Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Schiff, ZIRP and endless QE to infinity


  1. Wow! I guess the CNBC talking heads don't like "contrary" views.

  2. Melissa Lee makes it move.

  3. I'd like to watch the vid, but those fucking mindless hacks at CNBS actually get paid for being worthless. It's just not fair! I give me a roll of Eagles, I can be a complete idiot, too!

    And how much time does Pete spend on the golf course, anyway? Dude's always sporting the glow-tan.


    Very few realize what is coming here in America. There is no use in talking to family or friends, as they are not capable of reasoning this sort of data. I no longer try to talk to my family, but rather prepare for some to move in when the fan hit the crapper.

    The changes that are coming will not take years, but rather months or upwards of a year before things fall apart. As many of you know TEPCO has just released info that Reactor #1 did melt down 16 hours after the earthquake. Fairwinds & Associates did an update that 3 of the 4 Reactors are in partial meltdown.

    The Japanese situation still is the number #1 problem in the world as it will push the FIAT SYSTEM into disintegration much quicker now that things are unraveling in the derivative markets.

    Furthermore, US Silver production declined again in FEB 2011. Here are the figures:

    JAN 2010 = 113,000 kgs.
    FEB 2010 = 92,000 kgs.

    JAN 2011 = 93,800 kgs.
    FEB 2011 = 85,200 kgs.

    This is a 12.7% decline over last year. If US Silver production keeps on this same trend, we will see a decline of 3-4 million ounces in 2011 or at least 10%.

    I contacted Willam Brooks at the USGS and let me tell you, these folks at the USGS are similar to the nitwits at the Army Corps of Engineers....worthless.

    I asked Mr. Brooks about the IEA that stated in a recent world oil update that global oil production will decline from 74 mbd (crude & condensate) to only 18 mmd in 2030...and how this will affect mining forward and he told me the geologists there did not discuss such things, they just deal with past mining production figures.

    This is the problem with the world today....totally clueless. You can include most of the professors in college and 95% of the engineers and geologists.

    The world is heading into a disintegration due to the fact of the FIAT FINANCIAL SYSTEM based on UNLIMITED GROWTH and COMPOUND INTEREST can not continue when OIL declines especially with a falling EROI.

    Time to be in PHYSICAL SILVER and GOLD. Also, you might consider leaving the USA and heading to the southern hemisphere.

  5. who will buy our debt that is to be rolled over and over ...only the FED stands to buy with qe 101...no way out with a political class as we have...if you are caught with FRN's you are toast...most will be due to iras and 401ks...ugly and poor

  6. God Blessed America for over Two Hundred Years, because of their ancestry.. His hand is now Removed!! 911 was the tuning point ! We are now deep into the book of Revelation ! Be a blessing to others, as we move forward... The Globalist will be out of control to Rule the World ! Everyone will move against Israel with Great Reason ! It's ALL in the BOOK ! There are Good Americans, as well as Bad Americans.. The same as every other country, even Israel !

    Most people are asleep.. They don't understand what the Fuck is going on .. So Be Humble, and be an Asset ! And Find your God !

  7. Last chance to BTFD... Silver is gonna take off for the rest of the month. We should be at $40 by June 1st.

  8. @bflowers - Dude, cmon man... put your self in other countries shoes, like, you know, the one's we bombed. Some of those countries also believe in "end times" and they have been sayin the same shit for centuries now as well. The only end your gonna see, is the end of your fearful life. No disrespect meant, but seriously... the rest of the world has been through a thousand times worse shit than we have even begun to see. This is just the beginning for the U.S. We still in our infantcy, yet somehow, the stupid people around the world decided to let the little red headed step child run game on the planet for the past 45 years, and now were in for a fuckin ass whoopin.

  9. @bflowers - you had me rolling with the holy roller talk. smoke somethin' and hold some phyzz.

    @highrise408 - completely agree. we ain't even seen shit, and the doors gonna be slamming us in the ass as we walk out of prosperity.


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  11. $US rallying off the 50dma this morning. Silver holding up well so far though.

  12. Wonder how long it will be before "that kind of talk" will no longer be allowed?
    The truth gets the exit door quickly on CNBC.

  13. First, Melissa Lee: HOT. Second: how many times does Peter have to be right before these "reporters" throw in the towel? He should have won that Senate seat. Fools in CT.