Friday, May 13, 2011

TINKA Resources TK.V / TKRFF Update

Yesterdays post got deleted, so here is some of it.
The big boys in an office I know gapped Tinka down to .45, triggering all stops to avalanche. As a results people got stopped out, and then found out the price went back to .51. Welcome to the big leagues. News is platform is turning a drill. Here we go.

For the rest of the silver complex, its going to be a mess here in between $30-40 till we break higher. Trade it long from $32, short or put at $39. Anything in between in no mans land.

Silver deliveries yesterday it is, 2 (two).

My dealer has no told me that wait time is one month to ship and will eventually get to 6 weeks, 2 months and so on, soon.

Hope you are collecting phyzz here and ANYTHING lower will be a gift from the heavens.

Be back later..


  1. Looks like we're back up! I have a theory about what happened to the May 12 thread... more later.. cheers

  2. TK performance has indeed been great over the past few days. It has survived several assassination attempts. I'm hoping most of the weak hands have been obliterated.

    As for phyzz® I've been slowly accumulating the past week.

    Received my silver Buffaloes, beautiful coin.

    I'm now down to only one dealer offering immediate dispatch (with an understandably elevated premium) for Maples and ASE.

  3. These posts vanished with the May 12 blogspot crash. I believe that they beg repeating...

    Good Day Gents! On May 9th I owned 50 shares of HZU for $34.xx which, against all conventional wisdom, I held over-night(you know what’s commin’). On May 10th I woke up to find these shares were worth $11.60 (ya, ya, I know… a stock split..). Problem is… wait for it… I still have only 50 shares in my account!

    Over $1000 evaporated! Yes, I called RBC Direct Investing and asked WTF to which the ‘helpful’ analyst replied that the shares will be provided when they (RBC) get them from Horizon.

    Well, it’s Thursday and still the missing 100 shares of HZU have yet to make their appearance. I am not pleased.

  4. Theory – Horizon got their asses kick during the recent orgasmic $20 rise in the value of Silver. Durring that period HZU went from about $25 to almost $60. Everyone was buying and very feww were selling and the money had to come from somewhere.

    First, in mid November, 2010, there was the split of HZU tripling the share price from $7 to $20 – makes the stock look less attractive. Less people invest.

    Secondly, There was the supposed GOOGLE GLITCH which prevented the Horizon data from updating the financial charts on Google. Most say this was not deliberate but I don’t buy it. People are blinded to the fact that HZU has gone ballistic and less investment occurs.

    Third, another slip, this time reverse. A stock split is, in itself, not a bad thing. What is horrific here is that the split occurred covertly; without notice (I haven’t checked but I’m betting that they kept this one under wraps) and with a deliberate 2 week delay in the provision of the missing shares. Have a look what happened to the spot price of silver after it hit a high of $39 on Monday … had a major S&^T.

    This is cheating and most certainly illegal. I wish I had the fortitude, knowledge, and resources to go after these bastards.

  5. I posted this on another blog yesterday after blogspot crapped...

    Silver – Conspiracy theory Alert – I have been posting on of late. Approximately 15 minutes after I started posting my theories about Horizon and it’s manipulation of HZU all of crashed. Sure, couldn’t be little o’ me right?!

    Blogspot is still down.

    I am not convinced that the newswire report regarding the HZU split was not planted, with fake dates and all.

    Sounding paranoid aren’t I

  6. I am repeating the following - opinion which respect posted by another blogger ...

    Boy – If one can time the ups and downs of sliver ther’s big money to be made. (As long as Horizons doesn’t pull the quick freeze – unannounced split on you. They may time these into extreme volatility to prevent huge payout obligations with one sides eztreme moves. If the etf only moves in one direction for a long time the 2 beta payouts could make for a mangement headache on their end. What better way to slow the tide than to freeze trading for a day or to. But I have to say the HZU / HZD pair are moving at greater than 10% daily. Gas seems in the May doldrums. See ya later guys – working again today.

