Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 CFTC meeting that will most likely be another fuckshow

Comex Fraud:


-20,941 OI gain yesterday, woooo this is big, and was a big reason for new highs
-volume 135,835, and guess what? We went up! Equation is working out so far!
-and for like the 6th day? in a row, ZERO DEPOSITS. PAGING BLYTHE GET ME SOME FUCKING METAL! LOL, like the Bears 1 video said, this is going to go down as the biggest financial scam of all time.
-GLD loses 7.28 tonnes of gold...WHERE IS THIS GOING if not at the LBMA? Bells should be ringing here BIG TIME.


-143,013 OI, jesus. PAGING BLYTHE!! HELP!!! LOL
-Little movement in vaults

Jumping straight into the action here. Something smells like a steamy Blythe Cleveland Steamer at the Gold Comex. We are seeing heavy cash settlements (Illegal, and most would confirm this is already a default). Harvey, explains that hes never in all his metals career seen anything like this before. HUmmmm. Smells like shit? Its b/c all thats left at the Comex is a big J Dimon Log, with a post it note on it saying, "Suckers! Eat my shit!"

We will now jump to the GLD options.

I am seeing some heavy volume in the April 16 contract, but nothing to be alarmed about...seems from todays trading we should punch up a bit more, then see a retracement back down to the $1445 level to retest that breakout level and see if the buyers support it.

SLV calls today had an interesting buy in the Jan 2012 $46 strike. Take a look.

We are starting to win this battle. They could not hold the line as us, the real fucking mcoy's broke through their bullshit. But they will be back, and they will fight with their unbacked paper they never need to cover. In inflation adjusted terms silver should already be at $80-100/oz. I am not happy with $39. Seriously. Dont be buying the physical if you are planning on selling it for this shit paper. This is why I like leverage juniors-b/c as long as Blythe is around, silver will remain undervalued till the entire system collapses. Remember that.

Leave it with this, if anyone is thinking about the QE situation in June. From NIA, "The fact is, with no QE3, we could literally see the 10-year bond yield double from 3.52% to north of 7%, overnight. Even then, it is unlikely to attract foreign buyers and we will likely be faced with failing bond auctions, which would cause a massive rush out of the U.S. dollar and trigger the currency crisis NIA has been predicting. NIA sees no other option for the Fed, but for it to continue on with its endless money printing and destructive inflationary policies"

Quick news: Japans is melting, the ME is still under Israel's media and game plan (Libya now using human shields-sound familiar?), and QE3 is ready, just need an excuse to release the paper. Be ready for the trigger. Keep some cash, and be ready for the next single greatest buying opportunity of this century...well 2nd greatest Netflix was the one that got away.

Thank me lots!


  1. Hmmmm...... something just doesn't add up. SGS made several posts highlight strange activities on SLV options. Those big trades are into the 2012 and with large premiums.

    There are also talks about end game coming up really, really soon, and people should be stocking up food and ammo within months.

    If end game is coming up and all hell break loose, seems like it does not make sense to place those trades. SLV and stock markets may cease to exist by the end of year 2011 as end game arrives. For all those rich insiders, it would be make more sense to place their bets on the close to expire options. Those are the one with high liquidity and low premiums.

    The story and the picture just doesn't jive yet, at least it seems to me. Many of you out there may know better. Please fill me in...

  2. What SGS said. PMs are for spending, saving, and barter. Trading for fiat is a bankster's game. (IMHO!)
    The Fed cannot stop printing. If they do, the banks are hosed, as is the gubbermint. Interest rates will rise higher than inflation, so those with locked-in low rates will bother the banksters, as will raising the rates on the rest of the loans as folks will just walk away. The gubbermint cannot afford higher rates, as they already have to borrow far too much already. Seems that this fiat may die, just like all the other fiat currencies the world has had in the past. I'm not looking forward to it.

  3. I do not know what you think of Bob Chapman, but he says some pretty interesting stuff here:

    Bob Chapman Silver price will explode

    Bob Chapman Silver price will explode
    Bob Chapman explains why the price of silver in the long term can only go up and what happens when the banks manipulating their short positions can no longer continue."the price of silver hits a new high everyday " says the International Forecaster Bob Chapman "gold and silver have been suppressed for years he explains since august of 1988 when the president of the United States signed an executive order saying that the FED and the treasury and the New York could manipulate the market and they have been doing that ever since and they picked on gold and silver , so gold and silver have been suppressed since then and this suppression is coming unglued sort to speak says Bob Chapman ,not only that but the government inherited a very large naked short position in silver , shorting means you gonna bet something is going to go down , naked means there is no collateralization in other words you do not have silver on hand to deliver if somebody demands it , this giant naked shorting position which manifested itself in JP Morgan Chase and HSBC they can't cover their shorts there is not enough silver for them to make delivery as well so they keep on creating derivative contracts options futures which are delaying the final problem and that is pushing the price up , right now JPM is off-site probably close to 60 billion dollars , HSBC probably 20 billion and that's a lot of money ....if we can get silver up to $50 , $60 /oz they are gonna have to default now when that happens it will affect the COMEX the LBMA in London the options the derivatives and as a result it will also anybody or any entity that is using those instruments to be in the market papee market as opposed to physical , if trading in paper stops the whole house comes tumbling down the result will be the end of paper market at least temporarily in silver perhaps in gold as well , silver price will explode as a result ....


