Thursday, May 5, 2011

pagin Blythe, Silver OI at 130,525 still, ummmm WTF, paging Blythe

You know...paper is paper, but you cant fuck with the metal. Lets see what the Metals inventories are telling me (if they are true)

Gold: Got tuned today. Volume was outrageous. I'm not even going to write it down.

Silver: Got clocked today. Volume was also out-fucking-rageous. That too I wont bother writing down.

But, what I would like to write about is this:

I see in both silver and gold, ZERO dealer deposits. All categories are full, albeit with shit, but the lone Dealer inventory is been blanked for about 40 days now, pretty much, with the exception of some nice round figures that have gone in, that always seem to be 6000 in gold.

How the FUCK are they settling? Its not making sense to anyone, including Eric Sprott.

So what have we learned in the last 72 hours, other than Blythe can toss my salad?
We have learned that we are dealing with a formidable foe, one whos sense of humanistic reality was lost, long long ago. I will explain this as easy as I can now; BUY THE FUCKING PHYSICAL.

If you know of anyone who sold their physical, especially at a loss, punch them in the mouth for me. Remember one thing, 4 days ago the silver community was rejoicing in $50 land. If you are not throwing a huge kegger in $35 land, this game is not for you, please walk into the coin show, drop your bag of shit off, and walk out with some paper with faces on it and go buy a boat or some Arizona property for $32,000.

I think the $32-34 level is it, if its not, I would be shocked to see it in the 20's, at that point, I'm assuming everyone and their mother will think like me and fire sale assets to buy as much as humanly fucking possible.

Friday's trade goes like this: I will watch the open, at 10:00am if we havnt sold off to $33, I will nibble away with ITMoney CALLS first, I will wait for confirmation that it will stick. If by 2:30 we are good and maybe the panic has subsided, I will purchase SOME phyzz. My hesitation lies with monday hike again, but I'm assuming with the fist fucking we got today it already priced in now. There you have it. Anyone saying silver is going to $20 is in LALA land UNLESS they raise the margin to 100% cash only, then I have no idea what to do, I might even change the name to this blog to SoyCornSoy or CottonCocoaCotton.

I now would like to touch upon the feelings people are having. I know where you are trust me. It's that place where you feel you are being laughed at or watched by everyone, the pit in the stomach, lost apatite in the last 2 days?, you are wondering if you should feel like you should care or not or if anybody cares anymore what happens. I want you to know this is normal, this is part and parcel of becoming a champion. Champions, from their experience in their mastered fields, dont feel these feelings anymore-they are just games now. The game do not change the reason champions invest in something like physical silver. Champions dont question dumping their position because of a 30% drop in 4 days (wow that sounds fucked), champions dont listen to the laughs on TV, champions dont get mind fucked by listening to the clowns. Champions stick to thier goals, and no one, I mean NO ONE is talking them out of it. And after all the bullshit is done, and reality sets back in, new bets are placed, they go home and fuck the promqueen. Because thats what champions do.

Only fuckslaps sell on RED days. We buy the RED days, and buy we will soon.

Together we stand, united we fucking buy the dips, even if it seems its going to ZERO. You will be rewarded, but it may not be tomorrow!

If you feel like shit, thank me. If you feel like a million bucks, thank me.

I will be here at ZERO or $500. Bring on the big boys, I'm assembling an army to take these motherfuckers downtown to China Town baby. Fuckin China Town.

More to come later, I'm starting to get mad again.


  1. Nice ref. to "The Rock" movie...

    Nick Cage: "Im trying my best ok!?!"...Sean Connery: "Your best? Losers always whine about their best... winners go home and fuck the prom queen." Nick Cage: "Carla was the prom queen."

    Carla... being silver, is what im fucking the shit out of right now. I WILL NOT SELL MY MONEY FOR PROMISES!

