Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things change, and things change fast

I'm hearing a shit ton of top buying, and people getting smoked b/c of it.

I mean, I'll lay it down easy here. If you are not buying on days like today and selling on days things go up....STOP TRADING AND GIVE YOUR MONEY TO A MUTUAL FUND.

Trust me, chasing charts is a pipe dream, when you think it can go on forever your thought processes are clouded with visions of grandeur and ferrari's.

I hate to tell you. The equities party is over. I dont care what it is netflix, apple, wildcat, etc. Tinka today got rocked. If you didnt see this on a chart, well it was in plain view. I personally know someone who bought another 100,000 shares today. Quite frankly I think he is early as this is going back to the MA.

Like 2008, things change, and things change fast. If you are not in front of a computer daily, dont play our games here. Paper games that is. Is Tinka still a $2 stock by New Years day? You better hope Benny boy changes his mind on the spiked punch bowl. Can it go back to ZERO first? Yes 100%.

If you were not hedged, forget about it. Dont waste your time buying juniors, ETF's, options, etc. Just buy the fucking physical and sit on it till the world ends.

When I start hearing stories of people buying 50,000 of juniors at market, the day after its up 25%, forget about it. The market is rolling over.

So, just for the record, I will be buying TINKA on any moment down here. I will be buying phyzz (no idea where I'm going to put it) on any move down towards $33.

The S/P rolling over 12 5's will be a disaster.

You are about to experience 2008 by August. I will be uploading my platform charts, and if I feel like it, I am going to start to document, on video, the equity manipulation on SLV trading. This may take a while, but I feel I owe Blythe my due diligence and exposing this shitfuck.

Free some cash up, and get ready for an epic summer. Godbless America.


  1. SGS are you still long Tinka with all those shares, or did you get out completely a week ago?

  2. any suggestion anyone? take a 10% loss on the miners and buy some more spxu?

  3. sgs, the chris chelios of chartslingers.

  4. garry still long. Ive traded a shit ton, but still have my original .15 cent stock.

    mossmoon, WTF is a chartslinger? And how is Chris Chelios correlated with it. Do explain yourself.

  5. What you the only wordslinger around here bruiser?
    Loosen up brotha. We love you man.
    I think of sgs breakin keyboards over his knee I think of Chris Chelios. Played the game on pure instinct.

    They won't tank the market.
    Like TD sez, 2011 a repeat of 2010.

  6. SGS what would be a good month to speculate on some calls? Was thinking SDS or SPXU. If the market shits the bed like 2008 it would be fun !

  7. I dont have much to add here. But I feel fortunate that I sold of most on my miners in April and May. I only hold Tinka, sold AG this week for around 19 I think, which I bought back in August 2010 :).

    Personal, I have and will be buying puts on mostly everything, miners, the S&P, retailers. I hold some agriculture calls mostly corn related but I sold my Corn ETF last week, probably should have keep that one.

    Anyway, I dont know about people holding only cash but my portfolio is down to only 10% cash,5% options (cash) 3% Tinka, and 80% PM PHYZZ. I sleep well at nite.

  8. why are guys fucking with tinka and netflix etc. The real money is in DOD contractors.

    from drudge:


  9. Well, I would be foolish not to look at war profiteering. But, I do have somewhat of a conscious, each to his own.

    LOL, is there a ETF for that? hahahahah. Serious, is there?

  10. Debtbacked dollar fiat either flows or crashes in this nutfucked system. Who really believes, and why, BB et al wll pull an 08? NFW.

  11. Justin: SDS chart looks overbought. I would wait to see if come test the $21 MA again then buy. Dont chase.

  12. @malcolm Yah I feel ya. Killing babies and fuckin shit up is a bit of a karma buzz kill.

  13. Yeah,

    Its not like mining is the most environmentally responsible activity but it beats the hell out of killing ppl.

