Friday, June 17, 2011

RIMM options bought $30 strike for 24th

Rumors of a takeout from insiders from Microsoft. Here's to wasted money. Complete and utter gamble on word of mouth bullshit. Whatever. I'm in.


  1. sgs,
    i know this is ot....but are individuals allowed to trade stock between themselves...would it be possible for you to buy my tkrff or me buy yours?
    i figured your answer would be more interesting than googles..

  2. Definitely a long shot, but I also heard the the $3 Billion in Nortel patent assets that RIMM wanted and are up for auction with Goggle in the lead and the initial at $900 Million. Apple and Ericsson are bidding but I thought I heard a rumor that Microsoft was also interested - not sure!

    Good luck, too rich for my blood!

  3. I can't believe MS buying RIMM meanwhile investing in Nokia. If MS buys or further invests in any cell phone hardware companies, all other cell phone, tablet makers will not adopt the Window mobile OS. There is no reason for HW makers to support a competitor. Android and Apple will be the benefited by such moves.

    It is somewhat like ATT buying up T-mobile. T-mobile customer actually leave T-mobile because they hate ATT. Verizon becomes a big winner.

  4. Good Luck my brotha.....Hope you generate some fiat to buy more Phyzz!

  5. RIMM makes my city go 'round. My neighbour works for RIM; and so does the guy across the street from me, and so does the guy two houses down.

  6. Coconut, the market commentator on the national news said RIM wasn't interested in talking so MS went with Nokia. Not sure if it's just an agreement to share tech or an all out partnership. MS and NT were doing well until a credit default swap killed NT. MS (PC apps) and NT (VoIP/networks) partnership were going to provide a next gen PC apps open/global access (eg cloud).