  7. @dasPro

    Something is not right. I believe that rather than lose, the banks/Fed are going to crash the entire commodities market, stock market, and US Dollar simultaneously, causing a global shutdown of all exchanges and the loss of tens of trillions of dollars in equity.

  8. @IslandStyle - sobering thoughts! That IS a possible exit for the Fed - crash the entire system. I believe that this is more than a remote possibility.

    Another reason to by physical....

  9. In Canada our deposits are insured. A lot of good that will do if the Insurance Corp's assets are also wiped out...

  10. Now that I'm calmed down from the Red Wings loss last night (I still think Marleau and Thornton are pussies!) I have to say things are still sucking right now for me.

    I'm so happy for everyone on here who has made a lot of fiat with their stocks, options, futures trading, etc. and have used it to buy phyzz or pay down a mortgage, etc. But it leaves me wondering where I went wrong. I see people posting they bought 100,000 shares of Tinka at $.35 or $.40 and I'm like, "Holy crap that's amazing!" But I also wonder where I went wrong. I'm just a fucking IT lead at an automotive company managing a team in Dearborn, MI and Chennai, India so it's not like I can plop down $35k on a stock or buy $35k worth of phyzz. Like I said, I don't know where I went wrong.

    I only have 90 ounces of silver (Eagles, Maples Leafs, Buffalo Rounds) so I feel like a bitch on here compared to most. At these prices, I can only afford to buy 5-10 ounces of phyzz per month because I have bills to pay and groceries to buy for the MILF and kids. Luckily we have no debt except a mortgage. I'm not looking to be filthy rich and buy boats, electronics and McMansions...I just want enough phyzz and fiat where I don't have to worry about shit (like living paycheck to pay check).

    Maybe work is pissing me off, I don't know...but I have this shitty feeling that I'm 37, not getting any younger, and that even though I've done the right things in life (personally and professionally), that I'm still fucked! Or maybe doing the "right things" is where I went wrong.

  11. Here's what I want to know, and no one seems to have a good answer, so I'll ask here. It's commonly thought there are 1 billion ounces of silver above ground. Let's say 25% of those ounces are actually for sale at any time. That would be 10 billion dollars to buy every available ounce of silver above ground. There are individuals who have that kind of money, and it's certainly chump change to a nation like China. So, what gives? Either these numbers are phony or somebody is lying because all the silver would be gone in like a week. Bill Gates could buy it.

  12. Hey, Adam, sounds pretty good. I bet a lot of people would trade with you. Slow and low, that is the tempo.

  13. @ Adam

    Quit your fucking sniveling, keep your chin up and be thankful you have what you have.

    1200 shares of PHS.U and 50 Maples heavier today.

  14. There is an unwarranted faith in the monetary system and general disbelief that it can fail - kinda find it hard to believe myself. So, it's business as usual.

    Imagine the chaos if, all of the sudden, all the available silver was gobbled up and none was left to purchase.


  15. @ adam... First, be grateful for what you have. sounds like you have a wife and children and those can never be replaced. in regards to where you went worng. well, probably like the vast majoirty of us you were taught to go to school, work hard, and get a job. it is what we were all taught and it takes a long time (10 + years) to get out of this rat race. I can relate with you 100% but I have realised nobody is going to hold you hand on how to become rich. it takes dedication and time to achieve. keep in mind I'm no hot shot trader like some of these guys in here. however, i learning everyday from them and I hope to buy my financial freedom one of these days. luckily, I have 10 years on you! : )

  16. @Adam - remember that it is human nature to brag about one's successes and play down one's failures.

    It is not often that you hear someone admit that they just paid 10% too much for a stock; although this happens often enough. cheers

  17. Let's ruminate on that thought ... I go to my local exchange to buy 10 silver rounds just to find that all the rounds are sold out... in addition all the 10 oz and 100 oz bars are finished. Indeed, there is no silver left to buy, for love or money. So I go home and attack GooGle in search for any available silver ... none... not here, not in the US, not anywhere on the planet...