  14. For those interested:

    Fidelity Select Defense & Aerospace (FSDAX)

    PowerShares Aerospace & Defense Portfolio, an ETF which trades under the ticker symbol PPA

    iShares Dow Jones US Aerospace & Defense ETF which trades under the ticker symbol ITA

    SPADE index which is composed of stocks in the defense

    Well, I guess if your looking for NWO safety, these would be the NWO trust. LOL

  15. SGS, you see the reverse head shoulders on silver? First shoulder starting at first low in may. 38 neckline.
    Gold got a rising triangle as well. ( looks like it's chart is on repeat past few months )

    Thank you for the cautious post.

    I'm not sure if you are bearish on metals now.
    I remember last year as gold climbed it was the" inflation and deflation trade. "
    Feel like if qe3 is stalled awhile the talking heads on cnbc will chat,bubblehead: "gold up 3% on deflation fears, choke choke gold is not only inflationary demand but deflationary demand as well. Jim: duh that's what I said one time when I was flaked up at dimon's crib". Then kudlow jumps in, " I was right I was right I was right. I said it yesterday, this morning, last hour, And all decade. King gold and queen dollar, ps I'm running for president. I'm Larry kudlow, and I'm over paid, goodnight "

    Iv put in puts and called some calls. May the chips now fall, baby fall.

  16. Tinka looks attractive and things down south look ready to move their way.

  17. IT'S about time jagoff!!


    Keep your back up clips handy, too. These are some nasty bitches we are going against SGS. YOU KNOW what I'm talking now.

    I've been waiting for you to precisely something like this since I watched ur first vid, dude! YOU fell under my radar way back then, and the rest is history. YOU, w/THIS site rocketted to the fucking stars, and I believe all will agree. WE are ALL behind you on this project.


    DO IT, bro! DO IT!


    You are about to experience 2008 by August. I will be uploading my platform charts, and if I feel like it, I am going to start to document, on video, the equity manipulation on SLV trading. This may take a while, but I feel I owe Blythe my due diligence and exposing this shitfuck.

  18. Realize, also, this....

    Blythe-bitch is the front, the scapegoat.NOT the power. NOT the POWER. She is the pawn, just like Blankfind, damon, et al...those pricks & kunts are all chattel for the satanist mother fuckers that eat babies in ritual sacrifice for generations.

    Feel me?

    It is REAL. Documentable, and some of that is on my yahoo group. They like staying hidden, like rats behind the cupboard & shit. But, they are real, and ARE THERE nonetheless.

    Advice from experience. YOU see any, I mean ANY unusual owl activity in your drives where owls live, you pull the fuck over and you wait. WAIT for hours if you must, because I had two friends that saw that shit, and had really nasty consequences for trying to proceed down those back mountain roads after seeing "flocks" of owls. NOT supposed to happen, but DID. OWLS shit, ok? KEEP ur eyes peeled, glock handy, and perseverence at PEAK LEVEL. (glock won't help if u see this flock cause u are up against manipulated forces of nature to do YOU wrong down that road)Hope u got some connections to aboriginals.MUCH HELP they BE! ;-)




    Thanks to GATA

  20. I have been holding my tongue for awhile, but I can't take it anymore!! FUCK OFF SILVERBULL. You and your blog suck. You are Weather Unit's bastard brother. Quit calling people here trolls, you fuck. stay away. You don't add shit to this board and your AAPL suggestion was from another blog...oh yes, we people here read other shit.

  21. SORRY SGS and every regular here for the rant against SilverBull, be if you go to his board, he's...well, I'll be nice...insane.

  22. I've significantly reduced all my bids for new companies.

    I'm playing with money I can afford to lose. My life savings are not at stake so I'm not too bothered if it all went to zero tomorrow.

    Thanks for the heads up @SGS.

  23. You have no idea what is actually goin on. Its a financial war between russia china and usa. HKmex will start trading silver in July, right after end of qe2. It's a chess game, one move after another. If Comex continues to supress silver, Asia will set its own silver price and people will see the scam and move their money to HKmex. It's like two casinos fighting for customers. This is why slv didn't go down to 20s.

