Monday, July 18, 2011

Blatant SLV options manipulation caught on video


  1. Gave my buy reco on the $40 Oct 22 call days ago...please proceed to the donations button. ;)

  2. I'm not familiar with your screen. Is this quote stuffing you're pointing to or are these actual trades?

    I very much appreciate your post, just asking for some clarity. Thanks!

  3. hi, SGS.

    you hold a put position of SLV yet.

    in the end, SLV go down to zero, correct?

    i just keep phyzz.

    mny thanks.

  4. get some OIL OF OREGANO, now--find the P73 in blue bottle ... it will work, forget the rest of remedies ... its on ebay or good health food/herb stores

  5. Dear SGS
    Are you saying that the crooks can manipulate Silver and it doesn't cost them anything because they use a clever programme?

    If this is true then all the gurus talking about big price rises in Silver are just pissing in the wind.

    Have I got this wrong?

  6. Dekopac: NO PUTS yets. Thinking of a quick one though soon as the margin hike is coming.

    George: the crooks can manipulate anything that derives from paper. Thus, go buy phyzz-once that is gone, they cant print it.

  7. Your a fucking idiot, sgs. The price of the options varies with stock, and thus the only thing that matters when trading options is volatility. So when you are looking at all that volume move there, it's due to the price of SLV moving up or down. The amount of volume varies depending on market maker models that rely on volatility. Since the option is nickel increment ($3 rule), that represents a HUGE jump in volatility from 3.00 to 3.05, and thus you will expect market makers to size up at that vol. You would need a static order that doesn't change with stock with a shit-ton of size to hold SLV up. And even then, depending on the delta, you'd most likely see it impact the actual price of the underlying by a marginal amount. Read on some option theory, pl0x.

  8. I love Blythe today!
    Without this ugly stupid bitch we could NOT afford to buy silver!
    Just wait little bit - and you will see when Chinese decided to vacuumed physical S&G.
    Today, they are still awaiting and trying to spend all this worthless "green paper" - QUICKLY & QUIETLY!
    It looks that US "printing press" causes enormous inflation in China.
    This "stalemate" will NOT goes forever.
    Thank you Blithe - you ugly bitch.