Monday, May 23, 2011

Question: Why are most bank stocks below the 200 day MA? Answer...

Answer: Because you can only make ponzi profits for so long. This is whats refereed to as kicking the can down the road...we are down the road now. The can is now at our feet again. Its decision time again.

Something large is going to happen. Hope you are hedged both ways...keep stacking the PHYZZ.


  1. turned on cnbc for a second, talking head said usD is coming back and looking strong now and silver is to be avoided haha ... i wonderf if OBL will be killed again

  2. @ colin... music to my ears! all in on silver!

  3. It ocurrs to me that silver could stay around $35 and gold around $1500, while the dollar goes up to 100, oil drops to $70, and gas drops to $2.79. Although this is unlikely, it's still bullish for silver/gold.

    Relatively speaking, I'd rather gas go to $2.79 than silver go back to $50. If prices fall by 30% across the board, and silver stayed at $35, I could take the monthly savings a buy more silver.


  4. Surprisingly, I think we might now see another round of deflation - down market, down commodities, up dollar. Good setup for QE3 !

  5. [sarcasm]Get ready to pile into the new AIG IPO everyone, it's a sure thing!!!![/sarcasm]