islamic terrorist. Thanks for clearing that up for me guys!

  13. President tells the American people in his Inaugural Address: “Those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day, because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.”

  14. @LaughinGrizzly
    Perfect quote.. Color didnt say that, Obama did.

    "Yeah this lady is pulling the race card, but in my opinon its warrented."
    There are some sheeple that still live in the "race card" world, I agree, but.. Swartzenegger cant ever be president becuase he isnt a natural born citizen, so that comparison is illogical. It's not color that makes decisioin, it's people. And I do agree with the sentiment, most are tired of hearing it because it's nothing mare than a scapegoat.
    The bigger picture seems to point at more powerful entities in charge, something beyond the presidency. Obama inherited and is keeping pace with the governments "bad spending habits", but why? Everyone knows it can't end well.

    Rasing the debt ceiling has nothing to do with race, only responsibility. We simply can't keep borrowing without heavy recourse.

  15. This is what happens when you give in to these liberal parasites: they keep coming back demanding more outrageous free lunch. A lesson for all and a mistake we won't repeat.

  16. All the liberal f-tards can't start eating their own soon enough.

  17. it's blacks like this one that gives the rest a bad name. She victimizes them every time she opens her mouth... and they wonder why they aren't taken seriously.