Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Warning: That which I have feared has come upon me

I'll stick my neck on the line and say it again: they need a reason for QE3, like TARP in 2008. I am suspect of a major downside move in the markets. When the Ben Bernank says that his monetary printing press is not the the goddess Panakeia, he may throw in the towel here and let the 'free' markets decide if he should print more-a kind of stubborn way of saying, "Okay fuckers, you deal with my mess now without my help." When the Bernank starts using metaphors like the goddess of health (his printing press) not curing cancer (USA), you better pay attention.

I am assuming the move will be swift and brutal. I'm not saying it will be tomorrow, but with no clear indication of more printing, be ready for the carnage.

I hope you kept some cash for this upcoming opportunity if he doesn't print. It will be epic.

You are warned.


  1. Yep!!
    SPOT ON, again.I agree 100%.

    (I have shorting numbers up for AAPL & NFLX,btw.)

    Your Canadien$ is looking REALLY good, too! Short CAN$ long US$ trade looks like a winner right NOW, and going forward!

    Short-term currently bearish silver,quite possibly breaking down hard soon.


  2. I sold most of my shares weeks ago. I have about 3 put positions, close out one today for profit. Was waiting for a chance to add to my Phyzz and pick up some shares on the cheap.

    Why AAPL and NFLX P/E over valued, moving averages?

  3. So should I sell my PSLV and PHYS and buy it again at half price in 2 months?

  4. kept some cash? I will go out on a limb here and speak for the majority and say we're broke as a fuckin' joke. Seriously, whatever we have now is what we got unless the Fates smile upon us and I ain't holdin my breath.

  5. When people use the word Fear, it bothers me.. The oldest book in the Bible is Job .. Everything went wrong for him and he was a man after God's own Heart.. But he had used these words.. "My Greats Fears have come upon me" Fear is the opposite of FAITH ! I believe we should all Prepare,, but Do Not FEAR ! Our God is a God of Faith ! Not Fear..

    Will things go to Shit ! Yes ! Just be prepared ! Just do all you can within your own powers, and Leave the Rest in Gods hands without Fear !

  6. The only thing this time round is will people flee to the dollar? Or flee to Gold and Silver?

    Surely Sprott and the big boys know whats about to happen? What are they doing with their portfolios and with their own investments!

    2008 again and loosing half my wealth in dollar terms will make me puke again! I do not want to be stupid twice!

  7. Whiskey Six
    Were going to have to ride this fuckin bull... until the horns fall off...his balls hit the dirt...
    he's cleaned...hung... skinned...aged...butchered with half in the freezer and the other half to feed the damn neighborhood...

  8. BTW,, I'm a Poor Guy with Nine Children, and at this point Eight Grandchildren.. I don't have a lot of money to invest.. But I also Believe God will take care of us.. He took the Whip to the Money changers in the Bible "Banksters of his time.. Get a Clue ! Things haven't changed much.. Gods servants on planet Earth are to be gentle as Doves, but as Wise as Serpents !

  9. Oh crap - deflation - the metals are going to go down.

  10. DO NOT SELL YOUR PHSYICAL.. this is what JPM wants you to do so they can buy it.. then when the paper price is down big there will be no phyzz to buy because the crooked bankers bought it all while people paniced out.

  11. I sincerely appreciate everyone's post on this site. SGS, thanks for not editing the folks whom speak of God. I too believe that there's a C L E A R distinction between religion and faith. I too believe that what is happening with regards to the monetary system, the crooks running the till and all the other crap that's taking place is simply a rerun of a film that has been played out many, many, many times before. Difference is, this time (like times before) we have an opportunity to change the ending and do the right thing. @bflowers1, thanks for your honesty. I would(do) trust 99.9% of the folks on this board with my investing decisions. SGS is a crazy fucker but he's honest at his core, and I'd trust that over ANY fucktard pitching me "products and services" @ Chase or BofA..... Peace!

