Friday, June 3, 2011

NFLX update

Hammer forming, RSI overbought, MACD topping out. I still hold my PUTS. Fuck this stock. $250 is my target. Back to the MA we go.


  1. @sgs

    How far out are you playing the nflx puts? Weeklys/June/July?

  2. Was thinking of taking a small position in the June 255 for 2.00.

    Im already looking good on my mgm/lnkd puts and I don't want to get too excited shorting.

  3. Silver in green territory, finally. I can't wait to read Harvey's update tomorrow. I am guessing the bankers through a whole ton of firepower at silver last night and this morning only for silver to rebound, again. Glad I took SGS advice and bought a tube of Philharmonics yesterday.
    Dollar index looking pretty ugly.

    SGS, is this going to be the type of thing where silver languishes along and then suddenly doubles in 1 day or do you think it will be a slow climb to new highs?

  4. oops, "threw" a whole ton of firepower. Stoopid.

  5. Hmmm.....I am not the best person for stock and investment advises, so I have been refraining to post anything to share.

    Since I have been reading some of the posts here suggesting different ways to hedge, I wouldn't mind sharing some options that I use to hedge against the market. The reasons I pick them are 1) spreads are small 2) The ETF themselves are leveraged already 3) They track the market index closely.


    Comments and questions are welcomed.

  6. Silver bottom appears to be $35US. [from another post] "Gold is rock solid" [my addition] and rising - Silver was tanking till today ??? WTF

    Smart money piling into gold Silver manipulation confusing my sorry ass. MY Phyzz [which may have been lost in an unfortunate boating accident] is secure.

    I need to get out of this paper circus! But... I want to get even first!

  7. Since Tyrathca just bought 30 bullets, I will post this again, only a couple hours left:

    Sunshine Mint silver rounds 99 cents over spot until 5:00 pm today. Great chance to BTFD.

  8. Hey team,

    I got out of Wildcat today, and I realized that the paper game isn't for me. Playing Wildcat from 2.20 waiting for 3.00 wasn't worth it.

    But I'd like to clarify. Tinka is a stock that is to be held onto right? Or is this something I should get out now while it's the price I bought it at, and buy itat some tremendous dip?

    Thanks for your help.


  9. Sell half your Tinka if it will help you sleep.
    I know my head is resting comfortably on Phyz

    sold my nutflix puts, Yaywho shorts are doing fine

  10. tinka is okay...rumours of results should be coming in soon. I will hold and accumulate here above .50.

  11. boy, you guys may be good at the markets, but you sure as hell can't spell!

  12. OT - is the US govt producing a love killing vaccine? could be a hoax. unbelievable.

    On Topic - who else is buying silver on June 6th? I thought there was a viral campaign going but there's been no post on SGS about it.