    OMFG - this is it! someone knows something and has bot up all the available Silver... chaos

  18. @dasPRo.... what are you talking about? i just bought some today

  19. adam,

    we are about as happy as we make our minds up to be ... you have a family that you sound like you cherish, think about if you lost any of them ... i have 2 people in my family on the ledge of life, its sobering, one will be leaving her three kids any day ... it puts this silver/$$ chase in perspective .... love the ones you come in contact with, let them know that they truly matter. The sands evaporate much faster than I ever imagined when I was 12, playing whiffle ball and chasing Popsicle Joe.

  20. @2pac4ya - if you reread my post you will realize that this was a hypothetical situation designed to illustrate the possible ramifications of a world on the edge of a financial disaster suddenly hit with the reality that the worst is about to happen. cheers

  21. @Colin - that was beautiful...

  22. @Adam - you have 90 ozs more than Joe Average. If there is a financial crisis a la Argentina or Brazil, that 90 ozs will keep you buying food and gas when the prices triple and the dollar devaluates.

    Sure you'd rather have 900 ozs than 90, but even if TSHTF tomorrow, you're already that much better off than most people.

  23. Silver is in a Channel (UP) which started at 9:15 west coast time...

  24. Shoulda sold my paper at 11:25 west coast time ... oh well, I'm out for the weekend... good luck all!

  25. Adam take it easy, Im a student in sweden living on welfare which is about $400 per month, but I dont take any loans what so ever. Still, I just bought silver for a staggering $58\ounce! However that's just slightly above the Swedish average for current bullions. (Not much silver to go around hurry up!)

    Remember, a bird in the hand is better than fifteen eggs in the forrest,
    lol This having-silver-post-apocalypse-thingy is almost like the Mormon religion or something ;P

    And it sucks that I bought silver mines almost at the top, but still they are only some 10% down, and thats a f*ckin fart in the space compared to the potential 1000% profit Im sure to claim in a distant future.

    Glad I found a simple way to buy options\warrants today, thats a treat in this super volatile market! :))

  26. @ Adam

    Never take everything you read on here or any other site as gospel. A lot of people are full of shit. They'll tell you of the killing they just made on one stock, but the big losses they took will escape mention. I made about 25K in January trading. In the last 3 weeks, my portfolio has gone down $60,000. Some days you eat the bear, some days he eats you. I made a rookie mistake and bought HZU when silver was at $44, thinking that was gonna be the low before we busted north of $50. I rode that shit down more than 30 grand in a week. I was in such shock that I couldn't sell it.....I thought it wouldn't go lower, but it did....and did.....and did. Now I'm stuck here with my foot on my dick, wondering where the hell I'm gonna get 10 grand for my freakin' margin call, compliments of the douche bags at TD.

    To be back at $34 silver, in a time of record high demand and with perfect fundamentals for $60 silver, something ain't right. I have a feeling this whole calamity is gonna end with a shooting war. I shit you not. Millions will be left destitute while the "establishment" devalues their dollar and collapses any financial alternative.

    Obama, the glorious savior of the people, will preside over the biggest transfer of wealth from the have-nots to the haves in the history of civilization. Margin hikes on all commodities will continue to accelerate, as Obama says "he's doing it for the people to drive out speculators." This is not the case. Don't be fooled. This is being done purely to prevent a system of barter and trade among the broke and penniless.

    Remember, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Everyone on this site has at least one eye open. 95% of the people have no idea what a precious metal is.....imagine their surprise when gas goes to 10 bucks a gallon and bread is 8 bucks a loaf.

  27. @IslandStyle - refreshing candor Island!

  28. Just got this silver shortage and bock log email from my dealer: Market Update:

    In an effort to keep our clients aware of current market conditions reflecting physical bullion we are putting out an update!

