Wednesday, May 18, 2011

where art thou delaer deposits oh blythee?


-ZERO deposits to dealer

-volume today was 69,954...and we had a green day. Wow. It takes a rocket fuckin scientist to figure out the higher the volume, the more shorting and unsolicited paper fucking they supply.

Great news is that JPM must have covered some shorts, because the CME DECREASED MARGINS tonight...yes no typo, DECREASED margins.

GOT PYHZZ? You better have been buying when it hits $33 4 times. I am using that as a bottom, anything lower will be a gift sent from the nobles.

Anyone taking that NIA trade today made a killing. I will be keeping a close eye on AMZN again for re instituting some PUTS on any rally. Anyone take that RIMM trade made some as well.

Tinka looking gooood. Start stacking again.

Be back later. The storm is coming to an end....I see blue skies soon as we base out here, and get ready for the next move that will send shorts scrambling and our CALLS will get paid out. Its on like donkey kong again. Start to get that confidence back.


  1. okay need help. someone send me a fucking program that I can make an MP4 into any other file format for youtube. Sony licks my ass, and this piece of shit camera only takes vid in mp4, the ONLY file youtube doesnt not accept. HOW FUCKING CONVENIENT.

    Send me a link straight to the download please. Annoyed to the max.

  2. I still got a baaad feeling about this!

    I want to think this as a trap (at least thats what I need to think not to go and cry for losing money on them stupid puts :( )

    Blythe want people to believe that the paper shit is going higher again, only to fistfuck them mid air, remember, they want the dollar to look stråÅÅNg!

    I will keep my puts until monday when the STFH^3-week is finally over.

    Then you can start to pin point me as the community fucktard or whatever matches my schizophrenic\paranoid persona. KekE?

    Still oil, and food options going strong! ;)
    And them miners! Oh my sweet Jebus!

    Level 2 Earth Quake Warning:
    If you live in the California area, be alert if medium sized earth quakes occur during the night, as they with certainity will be fore shocks to the big one.

  3. just bought more phyzz. Fuck its like crack. Just some philharmonics, as they seem to be giving them away for some reason. ASE's are retarded premiums right now, fuck that. Thank you NIA for contributing to my 'transitory' fait to silver diversification program.

  4. SGS,

    Try this for conversion:

  5. Can someone explain something to me? So, it seems the paper shorts can almost drop the market at will... now why not just hold the market at say.. $30 and keep it that way?

  6. Are you sure youtube doesn't take mp4? Maybe it's a weird codec but youtube says they support mp4:

    Also, did you see this shit about the fascist scum who want to have the U.S. Senate make "illegal streaming" online a FELONY?

    I suppose they need a way to reign in all those crazy bloggers who won't shut up.

  7. "You better have been buying when it hits $33 4 times. I am using that as a bottom, anything lower will be a gift sent from the nobles."

    Ladies and gentlemen may I present the fucking truth.

  8. SGS: I have been using Any Video Converter (AVC) for both audio and video conversions. It can also handle MP4. The software is a free download from It also allows you to download videos from youtube.

  9. LinkedIn's IPO priced at $45 a share

    Values co at 4.3 billion.

    What a fuckin joke the world has become. I mean who buys this shit anyway?

  10. "Start to get that confidence back."

    @SGS When was it ever lost?

  11. I agree with walp. I did not buy this dip, I don't think it's real. My patience on the way up was tested a lot more than down here in the pit. I'm cool like fucking Fonzie, now.

    Something tells me JUST when you think there's blue sky's ahead, they stomp the fucker down again. The last thing they want is confident investors; sheep behave much better when they've been rattled to the core.

    Sad to say, but fiat is having a nice day in the sun...don't get to wet, fellas.


  13. @zepster

    The same guys rigging the CRIMEX paper casino also run LBMA market where they have to sell physical metals. If they rig it too low like now they'd be offering a sale price to physical buyers (translation - China) who'd happily take it and load the boat, which exacerbates their shortage problem. So you see they are trapped on both fronts.

  14. I use the Any Video Converter, its easy to use.

    I'm a newbie: what is Tinka?

  15. @auagbuyer

    tinka is a junior miner stock for silver

  16. On like 'roll-out-the-barrels' Donkey Konk.
    It sure seems so, and I dare to believe so. CME doesnt have a hammerlock on the price of silver. Like Rui said, Comex keeps pushing down silver -with margin hikes followed by HFT algos relentlessly pushing it lower- then the LBMA and physical outlets across the land will also be selling out to retailers like ourselves, never mind the serious money, India, China, Central Banks around the world, intelligent hedgies, ect.
    The corrupt and/or useless inaction of the CFTC, -Gensler, Dunn, Omalia, Sommers, Chilton- would seem to be aiding the short Bullion Banks, but I see their continued enabling of the Bullion Banks ultimately to be a service to accumulators of silver like us.
    As a silver junior miner jockey, their actions have hobbled all my thoroughbreds. Also, MGA also had insider buying tonight...

  17. Rui: You have a point, and I almost bought it and lost my paperbearish fate, but when silver dropped .50 in five minutes this morning, I realized that I should stick to my plan and wait to monday. Anything can happend.

    Also, what the F*CK is up with the massive amount of 5 Magnitudes in the east pacific? :/

    Also, wheat and corn is starting to go through the roof?

    1. Hyper inflation (...)
    2. Radioactive fall out in mid land America? Cs-137 - I-131

    3. Incoming ObamaNuke soon(a.k.a economic reset button)
    4. Massive earthquakes induced by CME´s going through the roof.

    Quick buy some food calls!