Thursday, June 16, 2011


As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Slavery to a military force can be abolished by an opposing force of arms. But a debtor’s enslavement to a creditor, no weapons can overthrow…”

AmeriKa, its your turn...keep living like rats, squabbling for the crumbs that Shalom Bernanke leaves under his table, or take back your lives.

Your choice.

Yes, I feel inspired tonight by acts of patriotism and story telling.


  1. first i guess.
    Seriously though, how do you expect this to occur. There's xbox, jersey shore, many distractions that are way easier than rebellion.

  2. rebellion was that drink those southerners used to make in the woods, right?

  3. "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered...I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

    TJ would get a real kick out of two cartoon bears exposing the mighty, naked emperor. So will my grandkids one day.

  4. read now

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  6. Stab in the dark here, but I'm looking into Krav Maga, and I'm trying to find some good gloves. Any recommendations?

  7. Whaddya gone do AFTER you blow your loads??
    We are not here for solutions. We are here for info and rants and sgs's fucktwisted neologisms.
    Those looking for solutions are the first sheep to sieg heil when shtf.
    Just do good and it will fall where it needs to.

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  9. Im gone... this blog is dead. Thanks to SGS for the diligent work, but it wont help us anymore. were fucked. all of us.

  10. In the immortal words of one Han Solo "I've got a bad feeling about this". Seriously I get the sensation a dark cloud is approaching and its not your typical dark cloud. It is sinister and extremely negative but there is no fear, only resolution. When natural systems get out of equilibrium they tend to correct violently...

  11. Get short you dimwits!
    JPM stock price is too close to even the manipulated price, even closer to the PHYZZZ!
    One pretty dang good authority sez:
    (get this!)
    $12-$15 silver & 104.00 US$ in 1-5 months.
    Exclusive blog which is by invite only.
    Called the flash-crash previous may, btw 2 day notice.(We MADE a bundle!)
    BACK then he said 1-5 month target zone, and the chair got kicked out like THAT FAST!
    My point is they are going BALLS OUT! You stupid pricks know what that means?
    99% cash is very stupid here cause DOWN moves on average take up 3 times less time OR same as three times the velocity/volatility. Do I hear options????
    SGS: Why not use 20% and split it on a 50/50 put/call.You'll win just on the volatility. 1/3 july, 2/3 sept?

  12. Texas is gonna ban the asshole child molesters at the airports, too!WATCH.TEXAS gonna grow a pair!

  13. OK SilverBull, it is time for you to put your balls in the wind and answer a simple question: tell us why these people are predicting such a HUGE crash in silver prices. Don't care who they are, just wanna know why.

  14. Can someone give me an intelligent answer as to why the hell is the stock market is up so strongly this morning when everybody with a brain knows we're F'd? Please don't tell me because the dollar is down and will make our exports cheaper. That is macroeconomic stuff. I mean, is it pure manipulation (as I believe)? As the one bear said: "fuck my life"

  15. Ledbetter, I can answer your questions....
    First, here's a true story. A scientist named Ashe in the 50's found that a person would almost always go along with the crowd if there were no other dissenters, even if the crowd was obviously wrong. (Everyone was working for the scientist except the subject/victim, but the subject thought the other folks being 'tested' were also subjects.) If everyone KNOWS that PM's are going to the moon and says so, even those sitting on the fence will change their minds, or at least shut up about it, and PM's will rise rise rise. Therefore, TPTB will always keep a steady stream of anti-PM propaganda going so that those who aren't so smart financially won't just 'go with the flow' and buy PMs. For your second question, there is no way the stock market will decline for seven weeks in a row without losing participants, some of whom might just wise up and move to hard assets...imho.

  16. Thx for blog.

    A comment regarding cash! Which is more risky, phyzz or cash?

    Those people who are predominantly in cash you better be ready and you are the people who will propel this thing.

    Firstly many sites I read now all are in cash because of the fear factor.

    The question is can silver afford to go down???

    Gross now tweets QE3

    Is it not common sense, having spent trillions before to see them go up in smoke by not carrying on?

    Some great original work and not re-hashes...

    Are you the retail investor or not?

    Some more..
    together with Minyanville

    Then another good one...

    Pay particular attention to this paragraph...
    "My crystal ball is a little cloudy on that question. However, I can report that my own company has a surprising number of established customers who are waiting for a possible one more large price drop before they jump in to purchase. In some instances, customers have sent us funds in advance so that they can move quickly when the market hits their target price. In total, between established customers who have sent us up-front funds and those who are checking periodically to see if now is the right time for them to buy, we have the largest pool of potential demand in 40 years."

    So I recon there is a good bottom here somewhere, with good cash to ignite a move?? Will it be next week? Take your pic - Greece or FOMC, or both.

    Another interesting one...

    Again pay attention to paragraph...
    "The time is rapidly approaching when the collective
    exodus from the big three currencies begins in
    earnest. In the past these guys have supported each
    other, but there is nobody to support all three. When
    the exodus happens it will be far more dramatic than
    the Asian meltdown a decade ago."

    As Jim Sinclair says - this thing can blow any second, while you sleeping??

  17. Good point about crowd behavior wishdom.

  18. By attacking the central banks, could Anonymous be tomorrow's hero in history? A revolutionary with a different kind of weapon replacing the guns with a laptop. Freeing the people from the yoke of the criminal banksters making us their low pay slaves.


    Very few people realize Thomas Jefferson died a poor man. He married Martha Wayles Skelton, whose father was a rich slave-landowner. When Jefferson's father in law died, he became executor of the will. His wife had several brothers who felt Jefferson was the best candidate to help divide the estate.

    Even though there was a great deal of wealth in the estate, there was also some large amounts of debts owned to British Financiers back in England. Jefferson didn't mind this as there was a much larger percentage of assets to debts. We must remember, the executor takes the responsibilty of the debts.

    He divided the assets and everything was fine until the Revolutionary War broke out. Because most of the assets that Jefferson held were large land tracts....he sold them to Colonialists and gave them a mortgage.

    When the war broke out, the US GOVT at the time issued fiat money called CONTINENTALS. Because they did not have enough gold to pay for the war, they issued this fiat money. Most of the people that Jefferson sold the land to paid himm off in these CONTINENTALS.

    When the war ended....there was a HYPERINFLATIONARY COLLAPSE of the CONTINENTAL. Jefferson found himself holding a great deal of these worthless Continentals that the British Financiers would not except as payment.

    Jefferson tried for the rest of his life to pay off these debts...but could never. When he died, they sold off everything and his Monticello to help pay off his debts. Few realize the US GOVT bought his extensive library to help pay his debts which was the beginning of the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.

    FIAT MONEY is a killer...that is why the founding fathers made sure in the constitution that PAPER MONEY would not be...only gold and silver coin minted by US TREASURY.