Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Anonymous cyber strike pending.....

Stand by for lift off....


  1. It's quiet...

    ... a little *too* quiet.

  2. Operation Empire State Rebellion is not a "cyber attack".

    Here are the communications:



    You guys should really log onto the Anonymous IRC servers and chat with them some time. They're very nice guys.

    Operation Empire State Rebellion was a demand put out by anonymous for Bernank to resign immediately.

    BTW Anonymous are not an organized group of people. Everyone is anonymous.

    Wikileaks might be an intelligence fad.

    Anonymous is almost certainly not.

  3. Anonymous cyber strike pending.....


  4. WARNING: Significant increase in seismic activity in Japan, short Nikkei, especially after their $500M "boost".

  5. so the metals get hammered, now the grains

  6. Operation Empire State Rebellion: We're supposed to occupy a public space. Where's the party?? JPM or FRB? Hooters?

  7. http://www.youtube.com/v/acLW1vFO-2Q George Carlin - the American Dream
    Warning - language (Ah. Probably superfluous here)

    Anonymous initiates resistance to Bernanke and the FED.

    Fighting words. Good luck.
    But I am certain nothing will work except this:

    George Carlin - Conspiracy Theorists (and other things)

    Personally, I liked very much the last two sentences of the movie Sucker Punch.
    "You have all the weapons you need. Now FIGHT!"

  8. Just a quick thought. What cyber attack could they do to get some real action going on? All they would have to do is interfere with JPM EBT (food stamp) processing to stop or even just slow down the transactions. The riots would be viral and appear in EVERY major city in a matter of hours. Just google "food stamp riots"

  9. @SpyderTL suddenly an arrow whistles through the air striking cowboy in the back. Yeah I used to love those old westerns. :)

    Hey isn't this the same group that declared war on Scientology a year or so ago? Whatever became of that?

  10. OMG, these people are terrorists and we need to HEAVILY regulate the internet! Just like toll roads in L.A. you need to pay per billibyte you use and we need to tax ALL transactions in order to pay for a SAFER internet and keep us safe from the terrorists!!! They could literally climb through your computer screen and GET YOU!!!!!

  11. malcolm: the grains need to take a breather, esp. corn

  12. anyone know numbers of how many people at the NY sites? or have a live link/video? would be interesting to see how many people, i'm sure if there is a lot, then we could have a snowball effect for future protests....

  13. Here it is folks --- enjoy

    Obama warns of 2nd financial crisis

    Congress must raise the American national debt ceiling or risk causing another global financial crisis, says U.S. President Barack Obama.

    In an interview Tuesday with NBC's Today show, Obama said "the full faith and credit of the United States is the underpinning not only of our way of life, it's also the underpinning of a global financial system. We could actually have a reprise of a financial crisis, if we play this too close to the line. So we're going be working hard over the next month," he said.

    But Obama also expressed confidence that Republican leaders want to avoid such a situation and said he expected lawmakers will reach agreement on how to increase the debt limit "in a sensible way."

    The government has said it will exceed its $14.3-trillion debt ceiling on Aug. 2.

    The administration and Congress are now focused on cutting long-term spending, the price for increasing the government's borrowing authority


  14. "2nd financial crisis"???? Since when did the first one end? The ship can only take on so much water before it sinks. Hope you're in a life boat.

  15. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/bill-gross-warning-operation-twist-coming-2-year

    can anybody explain this to me please??

  16. Ledbedder,

    LOL, I bought more calls on corn and ag's :)

  17. unthough:

    "So by capping the short end of treasuries, the objective is higher bond yields, and thus inflation? Can someone help me with this?"

    by Bam_Man
    on Tue, 06/14/2011 - 15:44

    "So by capping the short end of treasuries, the objective is higher bond yields, and thus inflation? Can someone help me with this?"

    No, the objective is to give the banks a steeper yield curve and thus a more lucrative carry trade.

    The Fed is clearly in the process of "giving up on a housing recovery" by deciding to re-capitalize the banks over a longer period of time via a UST carry trade.


    When there is SMOKE....THARS FIRE.

    Check out the following figures:


    773,000 ounces from REGISTERED
    1,400,000 ounces from DEALER

    GRAND TOTAL NOW = 98.8 million total ounces
    TOTAL REGISTERED = 27.9 million ounces
    TOTAL DEALER = 70.8 million ounces

    This is getting very interesting indeed. We keep this up, look for FIRE and SMOKE at the COMEX on CNBC sometime in JULY

  19. Internet "cyber attacks" take place every other day. Not by Anonymous though.

    The paypal / Mastercard thing was some jerk posting s silly video. I was on their IRC channel. Not many of them were taking part. It was a completely different story with the HB Gary thing,


    All of them were cracking jokes at HB Gary. It was hilarious to be hones. The story itself was mind numbing.

    "Cyber attacks" are the government claiming critical infrastructure is at risk if the internet is not regulated. Which is total BS because critical infrastructure is on a completely separate network.

    Another "false flag" against the internet as realized by the French puppet, which is the internet is going to cause anarchy.

    The active cells of Anonymous are not terrorists. Anyone who occupied a public place today was Anonymous.

    Get clued up. Not everything a certain radio show host says is right.

    Don't believe me, get yourself behind a proxy/VPN or some other "intelligent" routing method, secure your ports, get a good firewall (basically, use linux) and log into their IRC chat rooms. They don't bite, I promise.

    Basically, what I'm saying is "see for yourself". For some of those guys, the internet is the line in the sand. I value the internet, a lot! It is not going down. Period.

    While I'm at it. If you're not using an open source OS then you should. Start with Mint Linux:


  20. Yousif: can I do Linux on Mac? (OS10.4

  21. Yousif, what the heck are IRC chat rooms. Can you provide a link? In Canada we generally use big carrier internet access (eg. BELL) which includes a personal modem & router with a random IP and a secure WEP. Help us out here, what are you so concerned about and how do we see what's going on out there? Please provide links.

  22. Mossmoon,
    Yes, Linux will run on virtually anything, if it has a processor, some sort of storage or networking then odds are you can get Linux running on it. The same is not true for Windows, they need to have a Hardware conference every year for that sorry excuse of an OS.


    and I *HATE* them. You see, in the funny world we live in, a mediocre software firm tells Hardware manufacturers what to do.

    Imagine if everyone was using Linux and Hardware manufacturers were allowed to innovate without bounds or limits?

    Linux Kernel has been the more amazing project I have ever seen. Very impressive. Dedication there is second to none.

    If we can get rid of Microsoft's hegemony, then I would be very happy.

    My advice would be to find your nearest Linux User Group (abbreviated LUG). They're everywhere, they usually have a mailing list and meet once a month. Very gentle creatures. I'm sure they'd be glad to help get everything running smoothly.

    Good Luck!

  23. Yousif, enlighten us pls give us some links and connections! In Canada we generally use large carrier networks with wireless modems and random IP and huge WEP. What up, show us what's going on out there!

  24. @Buckanear2

    IRC is just chat rooms basically. Shit's been around for 20+ years probably.

    All you have to do is find an IRC client (mIRC, XChat, or similar) and then connect the server you are interested in. Once connected, it often lists all chat rooms hosted on that server; to join, type /join #whateverroomname.

  25. My latest post has relevance to this: