Monday, June 6, 2011

NFLX update

Me thinks shes going back to the MA. I still hold my $250 PUTS.


  1. i was just coming to this site to post about this. looks like NFLX is on the fast track back down to 240-250 range.

  2. Sold my puts last Fri, bought them back this morning. SGS are in June or July?
    Win or lose, it's time to feed the SGS

  3. Well, looking at todays silver bar, get ready for another wave of a$$ reaming! F!

  4. you have to have a strong stomach to play this game - big money has power and deep pockets... beginning to wonder whether it isn't all smoke!? (i.e. somewhere in the US (or elsewhere, equally US) there is a large hole where there exists a massive reserve of Silver that only "THEY" know about. Sheesh!)

    Oh oh! Seams I am playing into "THEIR" hands - (from the distance one can hear the sound of sadistic snickering, the clinking of glasses, and toasts offered for a job well done)

  5. @dasPro How does Ag form? If there was a huge hole with silver reserves in it then why not destroy the paper price of silver right here, right now? What's stopping them? You're giving them way too much credit.

    Their perceived power stems from the fact they can manufacture money at will. Of course, very few of them understands the stochastic calculus which governs their system. The minions that do would not abuse the system in the way it's being decimated right now, which is why they're hiring jokers right now for example Peter Diamond had to withdraw his nomination to the board of the Fed. Go figure.

    We were in a controlled implosion two years ago, right now, we're in "blowback". It's anyone's guess what's going to happen. I'm just going to buy phyzz.

    Dude, not everything is staged and planned.

  6. @Yousif - thanx for the reality check. Yes, perceived power from the ability to "make" (print) money. Weapons & Money = Power & Control

    SOmething's not right (@Islandstyle) *IF* there is a Silver shortage then WTF. How long will it take until the SHTF? How will S&^T hitting the proverbial fan manifest itself? Government Panic? Failing businesses? Economic Collapse? It's not going to be pretty. *IF* ... *IF* it happens.

  7. I concur w/SGS.

    I just posted my new entry points for shorting NFLX & AAPL.

    You buy JULY puts RIGHT when the numbers hit, which I posted.