    Silver Gold Bull has gone to great lengths to work with many suppliers which has kept our bullion supply uninterrupted, even when other dealers have been completely without inventory. However, with the "paper" prices of precious metals having been forced down to these levels the market is experiencing a tremendous amount of heavy buying from large investors, both private and institutional. The result has seen much of the remaining bullion removed from the market. This means that Government Mint (Canadian Maples, American Silver Eagles) delays are effecting our supply. The average wait time for products into us is now upwards of 3 weeks on NEW orders processed after today May 12, 2011. This means we are moving our delivery commitment to 4 weeks out. This is a safety mechanism to prevent frustrations of our clients waiting for delivery of the goods… we would rather be open and up front then to incur damage to our strong relationships that we have built with our customers.

    As market developments continue, we will respond with our customers best interest in mind. Please remember to join us on Facebook and use the client feedback opportunity on our site. We look forward to our continued growth together.

  29. Island, if you can step on your own dick you're wasting your time in the paper bidness.

  30. @Zombie,

    Welcome to the world of paper silver. Like stocks or Federal Reserve Notes, on the American Comex, just because it doesn't exist, doesn't mean you can't sell it.

  31. Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha he he he OH MAN! This blog is a hoot today! Ha Ha I just shit my pants, I'm 58 and I just shit my pants!

  32. DasPro: I see you are new here and I see you are 50% of the comments. Just a heads up, that wont last long, as others will chatise you soon.

    "Either these numbers are phony or somebody is lying because all the silver would be gone in like a week. Bill Gates could buy it. "

    Numbers are fakes, everything about silver/gold are fake-this is what keeps the ponzi going....

  33. warning headed boss, just some pent up demand to deflate.. all done for today. Thanx

  34. @Adam
    I don't post because I know less than shit about whats going on now and what's happening next. Some of the folks here & at Turd's site have some knowledge, experience and maybe a little inside info that we can learn from. Life isn't about $$ & phyzz. It may be fun (and frustrating)to chase, but it can all be taken away in a heartbeat. Get something positive out of every day (easy to do with kids at home). Keep learning what you can about whats going on around us to prepare. Slow & steady on the $$ & phyzz. Your family and friends, relationship with the creator (if you believe)and skills are the investments that will get you through. No margin hikes on those- unlimited upside potential. Now I go back to licking my portfolio's wounds.

    Nothing good happens fast.

  35. @Adam

    In my opinion you've done nothing wrong. You played by the rules but, unfortunately, we don't live in a world where doing so brings rewards anymore. Those who play by the rules are being cheated out of everything by those who make the rules. Eventually, I hope anyway, the masses will become aware of this and also realize that the real power has always been with the people and not the leaders. If this awareness ever comes, and the masses can organize themselves well enough, the dominant, lying, cheating, stealing scumbag minority can then be swiftly removed and maybe the masses will have learned enough to recreate a system where living impeccably and honorably will mean something again. Then we'll be able to get on with enjoying life and be done with all of this current bullshit.

    I just hope it all happens sooner rather than later because I'm really sick of waking up everyday knowing that I'm still one of the sheep, albeit one of the more aware ones, that is being fleeced by a relatively small group of arrogant fuckshits that I have no power to do anything about until a large enough group of sheep wake up and align so that the appropriate changes can be made.

  36. Excellent trade! Good going. Some retard sold at mrkt...

  37. What do you think next week holds in store for us SGS? Reaction to the Usury.S.A blowing through the debt ceiling on Monday?

    Thanks for everything and luck to us all.

  38. phyzz = physical precious metal in your hands

    puts are options where you are speculating that the share will drop in value, for your profit.

    i know my phyzz definition is correct, but if someone can explain puts better, i'd appreciate it! i'm a newbie myself around here!

  39. Puts and Calls put you on the clock and you need to know what you are doing.

  40. @adam: I'm the same age, similar job, just no kids. I got 10oz Ag phizz, one good firearm with one spare clip, and one 12-pack of beans from Costsco. How's that for fucked? And I'm still way ahead of most people I know in case SHTF.

    This page is prolly full of incorrect stats but it's always helped me get a bit of perspective to remember that I have it better than 90% of the rest of the world.

    Glad you posted. It was good reading the responses. Everyone feels like you once in awhile.

  41. I just got phyzz and the waiting time for silver eagles is JUNE 17th. This site is right there will be 2 prices real soon. Buy as much as you can.

