Saturday, June 4, 2011

"At least we can drive the economy in a ditch, which is better then letting it go off a cliff"

Cot Report:


6724 contracts added long by LARGE speculators (Bullish)
12,656 contracts covered by LARGE specs (Bullish)
8795 contracts ADDED short by JPM et al.


2403 contracts added short by JPM et al.

And the beat goes on...

Buy phyzz.

Heres Schiff on the depression we are in.


  1. Im sure Im just dumb, but why would JP Morgue be adding more shorts on silver.????

  2. b/c they have a bottomless pit of money, and they are given free money from Ben to keep down its nemesis-silver. The have lost control of the gold trade I think. But they are still playing us silver morons like fiddles.

  3. @SGS The pit is indeed very deep and although it seems bottomless, it actually isn't. Fissures are appearing in the bond market.

    If they issue more digital credit then they truly have no clue what's going on. If they do, then what they are engineering is a controlled implosion of their financial system. Given "they" are not rational, that could indeed be the plan (or has been the plan all along).

    Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.

    Got Phyzz?

  4. ...that chick is f*cking H O T!!!

  5. Don't look at her hands?

  6. It makes sense that JP morgue would be shorting gold/silver perpetually. Gold and silver have been the indicator of a currencies health for over 2000 years.

    The US/Fed is just using it proxy banks to cover up its currencies death by artificially keeping gold/silver prices down. This is good if you understand that this is why they are doing this. You are being more time to accumulate cheap metal, and get ready for its collapse.

    It will go like Lindsey Williams says, they will keep everything propped up and looking good until the time arrives to spring the new currency. Then expect the US/Bonds/Stock Market everything paper to melt down, along with the Euro, in less than 3 weeks. It will be very sudden, and our PM's will then go parabolic at this point. Until the end game arrives, expect manipulation, and various schemes to prop up the dollar.

    They hate silver, it is the anti-dollar.

  7. I have been preaching and accepting the "fact" that we will have QE to infinity.


    Are we prepared for if the government doesn't do it? If there is no more QE, whats gonna happen?

  8. Does she really not understand what he is saying, or just taking the opposite side for the sake of debate?

  9. @capitald....I dont know but I couldnt take my eyes off her left breast thinking it was going to fall out at any moment...

  10. Some serious HAARP activity occuring right now...

  11. WU: get a fucking hint. You are on auto delete now. And if anyone can let me know how to completely block this fuckswan, I'm all ears.

  12. SGS...Try marking his comments as spam, and the filters might remove them...worth a try.

  13. $298 in junk silver, face value + 44oz in 1 oz rounds.

    Did the transaction at Chase.

    Sitting in the middle of their lobby, using their table, writing our tally on their expensive and glossy flyer for a loan...

    Counting stacks of Mercury Dimes. Beautiful lil summama bitches...

    Douchebag Chase manager walks by and nonchalantly comments, "Just exchanging change, huh?"

    Me and the seller had a good laugh to ourselves.

    Fuck you, Chase. I love you, SILVER!

  14. Does she really not understand what he is saying, or just taking the opposite side for the sake of debate?

    The way it seemed to me is that she understood him perfectly fine, but challenged his assertion that to get the economy growing again we should be reducing or removing all together income tax on corporations.

    I have a lot of time for Schiff, and agree with most of what he says, but on this point I am in the camp of those who'd query such wisdom.

    Lets just say corporations would indeed use the tax savings to invest in new production. Firstly, its almost a given that a lot of that investment would happen outside the US and secondly, who is gonna buy the products? The largely broke and overly indebted US consumer? Hardly.

    Companies don't mind paying taxes as long as there are decent profits to be taxed in the first place. And how do you generate profits? By selling to a population affluent enough to buy your products.

    Which company is gonna hire workers if there is no demand for its products? The demand side is where the subsidy levers need to be applied in order to have any success in breathing life back into the economy.

    Proposing to throw money at corporations and hoping they will create jobs is just another meme to transfer wealth to the big end of town.

  15. yo, highrise408, good call. check out the "low" just spinning off the coast of central cali (west of you).... weird shit dude. Good weather to buy more phyz!!!!

  16. Boobs. Big boobs.




    JP Morgan huge commodities winner. Could the buy silver crash JP Morgan campaign actually be a JP Morgan backed campaign?

  18. @waffen the original source of that article is Wall Street Journal!


    The answer to your question is "No". This campaign is not backed by the Morgue. Sorry. Not everything is a conspiracy!

  19. This interviewer was playing devil's advocte, imo.

    Overall, I believe RT is a friend to people like Schiff.

    Wall Street Journal is a part of the ruling elite's control mechanism.MEDIA WHORES. EVERYTHING one reads there must be taken with this in mind.

    Yousif: LIFE itself is one grand conspiracy, in fact....from cradle to grave we are lied to. Not easy to see the truth, like NEO in the MATRIX movie.Red Pill or Blue Pill.Either decide to wake up, or go back to sleep dude.


  20. @SilverBull I agree in principle with your statement about the Matrix. It's like the ether. It's all around us but we can't feel it, touch it or sense it.

    That said, it is absurd to say that everything is staged, everything is the work of a small amount of ruling elites. There are certain things that happen that are out of their control. They call it "blowback". They've blinked several times already, they've screwed up massively on a few occasions. Now, the situation is beyond control.

    Silver bugs are not the result of some conspiracy. We're everywhere, the buy silver campaign is an idea, it is not an organization. It cannot be penetrated and it cannot be co-opted. Who are they chasing? No one and everyone.

    Dumping fiat is among the last things banks want right now. What happens when they can't pay their minions who are doing their dirty work? Do you think Blythe will sit at her desk if fiat becomes worthless tomorrow and she can't buy any more silver panties?

    We've been conned, yes, lied to, yes, taken advantage of, yes, misinformed, yes, humiliated and exploited, yes, but still, not everything is planned. Don't give them too much credit (pun intended).