Sunday, June 5, 2011

Guest Photo: Sandpoint Idaho, Population 7365 (and growing), unique restaurant marketing

One picture, one million thoughts. God Bless the Longbridge Restaurant.


  1. lol, that is freaking great.... :)

  2. It's a hoax. How can you tell? It says pre NINETEEN SIXTY FOUR COINS when it should say pre NINETEEN SIXTY FIVE COINS.

    Where did the myth come from that 1964 coins aren't silver?

  3. That's one Expensive Burger and Fries ! Should be a Fricken Dime !

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  5. That's over $10.00 in Silver! I'll use fiat, thanks.

  6. @reefman, for some reason, people have this habit of saying pre 64 even though they mean 64 and before. bugs me out too.

    @bflowers, you're so right. especially in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, a burger, fries, and a shake should be 20 cents at most.

    @highrise408, the only restaurant i'd pay in junk silver is my brother's restaurant. only idiots would let go of their junk silver so freely, and plenty of idiots the US has.

  7. THAT PRICE is a hiway robbery!!!

    A mercury dime, non-key date in fair condition is about $2.75 each!!

    two weeks ago a loaf of bread was $1.29 by a new supplier to 7-11 store near me here. Yesterday that same load of bread is now $1.79.

    Dunkin Donuts donuts are like 40% smaller...

    Pack o smokes in Chi-town now $9.52. Gas, $4.43.

    THIS is just getting started RIGHT NOW.....

  8. Here is the rub....

    What I see...

    Prices are gonna escalate right now for all of us in the US of AmeriKa, yet they are tanking silver because JPM, GS, HSBC(etc...) will get crushed if they do not.

    BLYTHE, DIMON, the whole bunch are in panic mode.

    They are tanking silver.

    (now, because I said this here, they see it, and it changes time-lines, but give it 2 weeks tops to tank silver down to $25 or less.they have no choice cause JPM is falling as the rest o this bunches stock is falling,CHINESE SHORTING THEM? YOU decide)

    I'm done here(sick of the trolls)4now.

  9. my tribute to canadien talent:

    love these guys for last 35+ years fwiw...

    thing i'm gonna go live in a big shoe house as the world burnzzz.... :-(

  10. hamburgers here with fries are at least 10.00 talking in a non fast food restaurant. i wouldnt give any silver until necessary to do so.

  11. @silverbull: What makes you think that the EE could survive the huge surge in buying that would occur were they to drop silver down to 25? These guys are walking a tight rope, can't go too low or physical disappears, can't go too high cause their shorts get burned. It looks like they are most comfortable between 35-37.

  12. It's great that they are accepting silver as payment but honestly, I am sure that if My Little Blyght hears about this she would throw a party. She would love the idea of people trading their 90% silver coins for Burgers and Fries. It's a great deal; for sheeple...

  13. Funny, one of my customers just told me he'd be willing to settle his account with pm's for a discount. Writing contracts in ounces now. :p

  14. reef, nearly everyone says 'pre-1964', so it's not that big of a deal. But at $13.40 (current melt price of 50 cents silver coin), that better be one hell of a burger and fries, and they better throw in a beer or two.

  15. I have three 1965 silver dimes! And you say what's the big deal? Well we stop making pure silver dimes in 64 and anything after that was a rare find, and I didn't know that until I came across this rare coin site, they are worth 9 thousand dollars a piece! Glad in didn't spend them!