  42. painingold.. Thanks for the info

  43. Question: what would happen to inverse paper ETFs like HZD and ZSL if the stock market crashed similar to 2008? do they crash along with HZU and AGQ?

  44. @Adam Friedrich Nietzsche says it best in my opinion:

    "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."

    There are many things in life that are a lot more important than fiat. Don't lose sleep over fiat.

    Everyone is living under the misconception that we all have the opportunity to get the top. Social mobility has and will always be restricted to those with the correct connections. I resent this. I am a firm believer in meritocracy.

    @SGS I'm glad that Sprott came on the Keiser Report and said bluntly that the paper price was manipulated down. I couldn't agree more.

    Also, I've come up with a new acronym which I hope will replace "PTB"as I believe it conditions us to be passive about them, how about:

    Parasitic Egotistical Narcissist Ignominious Conspirators or PENIC where the 'C' is pronounced like the C in "prince". I think that will get more eyes looking.

    Finally, I'm long TK. End of.

  45. @Rich

    I agree my friend. Buy and hold is dead. Everything our parents taught us is dead.
    The idea of buying a quality company and holding it for 30 years no longer applies. In 30 years....hell, in 3'll be a whole new ball game.

  46. China just gave the CME a big middle finger today.

  47. "That which does not kill us makes us stronger."


    "That which does not kill us makes us weaker so the next thing will."


  48. @ Youks

    Horizons leveraged and regular ETF's trade based on rolling front month futures contracts. They never take delivery of physical. They are not supposed to be indicative of silver in vaults, like SLV is. However, when the ETF rolls each month, if the markets are in contango, you get your ass handed to you. I lost cash by being early to the dance on natural gas, because the contango smoked my ass. I did not expect natty to be in contango for so long. Like oil was in 2009. In backwardation, like silver and gold are now, you are much better off in an ETF like these. Phyzz still is best though. In a market selloff, if the price of the commodity falls, the inverse ETF will still rise, but if the selling pressure is huge and it's a scramble for the exit, don't expect big gains.

  49. Just wondering what peoples thoughts of Elliot Wave are? I have been subscribing to a daily FX report for almost two years and I believe it to be very accurate. I also receive special reports at random times on different FX pairs, gold and S&P500.
    Here is Max's prediction for the S&P500 from the 4th of April and he has been spot on in regards to calling the bottom in March 2009 and this recent rally starting August 2010. If anyone would like to see this reports let me know and I will forward them all on to you so you can see his past performance.

    Basically I just want to gage what everyone thinks of this prediction and its impacts on gold/silver:

    Since my Update of September last year (refer below), already the S+P 500 has reached the first mathematical resistance of any real significance and “survived” nothing more than an abrupt reaction. This suggests that the market is headed for a deeper retest of its 1576 October 2007 all-time high, over coming months.

    A likely path ahead is for the next significant peak (finding resistance about 1361/1378) to give-way to a period of multi-week corrective consolidation, with this serving to dampen the enthusiasm of the Bulls and to embolden the Bears, all the while laying the foundations for a final leg of this Bull market and a climactic 5th Wave advance.
    Although Wave-C will equal Wave-A at 1564 (just below the all-time peak of 1576) the S+P 500 may not quite make it this high (the low 1500’s should be respected) and a watchful eye will need to be kept on both the Dow and the Nasdaq to anticipate a turn.

    Thanks in advance!

  50. @Island Style
    "In backwardation, like silver and gold are now"

    Where is this info? Because if gold is in backwardation its all over. I thought is was only silver...

  51. @ RD

    You're right. Only silver at this time. I stand corrected.

  52. Oh, yeah Adam. Almost forgot. Lose the cigars- ask Roger Ebert and Michael Douglas.

  53. Bought my last shot today to reach my 20% hedge target in metals....nearly 10 oz of gold.

    CMI told me that everything was 3 weeks out. I just finished getting my LAST order of junk and rounds....took about a month in all. Junk came first and about 1/3 of the rounds and FINALLY the rest of the rounds.