    SGS- Like I've said before, not sure if you caught it, but I'm rollin with you until the end homie. I dont believe in a lot of things, seeing is believing, but from what I've seen outta you, you are a true full-hearted person that is in the same boat as the rest of us, and I commend you for that. You could have packed up and moved to mars with the income you have attained, but you stuck around to help your disciples attain the same as you have been blessed with.

    I think everyone here should seriously give thanks to you for what you have been doing and hopefully will continue to do.

    In a blinded kingdom, the man with one eye is king.

    I hereby anoint you KingSilverGoldSilver, Esq.

    Much thanks and eternal love you you bro. I mean that.

  2. I don't even come here to read about PM's anymore, just to hear the shit that comes out of your mouth. LMAO! Must be cuz yer from Canadia, eh?.

    And yes, do start punching the mouths of those who sold scared on this streak of red. So many green days in the future it's not even funny. And I don't mean green as in the color of the abomination USD.

  3. SGS.

    I have been following you since January. I must say this is your best post ever.

    Sir, we will walk into Mordor.

  4. bought 50 troys today. Waiting to buy 50 more. Where's the prom queen. I want Blythe on her knees?

  5. Keep buying phyzz. These assholes at the CRIMEX can't keep this shit up forever, especially with delpleting AG/AU inventory.
    Confidentiality agreements and whatever, the word is out on these fucksticks.

    Any comments on the 26 million oz.shortage of physical versus shares outstanding at SLV per Harvey's comment tonight?

    Keep up the great work SGS. We will bury the fuckers soon...

  6. So what have we learned in the last 72 hours, other than Blythe can toss my salad?

    I am buying tomorrow whether it's 20 or 60 because I don't give a shit what the price is. Like I've said before SGS, I think it is a miracle of God that you can still trade any amount of federal reserve slave notes for an ounce of silver. Tomorrow is 2 for 1 Friday as far as I am concerned.
    I ask you people, last week it took me over 50 FSRN's to get an oz of silver and tomorrow will probably be about 36, so who is the fucking joke on? They won my ass. When I walk out of a coin shop tomorrow with 55 oz for 2000 piece of shit debt slave paper notes I will feel like a champion, and then I will think of Blythe and giggle my ass off.

  7. I agree SGS, we are near the bottom. I hold phyzz and have been burned too many times by paper shit.

    I saw a fucking UFO today and the fucking thing followed me into Mississauga (401 and Winston Churchill BLVD in Blue Sky), we both looked at the thing and I laughed my ass off. Can't explain it now but it was graceful and the feeling I had was Wow and WTF is that! When phyzz turns around there will be no stopping it at the next leg up it will go through $50 into blue sky. Don't let the manipulators scare you. Nothing will stop silver & gold because it is backed by hundreds of millions of people - real flesh and blood baby, real blood sweat and tears! Buy physical and you will never be burned!

  8. I am a writer/HS basketball coach.

    I don't know 1/1000th about this metals' world as many of you; but damn I think the last 96 hours would make an incredible movie.

    Quick overview: capture the true inner workings of the gov. sitting in their furtive bungalows, puffing Cuban cigars and sipping $500 cognac, orchestrating this pernicious web to foist upon a blindsided public. Then focus on a half-dozen of the naive out here trying to out guess them.

    (Does anyone ever sit back and muse about how they must laugh at their pawns? I do all the time, ditto scenarios for: 9/11, Gulf War's Nurse Nayirah, DynCorp, JFK's Magic Bullet, USS Liberty, Jolly West, Jekyll Island, McCollum Memo, Diebold, etc. Their twisted laundry list is infinite.)

  9. that was blythes lbma delivery to scotia mocatta

  10. I feel thrilled and privileged to watch you and your mates apply your craft sir SGS.

  11. i like the SoyCornSoy or

  12. Ben Davies at Hinda Capital is a buyer of silver at these levels...


  14. Is this our bitch ? Maybe she needs a visit.

  15. Looks like we might be starting back up... silver is rising now... BTFD???

  16. With ya SGS and all of my metal brothers and sisters.

  17. I like BlytheDonkeypunchBlythe.

    I can't believe I won't be able to make it to my local bullion exchange until Monday. If this thing pops before then or they have no Maples in stock from all the fucking gimps selling these days I'm going to come unglued.

