Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tick tock...29 mill left....tick tock


-9229 OI increase
-nothing deposited, and yes, we are in June now-delivery month, nuff said.

-820,330 withdrawn...any questions?
-29.636 oz left in 'said' comex...So at this rate, we have 34 days left till its officially broke. Rest assured, its already dry.

I want to clarify a few things. Today sucked. All my puts went up, all my calls went down, all my longs went down.

I got out of Wildcat at 2.20 if anyone is still by chance sticking around. I usually dont stick around too long after a great NR like that, that takes the price down. Gay.

So there you have it. Today sucked. Nothing went right in the paper.

Let this be known; I have a good grasp on charts. But when my trades start to go the opposite way, and all of them, its time to sit back, cut down on position, and watch.

All I would suggest doing is buying Phyzz. If you feel like you can beat this market, go nuts, b/c I did today.

They can take my paper, they can take my air (derivatives) but they can never take my phyzz. Its in my hand.

So my million $$ advice moving forward: if you want to puke, bang your head on the table, swear, and throw shit-trade the PM's tomorrow.


  1. "Throw shit-trade"!

    That about sums it all up!

  2. SGS: I apologize for my ignorance but perhaps you could explain the "trend power" for me...thanks...Timpa

  3. trend power is a widgit, I have nothing to do with it.

  4. Don't feel too bad SGS, I got anal-raped yesterday on my paper positions. We'll make it back.

  5. Fuck, man, I love it when people finally get it.

    Paper is only good for wiping your ass. Sure, you might get lucky, or not get unlucky and make some physical silver out of the deal, but the risk of losing it all is great.

    We are approaching the endgame. May 1st signaled the switch from the beginning of the end to the middle of the end. The end of the end comes when COMEX is depleted. I'm fucking psyched that both you and Turd see this now. Time to abandon the paper trade, and get physical, and hold on for a wild ride.

  6. SGS: Fuckin' "A"!!! Sounds like you're really pissed, and I am with you!

  7. I added to my UUP $21.00 PUT OPTIONS yesterday.

    Anybody like shorting the US$, then this is the way to do it limiting your risk.

    I added to AGQ Call Options position, too. Wghen silver is going down IS THE TIME TO BUY THESE OPTIONS! These trade like 3 times the price of silver. [EX: Silver up $1.00, this will be up ~$3.00.] The $200 CALL OPTIONS are a bargain now, imo, too.

  8. Been reading this blog since finding the bears video. In 2008 I woke from my slumber, and converted my entire IRA into physical. Over the last three years have removed all of it and paid the penalty. The paper game is nothing but a casino. The house always wins as long as you keep playing their game, it's designed that way. That's also why I paid a 10% to get out, they wanted me to keep playing. If you keep playing, expect more days like today. Nice place you have here SGS.

  9. Or.....For a lower premium related to SILVER, you may want to look at ZSL PUT OPTIONS. This one trade OPPOSITE DIRECTION of Silver. It is not nearly as volatile as AGQ. AGQ is the shit, for me!MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. ZSL puts are a more conservative vehicle. FUCK SLV!! WON'T touch that crap!


  10. I've broken a keyboard and mouse in the last two days, wife want's to send me to anger management therapy.
    Just downloaded Anger Management with Sandler and Nicholson, gonna give that a try instead.

  11. Im close to closing out my e-trade account, it only holds TINKA, Corn, and FR. I might just sell the FR and Corn, keep my options/futures account opened and roll with funds there, that shit I could lose with out a single tear, house money!

    The end game is Aug-Oct!

    Greek, Ireland default! Fucking EU, will take down the whole system. Why hasn't anyone asked why the EU banks got so much FED money, almost a 3rd to half by some accounts.

  12. How do you feel about Tinka though, SGS? Getting outta that too?

  13. Silverbull,

    I done well trading SLV, some days over 1500.00, "read day trade". See, SLV"almost" tracks Ag, in that I can do puts or calls depending on the the direction, and because the price of SLV is only a dollar and half from the PHYZZ, I know where its going. But how does that work with ZSL? I get AGQ!

  14. @ Everyone

    I am in the process of getting my "Bug out bag" together for when the SHTF. I have never put one together before. Besides my SIG P226 and a thousand rounds, any suggestions for things to include?

  15. @JD --- Dude... The Weather Unit straight up jacked your quote today about bread... go to his blogspot, you'll see it.

  16. @Highrise408

    Yeah, he jacked it.

    I was the one who actually posted that, cause I set up a new email and it used my initials. I am now back to posting as IslandStyle, since there is already another JD here.

