Monday, July 11, 2011

Death Ceiling, silver gift, bright horizons for phyzz holders

Okay lets get going. I apologize for any previous short entries. I have told my readers on many occasions we are in a phase of consolidation throughout these summer months AND I am extremely busy right now expanding my businesses (might be looking into the Phoenix area soon...)

I am writing you with golf ball like tonsils. I can't swallow (thats what she said). I have acquired what I assume is the worlds worst immune system. As many readers know, or may not know, I was educated at the world most prestigious military academy in the US of fucking A baby. I'll let you decide what institution that is, but nonetheless, while I was there I was hand fed Amoxil like candy. Broken leg? Amoxil. Scabies? Amoxil. Home sick? Amoxil. So I'm feeling the aftermath of no immune system, and its gets worse and worse every winter-or I'm being poisoned slowly, this too is also not a far off shot in the dark.

So I would like to get to this Death Ceiling issue that everyone and their mother has been emailing me about. Truth is, for us gold and silver bugs it really doesn't make a difference. Either way-the worlds CB's are goign to print more money from here till the entire thing blows up. Now I've coined it the 'death ceiling' because its like death either way-they raise it, USA dies, dont, USA dies. You see why I invest in silver, the phyzz kind? It will be a true death, when foreign capital ceases to buy treasuries because they know it will never be repaid, the day we all look forward to. Below I have include a Schiff video that explains this.

Now on to more important stuff lol. The banks are presenting us with a great opp to buy here still in the $35 range. If you are shocked with today's raid you seriously need to reconsider your investment options. Embrace it with open arms because the summer days are slowly passing, like a hot fart in the wind, and September approaches as the not to distant beacon of light, after being sea sick for months on a ship. So here I will say it again: If you have not picked up phyzz at these levels, you are missing out whether the price goes up OR down. If the 'down' didnt make sense to you, stop investing in phyzz and go buy NFLX-it will save you a ton of small talk with people in your circle and make you more popular with the Jones'.

Now lets turn our attention to the LULU trade some of my readers have. I originally told my peeps to get in around the $120-$123 region. You could have picked up some PUTS for $4.50 a piece for the $115 AUG 20 contract. They now trade at $5.80 today. I will sell half at $9 and the other half depending on the intensity of the capitulation most likely at $11-?. I await the next two days, as I want to see panic selling-I am not totally convinced yet that this trade is out of the woods and will make a shit ton as their is a lot of news flow that could fuck this up. This went from $80 to $123 in three weeks on NOTHING. All tecs are over sold, the bots will kick in sell orders as soon as that MACD crosses which will be this week. Anyone still holding and in the money, do as you please, you are big boys.

Lastly. While at the booth this weekend, observing life's failures walking by supporting their drug and transient lifestyle on my hard working 12 hour workday tax socialist humanitarian system, I was presented with a chance to talk with an 11 year old. We were playing the "ask me a question" game for a while (I guess that what kids do that don't play Halo/drinking games). I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up (knowing full well what the answers were going to be). A. Actress. B. Doctor C. Find cure for cancer. She surprised me with Actress and Scientist. Shocking. When asked what H2O was she had no clue. Nuff said. Its amazing if you ask 100 kids this question, most should be answering, " I want to run my own buisness." But we have been spoon fed the Zionist mind fuck that one day we can achieve the American Dream if we rack up $250,000 in school debt (and Chlamydia to go with it), and go work for someone else. Looking forward, good luck with that. The system needs a reset. Plain and simple. I look forward to the day.


  1. SGS, what do you make of the below link, as for the end game?

    Sorry if someone already posted and you replied to this.

  2. SGS Acupuncture may help you with immune issue. I have been using acupuncture for 15 years and can only say it works. It doesn't get much attention here in the states because it doesnt involve pharmaceuticals. It is my primary form of health care. I could go on and on about how many issues it has helped me with but I wont.

    THanks for the great commentary. Hope you feel better soon.

    Jameson whiskey works too!

  3. SGS, try colloidal silver. Read up on the stuff works for me and my family. And you should have enough phyzz you can make your own from it. Or just buy one little bottle to start.