    Love ya' SGS, thanks so much for everything.

  18. Fuck it, I just bought another 50 oz... why not. Gotta get this party rollin...

  19. It is now 9:53 PM. July silver is at 34.27..a mere .56 away from FIB 50%. I know it has had a little bounce..but just wait to BTFD. Wait until SIN11 hits 33.71 or as low as $29.90.

  20. Clarification: as soon as it hits (and it will) $33.71, start pricing calls in anything silver (futures, physical, mining, et. al.). I-F it goes all the way down to $29.90, I hope to hell you have a commodity (futures) account. I'll be buying those cheap December 50 calls like a crack addict!

  21. SGS - classic stuff! Where do you buy your phyzz in Canada ? Or from whom rather?

  22. Must have been a bad quote from earlier. July silver is @ 35.425. Doesn't matter, still going to 33.71 (minimum)

  23. So what if it's 30. Or 20.

    Smack it down, it's got room to go back up again.


  24. In the meantime SGS, go have a margarita or something...

  25. Now, that's the spirit !

    Get punched in the stomach, take a deep breath, stand straight and say "give me some more if you can".

    SGS and many who read here. I don't think you have doubt about what may happened in the near future. If you are a believer, then you know what you need to get done. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    Battle may be long or it could be short.

    Ever read or watch the "Battle of the Bulge" ?!

    German had a huge offensive. It was up to the bravery 82nd and 101st airborne to stop them in their track. Out numbered and out gunned but the tough one outlast the enemy.

    Hang on, folks !!! Don't let the silver Nazi get you.

  26. Who in the heck bought the "dollar" today? Down .2 in overnight.

  27. Gotta Take The Big Bastards DOWN DOWN DOWN......Buy All you can now it aint going too much Lower ANY TIME SOON...+ what if theres NONE for Sale @ current levels.......THEN WHAT!???

  28. The point MattF is if you could buy something at $20 instead of $30, would you not want to try to get it at $20? (not talking silver, this is just an example). BTFD right now isn't "working"

  29. Whale Shark, it IS going lower and WILL go lower. Watch SIN11. WHEN (not if) it gets to $33.71, start pricing calls and/or physical

  30. Bought some @ $36 Today So What...... Better than Toliet Paper FRN.........Maybe Tommorrow another couple 100 oz's. best part is you cannot wipe your ass witha SILVER EAGLE !!!

  31. if anyone is keeping track, 87% of all outstanding SLV shares traded today.


  32. ledbed,

    when are we seeing this? tomorrow? early next week?

  33. SGS.. whats that mean exactly? 87% of all the money in SLV changed positions?

  34. Awesome post! I look at it this way, has anything with respect to the current state of affairs changed? Hell no!! QE3 is coming, the dollar will roll, the unemployed will still be unemployed, gas is $4.50/gal here, housing is f'd, etc... The underlying sh!tparade is still marching towards/off the cliff.

  35. Just a thought...looking at some sites...why is the US eagle $1 more than the maple? Got phyzz?

  36. Could someone explain what 87% of all outstanding SLV shares traded today means please.

    Also, SGS where do you buy in Canada?

  37. I'm surprised KidDynamite hasn't crawled out from under a rock for some trolling lol.

    SGS I love you in the most non homo way possible. It is rough times like these that bring the PM community together. I am so happy we are getting this buying opportunity.

  38. 2pac4ya: If I knew that, I'd be on the Forbes 400! My guess? Very soon. They will overshoot. When you see a big down (intraday) low & it comes up (after it touched the Fib retracements)start pricing options on anything silver.

  39. RE: 87%... maybe has something to do with this:

  40. 2pac4ya: I'll let my humble opionion known

  41. Hey Blythe is offering free ball washing for all prom queen fuckers.... yeeeee hawwwwww....

    there are some funny mf's here....

