Sunday, May 29, 2011

35000 OI drop, massive phyzz withdrawals, Okay.

Going straight to Metals CRIMEX news folks. On Friday I warned you of large wealthy investors starting to take their phyzz gold. The Gold OI got smoked AGAIN for the 2nd day in a row at 19,395 contracts.

242,427 ounces were withdrawn out of the Comex for Gold. This is not a small amount of Gold folks.

602,164 withdrawn from silver vaults after switches.

If Gold and Silver were bubbles why are people piling into each other to get their hands on the phyzz?

COT Report:

Gold: 13,040 spec longs added, commercials add 6434 SHORT

If bells and whistles are NOT RINGING in your face right now YOU NEED TO re read it. If OI declined for the last two days by over 35,000 contracts and large specs added 13K, ask yourself what the FUCK IS GOING ON?

Silver: commercials add 2419 long, and COVER 1477!! Hello! they are starting to run away! Lets see if we can rally to $43-45 and squeeze the rest of these idiots like lemons.

Sorry I was late, the weather here has been great, it has been raining for like 3 straight months, so I had to hit the sun.

For those finding my blog boring, go over to the weather units then if I'm not living up to your paid subscription standards.

Be back later tonight when the market opens, I suspect a dead day tomorrow, but lets see it rally instead.


  1. Jeez.....$43-$45 would be fan-frikin-tastic!!

    (I hope you are correct.My AGQ call options would go up fivefold on a move like that....)

    But, wtf is up with the US$? It just won't die a good death! JUNE UUP $21.00 CALL OPTIONS are a bargain right in here(.04-.07).

  2. Looking forward to the experience of next week. Good or ugly.

    Hope we have a nice white weekly candlestick.
    And I,
    Would love to pay off my community college 1 semester loan. :-> next week.

    And Blythe, how ya feelin, I would like to know. I'm tired and worn out. Just stop already. Let me sleep.

  3. SGS, what is your take on this monday? Both US and London are closed due to holidays. Reason for concern?

  4. My thoughts too. Surely her favourite time for a raid. Any thoughts?

  5. I do find this place boring. I'm heading back over there right now.

  6. @sgs... I don't find making money boring.

    keep the info coming.

  7. SGS, how does this compare to a normal day? It certainly sounds like a lot of gold but a reference point would be good.

  8. SilverBull...don't you think that's pretty speculative (UUP $21 puts)? If an option trades for a nickel there's a good reason: it's near worthless! The recent low was $20.84 so maybe you could turn those into $0.15 on a return to that level. On the flip side there was a pretty large volume spike around those lows. Time decay will start to kick in more by the end of next week. I don't like your chances especially when I look at a weekly chart.

  9. WU:"I do find this place boring. I'm heading back over there right now. "

    You should change your blog to JOKE Blogspot, b/c you are a fucking Joke.

  10. Jimmy: You day trading, or paranoid?

  11. Your blog is anything but boring SGS, one of the increasing numbers of little beacons of sanity and truth on the net amidst a global shitstorm of fucking lies and deception. Keep up the good work, thanks very much for all the generosity with your time and knowledge.

    Very best regards.

    P.S. Anyone who shoots .45 cal handguns is cool with me too... ;)

  12. If your blog you flog wasn't so worthless, you weren't so disrespectful to SGS and subsequently people that like to follow him here and you weren't so desperate for attention and recognition you might be if and when you grow up...

  13. Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.

    I am currently long with silver. Been following you SGS and the Turd who predicts an uprise this week. But a bit concerned reading from this Cyclical Market Analysis blog that's predicting a major downturn this week in all markets. Any thoughts from you or anyone here? Thanks much!!!

    Anticipating Lower Lows:

    Beware the Silver Snake: