Friday, April 29, 2011

Would you buy Gold today? Listen to the sheep on the streets...

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  1. LOL
    I keep hearing the same over and over.

    "I don't have any money to invest in gold and silver"

    You see the sheep buy expensive SUV's and spend every cent they make, instead of saving.

    Gold will go to $3000/oz, silver $150/oz+, both are great buys, silver is the better buy though.

    Only 2 owned gold, probably not even an ounce.

    I cannot stress this enough, the sheep are NOT buying PM's. They would rather buy a new SUV or Pick-up truck than gold/silver.

    SGS, what are your thoughts on gold?

  2. I love it although most were smart esp the Indians. Funny about priorities though. I only buy mostly organic eggs, food and at the store the lady next to me said there too expensive. (LOL) with her Louis purse, Victoria bra and panties, manicured nails (French) and 6K ring but feed her kids shit food.

    We have nice things also,,,but only after the kids are cared for do we spend it. FYI, I cashed out the kids college funds years ago and bought Phyzz silver for $13 an oz and $40 1/10 gold coins. My kids are going to the best, thx to JS-Santa and SGS.

    You are appreciated

  3. I like how the Yuppie guy (do people still use that word) agrees that metals are good but seems so condescending about it, as if those of us who have it just like "something shiny."

    As far as cost, I now cut out luxuries like eating out or going to the pub and that money goes into as much junk silver as I can afford each day. If I'm going to have a "habit" it's going to be one that makes me money. These lunatics I see driving around in their gas guzzlers, smoking and going through the McDonalds drive thru are the same ones who claim to be be broke. And with their attitudes towards money they'll stay that way.