  4. You should be man enough: Eat three raw nice size garlic cloves twice a day and chew them up good and chase them with some water. Do that for a few days. And do it every time you go out to eat away from home before you eat food prepared by someone else.

  5. WU: You should be man enough to stick to your own blog, and stay away from where people dislike you.

  6. SGS, quit using milk products. including milk that is. make sure you get at least 600 IU of vitamin D / day, get some rest. You'd be surprised how much of an immune system you got left. check out the tiny picture on the 2nd row

  7. sgs,

    email me at, I have researched the immune system and use some of the above and more ... also know some great Dr's that will help you for free if you email them ... Dr K on RBN being one, great guy, knows this subject inside out ... for now if you decide not to email, buy some top quality OIL OF OREGANO, and take it each morning/day/night ...It's the best stuff in the world, been using it for years, never get sick ... but I would like to hook you up with Dr K for more specific things.

    take care

  8. chlamydia is curable dumbass you take the pills and it goes it away

  9. Geez, Peter Schiff has been calling for a collapse since 2000... he doesn't know anything other than money printing = inflation = collapse. It is like preaching 1 + 2 = 3. Everyone knows that and it is always about the timing. Peter Schiff got his timings wrong 90% of the time. I don't understand why people keep turning to him for financial advises.

  10. Dr.LAM,(google) in Honolulu Hi, is an elderly asian MD who has practiced, with degrees, in both western and eastern medicine. He is currently treating my girl friend. His specialty is immune system restoration. I have listened to his philosophy on the total importance of a healty immune system and I agree. SGS, it would be worth your time to investigate this man, enou said.
    As for what is happening to silver look at the past 10 years silver and gold have rallied in July then corrected one more time before the stronger fall season. I have been patiently waiting for this possible correction, let see if we get a buying opportunity, w'ell soon see!

  11. That is DR Fred Lam;
    Lam Clinic Inc: Lam Fred M MD
    100 N Beretania St # 208,
    Honolulu, HI 96817-4709
    (808) 536-6333

  12. OMG America is so dumb. They think Peter Schiff is smart!!!??? He is simply stating the obvious over and over again. How can you worship the guy who understands basic economy as some kind of genius. Look at the facts! Peter Schiff's predictions are wrong almost every time. If you've been betting on a collapse in the last ten years non-stop anyone could get it right once or twice. It's timing that really counts, nig4life, get it?

  13. With that said, Peter Schiff will be right this time. They will raise the debt ceiling. But isn't it just too obvious? Even Greece can get away with their debt problem for a year or two, are you really thinking that USA Inc. will collapse next month? Wake up!

  14. SGS: I like to keep an eye on my enemies and let them know how much I am not afraid of them. Just remember when the SHTF on which side I'll be on. You'll get your nose rubbed in it soon enough. For now you can mock on for a season.

  15. @ WU
    What is it you are saying WU?
    Which side will you be on and what does it mean?

  16. RAYMOND Schiff might be have been wrong on his timing, but you have to give the guy some credit when he was the laughing stock on CNBC or FOX Business in the 2004-2007 time period.

    Mike Ruppert of is probably another Schiff when it comes to timing. He is calling for a collapse of the system stemming from lousy quarterly reports coming after the Fukushima incident. Ruppert may not get this call correct, but if you have seen his documentary "COLLAPSE", he has many forecasts that were dead on.

    Regardless, very few realize the potential disaster from a disintegration of a JUST IN TIME--FIAT CURRENCY--COMPOUND INTEREST--FRACTIONAL RESERVE SYSTEM we have running the show.

    Jim Rickards who I have much respect believes that if the U.S. backed the dollar with gold, then things would be just fine This fails to consider:

    1)If we have the gold and...

    2)the Peak Oil and falling EROI that will destroy our present LEECH and SPEND SUBURBAN ECONOMY.

    All the good analysts (including Schiff) out there who keep saying once the system is allowed to reset, then growth and capitalism can flourish, fail to understand growth is not possible.

    I plan on writing about this on guest posts here and on Zero Hedge.

    SGS....good call on LULU

  17. "I was educated at the world most prestigious military academy in the US of fucking A baby"

    I totally read that wrong...