  24. china is now becoming the pain in the ass, the international banking cartels will do something to take china down. The best way is to jacking up food price until there is a hyperinflation in china. After a brief correction, food price will up fast again.

  25. @Raymond: I agree. The U.S. wants to push the world's face in a mud puddle and they are finally saying "no". They are sick of the Anglo Saxon bullcrap. Too bad they can't talk to regular people who would tell them: "hey, we just want to live in peace and prosperity".

  26. @silverbull, acid went out with the hula hoop, you should switch to ecstasy.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. @Silverbull

    Yes "ritual abuse" shit IS real. I was personally involved with someone who was raised in one of those families in the early nineties. When I started knowing too much, I had bloody animal parts left on the hood of my car (cat or dog afterbirth to be precise - according to state police lab tests), not to mention the weird telephone calls, etc. The state cop I connected with was a helper. I take it very seriously.

    One thing that people might benefit from being aware of is that many people who are members of those families are dissociated - split into multiple personalities. They are not aware of all of their selves - it's Manchurian Candidate stuff. So if they are working for da esoteric de familia, they might not even know what they are doing. There IS magic involved ala canaan etc. practices and rituals.

    Here's a link to good book on the subject:

    and a conference for survivors on a healing path held every year here:

    I have personally met hundreds of survivors of these intergenerational family systems. The handlers DO have an agenda and it IS playing out. My friend warned me of the whole thing going down in 1993. That was when I believed we had a democracy - he told me we did not. Boy, did I ever find out how right he was - except now they are RIGHT IN OUR FACES with it (Patriot Act, etc.) and they don't care b/c everyone is so disempowered and want to believe that this could not be real. As I was told, the Austro-Hungarian empire wants to re-assert its empire. Remember all those dynastic intermarriages (sound like what happened in early May?)

    One thing they can't count on though is the HUMAN ELEMENT. People DO have the power to change this world despite the NWO agenda.
    They make their mission to keep people dumbed down and separated from each other. In any town or city is there a central plaza where people can bring their beers and wine and sit and chat for free -- as a community? Not really. Remember the revolutionists hung out in the taverns of Boston? Not anymore - you walk into a bar and the music is blasting so loud you can't even hear yourself think - and there are fifteen flat screen TVs splattered all over the walls. The Internet is actually a good thing - people talk to each other here.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share some of what I have come to know and experience.

    I would be wary of owls too :-).

  29. Is there a fear trade on in Peru? Yes there is!

    New article at The Fundamental View

  30. @Dakini


    Reminds me of MKULTRA, Project Monarch.... Government would use drugs to induce multiple personalities so when a person would, for instance, assassinate someone and they got caught then whoever catches that person wouldn't know how to get at the personality that did the assassination.

    Also The Franklin Coverup where kids from Boys Town were being prostituted and used for drug running and orgies. Some were brought to that Grove place in California and used ..ah well you get the drift. People don't believe it just Google or watch the Franklin Coverup on Youtube--it's not exactly a secret.

    Back to SGS and what he's said...I'm so far down in my mining stocks. Would just love to lose 25% but I am a lot deeper in the hole than that. Just trying to find a good point to get out. :-/

  31. You got it Cooper - good 3-part vid series on youtube. One of the Franklin survivors made it - a walking tour of downtown Omaha, NB (I met this man at SMART conference - very sincere!)

    Well, he's pretty pissed and can't blame him.

    Part 1 -

    I remember going to a SMART conference and one girl freaking b/c she didn't know why she was so attracted to butterfly jewelry, t-shirts, etc... (Monarch programming)

    What "they" do is take otherwise benign symbols and twist them into "trigger" items. So everything is a secret and seems "unbelievable" to those who can't accept this is done or the level of evil involved. (but look at the levels of acceptibility for state-sponsored torture - it's not a far stretch to imagine torture that is non-state sponsored).

    Anyhow....this is what we are up against when it comes to what's happening in our economy and yes, this impacts silver and gold, everything. They want everyone to be enslaved. argghhhhh

    Thanks SGS for letting me comment on this in brief.