  12. I would be very ill if I sold my silver at this point. Could be that you may double your position......it could just as easily be a losing trade where you came out with less physical. My physical and my trading account are two separate things.
    When gold was trading ~$900 I added to my hold and sat through a correction to ~$700. Try to separate the two. Have a core of phyzzzzzz. And have an account you use to trade. (size does not matter, only the goal to build the physical is important) look at your physical as if it were a savings account. It is. It is a savings account in real money. If you have $millions in your account OR $thousands in your account, in the end you will have more than the majority of people. You will have spent your time making a wise investment.

  13. Does this mean we should hold off on purchasing more phyzz until it plummets? Schiff in Crashproof said the flight of the crash would be away from the dollar, but when the first crash happen it was towards the dollar. He has said he doesn't think this would happen twice, as in when this upcoming crash hits, the dollar will go down, and PMs will skyrocket. SGS what do you think? Hold off on buying phyzz for a few weeks to see how this pans out? If the Comex crashes before the end of QE2 with no QE3 in place, will that make the deflationary action irrelevant no matter what? Bob Chapman has said that they will do a QE3 although call it something else (just like "quantitative easing" may as well be called "printing money"). They will continue this won't they? The Ben Bernank would come out and say "Well we tried it your way, I have to go throw paper out of my helicopter now". If I may: "Government is the only institution that can take a valuable commodity like paper, and make it worthless by applying ink." - Ludwig von Mises

  14. Ever since I bought Silver (some while ago now) "experts" have been telling me that Silver would be worth zillions of dollars the week after next.

    When this never happens the "experts" then say there is a mega buying opportunity just around the corner as Silver will go to 50 cents a ton.

    I might be exaggerating a bit but you get the point.

    I wished they would make their minds up and stick to it like I'm sticking to my physical Silver.

  15. We are just about to realise that (ironically) the can that has been kicked for so long is a can of fizz.

    The can is just about to burst, and we know how it will fizz away spraying all and sundry.

    Ben will try to pick up the can and release the pressure, but the damage will have been done.

    50% of the drink will have been lost, the next 20% will be froth in the can and hopefully there will still be 30% of the drink left to work with.

    Change the percentages according to your want. But the analogy is there.

    Enjoyed hearing Dimon cry and whine about how hard done by he is the fuckmonkey.

    My bullionvault account is ready in cash, and my bullion is still MY stash.

    Good luck all.

  16. @Julian
    I wouldn't wait too long. Already over 260 Silver 1000oz bars registered at BullionVault!

  17. @George Can you explain. Is Bullionvault not similar to GoldMoney?

  18. @ Julian. Yes, but easier to buy and sell.

  19. @George. Wasn't sure what you meant. As if got to watch out because it's not legit?

  20. Locked, loaded and waiting for take-down. I have invested in companies now and do not mind seeing up to 80% drop in stock price. All my investments are long term.

    I don't pay much attention to daily performance.

    Virtually anything is better than having the money in a bank account.

  21. @Julian
    I think Bullionvault looks pretty sound. I use them.

  22. I can't wait to here the talking heads at CNBC and Fox Business say that gold & silver are going down with the general market because firms/individual need to "raise cash". What a F'n joke! The "firms" are flush with money, and the individuals, for the most part, are insignificant! But, the powerz that be, will indeed punish PM once again. Yes, PHYZZ is the only form I'd be concerned with. The old saying goes: "you don't lose money unless you sell". But, as far as a swift stock market downturn, why not just buy some e-mini puts on the S&P? That is what I have done. I'm in Sept. but I'm going to be looking at Dec. later in the day. Good luck!

  23. @Garry - What is Sprott doing? He's been adding junior miners. Of course he has the resources to sit out any forced market dip. But he's no fool and has intel the Vatican would envy... He's buying this past 2 weeks, then that means he senses a bottom. I know he's added a few million in junior silver explorer Aria Silver (AGQ:TSX) couple of days back and is very close to the 20% max he can hold before obligation to bid. Main market wise, my 2 cents, I think a forced dip has been too loudly talked up to a written-in-stone certainty, that it's probably going to do the exact opposite. I don't play their games any fucking more. How many times have we read how certain Inventory data, etc was to be 'certainly' bad, and it was the exact opposite? This is just another big fucking ruse, I'm not buying it, but I *AM* buying junior miners, I feel this is the bottom, even if it last a few more weeks, and I'm not being shaken out by fear.