  18. SGS, Eat shit loads of fruit, especially strawberries and raspberry smoothies with some whey protein/egg protein. Also never miss a day without a pint ( yes pint ) of high quality Orange juice. Worked for me. Also, Canada weather does not help! Oh, and sleep is the most important. If you start loosing sleep, you cannot get immunity back!

    Oh, and the final depressing part is. Once you hit 35-40 evolution thinks you being dead is not a problem.

    Also, only a few of us question everything, and want to know how everything works. That's the main problem. Most people are mentally lazy and want spoon feeding.

  19. When my immune system is down I just grab a pack of my grandpas favorite filterless camels and few shots of Jack Daniels.

    You folks read too much of that organic crap.

  20. @SRSrocco I agree with you. I should give some credits to Schiff for his persistence. I just think timing is too important to ignore in investment. Gold standard will not solve the problem. IMF has all the gold. Whether it is USD devaluation or a deflationary collapse, no matter which way to choose, the US has to face the inevitable decline in living standards for an extensive period of time. No policy can save the US now; maybe a significant innovation like the Internet that can create a whole new industry can save the US.

  21. RAYMOND....the so called notion of a significant innovation to save the economy is exactly what I am arguing will not occur.

    Why? Its due to the peaking of oil and a falling EROI. Our monetary system and investment captial is predicated upon an increase of at least 3% growth globally a year. A compound interest-fiat currency-fractional reserve system is a ponzi scheme that has been allowed to flourish due to our growing global energy supply.

    We no longer have the ability to grow our energy supply as it has peaked so we cannot keep that 3% growth that allows the previous years compound interest to be paid back. This is why we are having so much fun with BAILOUTS and the DERIVATIVES MONSTER.

    The system will collapse at some point in time and there will no longer be a suburban economy like we have presently. Once the switch goes off, it never resets.

    Living local will be the way of life.

  22. SRSrocco,

    you seriously drop gems with your responses. I tip my Guinness to you.

  23. SRSrocco, how about a ground breaking innovation in the green energy industry so that solar/wind energy is cheap enough to replace oil completely. I believe that they already have the technology but they want to squeeze the last bit of profits from oil trades and military conflicts. I will make a prediction now. After the USD died, the global economy collapsed and the IMF replaced USD with a new currency, some green energy innovations will be "released" and they will bring the world economy back to order, an one world order.

  24. Under the new world order plan, the world economy will adopt a very slow but stable growth mode. Oil will no longer be so important. No more war for oil. All governments are controlled by the same group of central bankers. No more need for arm race and national defense. Most people will work for multi-national corporations. Small and medium businesses will disappear gradually. The World government will be funded by Cap and Trade or a straight carbon tax. The tax revenue will be redistributed from the rich nations to the poor nations. It will be a World-wide socialist system.

  25. I also believe the peak oil story is a hoax just like the climate change story. We have the same peak oil story for over 30 years? It is being preached by the IEA. The IEA is created by the same group of elites who create IMF, UN and the World Bank. They want you to believe in peak oil, so people will need to give up oil and use more expensive alternative energy, so people will need to adopt cap and trade, so people will no longer need to fight for oil. This is the whole mentality behind all the scams. It is supposed to be for the greater good of mankind, at least in their mind.

  26. Of course, in order to acheive the greater good and gain the complete global control, they must first create the current chaos. This is just one nasty pill that the World must swallow before it can get better, at least from their perspectives.

  27. Why there are so much pain and suffering going on in this World? I am not talking about people in the West losing their jobs and suffering from a less indulgent living standards, but I am talking about people in Africa and people who live in the War Zones in the past 100 years. Those are the real pain and suffering, and if you think of that, the Western people are simply like crying spoiled babies with no more candy. Eventually it is because their indulgent capitalist consumerism that causes all the oil wars, diamond wars, natural resource wars all around the World so that they can live a wasteful life; so that they can afford to bath 3 times a day; so that they can keep their lights on 24/7. Why do you think wars always happened in the resource rich countries only? You have to admit this, the fact is the Western World has been robbing all these resources and wealth from the 3rd World countries to support their luxury life styles for hundreds of years. It is time to pay back, it is time to pay back. Nothing can stop Karma.