    And while we're on the topic, anyone notice how insanely tiny Cadbury Cream Eggs were this year?? Shit shrank big time. Cocoa prices up, chocolate sizes down. With climbing wheat prices, pretty soon Mini Wheats will have to change their name to Micro Wheats.

  17. @IslandStyle... knife, fire-starters, water filter/pump, magnifying glass, bug repellent, a machete, fishing line/hooks, rope, leather gloves, good pair of boots, hand warmers, edible plant book, compass,a few porno mags(just so you don't get too lonely if you get separated for a few days), nylon tarp, and a .44 magnum to fend off shit as big as a water buffalo. The rest is intuition.

  18. malcolm:

    Not long ago, the spread was negative $1.00, when silver WAS higher.
    SLV is a fraud, like the Comex, as SGS elaborates here.
    ZSL is a due your own diligence, as AGQ is, also. ZSL is simply a counter/contrary to silver price direction. It has decent volume, so spreads don't kill you...(hope this helps)


  19. Psycho market bullshit!... Down on all my positions for the day!! But, hey, cant complain. Got a box full of 10 oz bars delivered today (Boing.. drool..) Never gets old. SO suck my dick COMEX. Just keep stacking guys..

  20. Dear SGS. I should imagine your "girlfriend" a JP Morgue has a team collecting all of the blogs like yours on Silver and seeing just what's being done and recommended.
    She then waits for everyone to be "off-guard" and then springs the trap.
    That's why charts are a waste of time in a rigged market because they allow the enemy to read your mind.


  22. @SGS that's all it took to shake you out? I'm long WS. I'll be reconsidering my positions August.

    I usually look at weekly / monthly performance. I give very little attention to daily performance.

    As far as I'm concerned, I have purchased a consumable. The money is gone and is not coming back.

    Relax people! I agree that the market is rigged, but you can't make that statement because a share has gone down in one day. The rigging becomes apparent long term in my opinion (much longer than a few hours at least).

    Relax and enjoy the ride!

  23. You're trading against this prick-
    and his legion of computers.

    I expected gold to make a new high prior to this Summer's takedown. It may yet. I didn't see the S&P rolling over till August. Maybe they'll slap some sort of financial psychological band-aid on the market till then, I don't know. Someone has to buy shlomo's paper, and it's gonna be the Fed, one way or another. All this talk about balancing the budget is bullshit, and they'll be begging for printing once 401k's head south in earnest.

  24. Sunshine Mint silver rounds 99 cents over spot until 5:00 pm today. Great chance to BTFD.

    SGS, you were right, it was a browser problem.

  25. Just buy TKRFF and phyzz and quit being a basher. (That was for me)
    The News UNIT

  26. I get the feeling with the big money out of futures they can do what every they want. Little guys are like ants to be stepped on. The head game has to be scare the weak hands out. Bust the price and excitement about owning physical, which will stabilize inventories. No other reason to keep hammering day after day. The question is will there be enough buyers left after the shit kicking - will they all flock over to stable gold?

  27. Google accounts hacked by Chinese. This hit the news last night that Google failed to inform account holders that they were hacked by Chinese. It was reported that affected people while on line might have received a request (out of the blue) to log in even though logged in. Sorry to say but I had a log in event on this thread last week out of the blue and it refused to accept my credentials. That verification e-mail to an alternate account never came even after repeated attempts. The next day I'm in as if nothing happened. Solution - immediately change your password.

  28. Nice blog from John Embry about gold/silver

  29. I got three words for ya:

    Quantitative Easing 3

    Bring it on baby!

  30. Is anyone going long the VIX? I'm thinking of buying some October calls. Thoughts?

  31. Everyone knows QE2 is coming off so the market is going to drop.
    So it wont.
    Thats all you have to know about trading.


  32. what happens if QE3 is priced in and we dont get QE3 till they tell us and at that point we have already taken a 35% drop?

  33. Thanks Tom, got 30 oz of Sunshines! Grabbing phyzz is like sticking it to the man. I love it.

  34. @tyrathca, you are welcome. Congrats on the 30 bullets.

  35. Well yes, many things can happen but this is the most talked about topic for the last 6 months and the outcome is "common knowledge". When this has happened in the past I've gone groupthink and been rogered.
    So I'm taking the agnostic attitude, and gone market neutral with my positions.
    On the one hand we are coming off of QE but on the other despite the drop in the PMI the economy is still expanding.
    But I'll stick with what I said. I don't deny the monetary system and economy are buttfucked, I just think its more likely to crash when nobody is expecting it.

  36. @SGS: Then you BTFDYFI

    Come one, you're the one who coined that phrase, you should know this! ;)