  24. I am not selling my phyzz! We have all been warned for months now that there would be a big dip before QE3 begins, and now that the possibility of exactly that is on the horizon, people are panicking to the point that they want to trade real money for slave notes? The dollar is cooked, and when the dollar fails, so will all the other fiat bullshit. The only thing that would make me give up my phyzz is a gun to my head, and then, maybe. I will be buying more, just not sure when.

  25. I'm market neutral right now. I have 50/50 long/short positions (intra and inter sector) hedged in my portfolio.
    I only go net long or net short when the trend in either direction is obviously on.
    This works for me.

  26. Put\Short Nikkei & DAX. Idiot proof money.
    Hell, even short DJIA\Nasdaq!

    2011-06-09 - 2011-06-11, Really EPIC solar storm!
    I would say that's the perfect day for a false flag attack, with all infrastructure down except laser\VLF-radios that TPTB possesses.

  27. Why did you choose Bullion Vault over GoldMoney?
    Maybe my Netflix puts will go green today

  28. If you guys are unsure of how this will play out, go look at what happened in 2008. When investors sell their positions they will hold US dollars and cash equivalents like T-bills so yes the dollar will rise as everything else falls in value. That conclusion is based on how markets have always reacted in the past, don't get caught up with the gold permbulls...the time to buy PMs will come in a few months.

  29. No money left, everyone backed up the truck when you drew a big dick on the charts at 47. hahaha, I'm busting your balls man.

  30. I'm betting everything except gold and silver goes back to pre-QE2 levels. The financials make up the largest part of the S&P and I believe that fucker will bounce around 800. Not tomorrow, not even this year maybe, but I don't think QE∞ will come as some as many expect. I'm betting not till 2012.

    Hang tight.

  31. @ Darth Smoker

    I've got both BullionVault and GoldMoney, mostly BullionVault, found it easier to use for trading and releasing monies. Which I've had to do in the last year to stay afloat. I use it as a savings account predominantly. Has paid somewhat better that 2% in the last year! :))))))
    What has your experience been.

  32. @Darth Smoker, No big reason. At the time it was easier to register at BullionVault than Goldmoney. I've always found the system at BV straight forward and easy to operate. They were also the first and easiest to buy and sell Silver. I also did a test. Most people think of buying not of selling so I sold some Silver and transferred the money back to my bank account and it worked fine.

  33. I've been thinking about selling part of my silver to cover what I bought it for because of just this thought that QE3 might not happen right away and PM's taking a hit. The PM experts say QE3 will happen, but I think there will be a drop before it does. Would be looking to buy back at around $22 or when things settled.

  34. @ Darth Smoker (or anyone else). I agree with George. Also with Bullionvault you get a free ounce of silver or gram of gold when you open an account. I've open up quite a few accounts - savings accounts for the kids. Might not sound like much, but you only have to fund it with a gram of gold. So if you only do it for the free ounce or gram you've doubled your money. If Bix Weir is right or even Max Keiser, a nice bit of free money!

    If anyone wants to do it they can go direct to Bullionvault
    or you can go through me on an unashamed referral at


    Doesn't cost you anymore, I just get a little kickback :)

  35. by purchasing a gram of gold lol.

  36. @Mike, silver may go back to 22. If it does I hope there is some left for you and the rest of us to buy.
    Has anyone here listened to SGS about the physical price separating from the paper price?
    The two coin dealers I deal with in NH have trouble keeping silver in stock. I can only imagine if it gets to 22.
    I just received shipping notice on a tube of phillys and 3 grizzlies. I can't wait to touch them. I just love to play with my jing-a-ling.

  37. Remember there are new buyers of silver for which even silver is expensive. Especially somewhere like the UK where you have to pay a 20% sales tax. If the price lowers they will be able to stack.

  38. LOL at Google ads... They think based on the blog contnet that we're interested in Graphic Innovators, Inc. They sell what I'm sure are topmost quality used printing presses, said presses having not been burnt into failure by the Bernank.