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  43. Tulving sold over 150 MAPLEs boxes last week does that tell you something,
    I bought at $43.5 so what, the money were in the bank, I am going to dry my bank account and buy physical, so they dont benefit from my money at all, I recruited at least 3 people to buy silverrrrrr.
    GO.. GO.. we will win.
    Losses are forgotten in few months, no body win all the time, but it matters who wins in the end

  44. regarding SLV question: SLV has 362.80 mill shares outstanding, today it traded 295,423,413 of them. Thats fucking insanity.

  45. Silve Trend Power: 2


    Even the trend meter isn't quite convinced that the bubble has burst after a ear shattering 40% drop in 48 hours!

    If this is war, then everyone reading this is an insurgent. And we all know that insurgents don't win, and they don't lose. They simply wait until their opponent can no longer afford to occupy their homeland. Silver and Gold are money, and this is our homeland. We will be free.


  46. SGS

    Thanks for the pep talk!

    I have at least two "haters" out there at work who think silver is only for the tin foil hat crowd. I bought 200 Maples today anyway.

    Fuck 'em

  47. ALL of the "Paper" Hangers got creamed but was there lotsa PHIZZ Cash-Outs? I think not just th Paper Crowd......JESUS THANK SOMEBODY for this great "UPCOMING" BUYING OPPORTUNITY!to buy PHIZZ @ super low 30's Levels! Stick that up yerass Blyth, Bernanke & JPM

  48. SGS, I agree with everyone....this was your best post ever. I need to develop the stomach for this, I'm still learning. Was going to trade Friday, but held on thinking we would bust through $50.00. I didn't put in a stop loss, and am now down close to $35,000. C'est la vie. Time to buy more and average it down.
    Great post,

  49. They can make their phony paper and computer numbers be whatever the hell they want them to be, but at some point THE REAL METAL RUNS OUT. And then we shall see.

    See they are killing themselves eventually. All of the margin hikes put downward pressure on the spot and eventually we get to a point where it just doesn't matter. The margin hikes will eventually have diminishing returns because we get to a point where they've squeezed out almost all of the margin players and you are left with longs that can front the entire price of the contract. What they end up doing is giving these HIGH ROLLERS a huge discount on contracts. The fact that they are left with well over 100,000 OI as the price of silver gets lower and lower must absolutely scare the shit out of them.

    June/July delivery could very well be the end of the train.

  50. There it goes, diving like a submarine dodging bullets.....

    Dive, Dive, Dive.......

    so I can Buy, Buy, Buy...

  51. Hey SGS how about small traders joining their resources to buy physical even if rates go to 100%. Fuck the CME and the bankers by buying more physical, but by sticking together. What would you call this, a syndicate?

  52. SGS you are a smart guy and a funny bastard but I hope you're wrong and it goes to $20. Baby needs a new pair of shoes and I need more physical.

  53. I see the initial shell-shock has worn off, and men("champions") are back to their senses, thanks to SGS's perspective! LOVE IT!!

    BUY, BUY, BUY.

    Me, too. The floor should be $32.00 w/ a possible over-shoot, which will not last long at all. Then, she is off to the races looking for the $56.00 level next stop!

    One thing, SGS. THEY WILL BOOST THE MARGIN TO 100%.Mark it.

  54. You wrote:

    "Buy phyzz to sell phyzz ratio today over there was 101:1 If you are too slow to figure that out less than 1% of the orders were to sell back to them."

    I called CMI on Thursday to get a feel for what was happening...the guy I talked to said that people were selling 100 oz bars and junk, but he had only 1 eagle sold back.

    All I know is that an order of rounds that I put in in mid-April has finally shipped. I got 1/3 of it last week, and now the other 2/3 is arriving.
    (Sort of sad, they were bought at about 43. Even sadder is that I have a subsequent order for jun that I bought at the equivalent oz price of about 45.83 (including premium). Luckly, my earlier buys help keep my average cost at about 30...which I am thankful for!