  4. you can only bet on the end of the stock market once...and if goes, 99.99% of the hedge funds, mutual funds etc are done. I am not betting on this. I am preparing for it, in case I need it, but I would not bet on the end of the world. Maybe its my Normalcy Bias kicking in, but, then again, thats why I have physical stacked high too. Dont put all your eggs in the same basket.

  5. Can US, Canada do without stock market at this day and age ? Without stock market running, all the mutual funds and 401K will goes to zero. No more trading on the paper assets, then people can not retrieve or liquidate their accounts.

    When that happens, it may have chain effects of all other companies will go down one by one. It is the break down of the economic backbone.

    Without the future exchanges, the whole food producing and distribution will be disrupted. The whole supply chain will have to be revamped. Hmmm... that is in fact a possibility of social unrest. All the paper networth is gone and the basic supply and demand chain is broken also.

    Am I thinking too much now ?

  6. coconut.. you are not thinking to much. I think you are right.. just hoipe you are wrong. But, we need to prepare for the worst case.. prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

  7. At least we have a huge amount of agricultural goods produced in america....its crazy the amount of food and fiber we create....dont give up hope just yet. all that really matters is that you and your family dont miss any meals

  8. coconut: I would agree, the stock market equates to the pillars of capitalism...after all without it, it would be called something else...

  9. coconut... Many people would refer to what you're describing as the end-game, SHTF, or TEOTWAWKI.

    Silver is great and all... But food and ammo should be stacked as well.

  10. A lot of that food supply is reliant on available cheap oil which won't be around when the SHTF so the food production will fall off a cliff, but I get what you're saying. I feel bad for the middle eastern countries where a lot of them are reliant on food imports and can't afford to feed themselves without subsidies to reduce food prices. Can you say cannibalism? Shit is gonna get real.

  11. nig4life... our farmers can produce but we need a national infrasturre for pricing and delivery before the produces reaches the general public. Mercantile Exchange and commodity future trading are a very crucial part of that. If commodity and future trading ceased, farmers can't sell their produce directly to consumers. They are not in for retails. To reach the mass, wholesalers and retailers must be in place. We need future trading infrastructure for that. Correct me if I am wrong.

  12. @SGS what are you referring to when you say 'next single greatest buying opportunity' ?

  13. Fuckshow-o-rama at the Comex. Roger that.
    Yep its time to through down the reigns of the gold/silver juniors, ram 'em in the hynie with a flaming 'QE3' brand, and let 'em ride!!!!

  14. @ SGS.. yes can you please explain what you mean by the greatest buying opportunity? Please explain.

    I am trying to convince my wife to cash in our 401K and I am not sure if we need to put it in physical, play the juniors or what. Buying opportunity peaks my interest. please explain.

  15. I think we will get another crack at silver here, before she goes to the stratosphere. This will not happen till we get confirmation of QE3. Keep accumulating on the dips, and so much for Morgans $25 silver call a month ago. Everyone forget about that?

    Soon may be the last chance to get on the train...I though $25 was cheap...we may find looking back that $40 was a joke, and our kids will look at us in that 20/20 hindsight way to say "why the fuck didnt we buy it so low?"

    as for the 401K, you will do well if you are in a small cap fund, and if the system doesnt collapse. I have 80% of my portfolio in physical, mind you my average is $15/oz so I have room to fuck around here. Always have physical...were you not listening to the bears at $22?

  16. lol i remember that call. I also saw that very shortly after you were ripping on him for the $8000 premo membership fee he took that down and left it as 'contact for more info' or some shit like that. hahahahaahahah

  17. SGS.. I didn't catch on to the buy physical movement until last novmember. right now its in vangard metals fund which is underperforming.

    my 401K is about 50% of my wealth, the rest is in physical.

    So, your saying that QE3 will cause a dip in silver price?

  18. @waffen, of course you will have to make your own decision, but I was in exactly the same boat you are in a month ago. I mentioned cashing out my 401k to the wife, and instead of hearing "ARE YOU CRAZY!?!", I got "whatever you think is best..."

    My biggest concern was the penalty that the government takes for early withdrawl, but I decided to do it anyway. 3 weeks later, silver was up 10% and the penalty was completely offset.

    After the initial decision to close my 401k, I haven't had a moment of doubt, and I'm much more comfortable knowing that the government no longer has the power to remotely steal my life savings.

    Of course, it's still a risk. But I do sleep a lot better these days... Better than poor Blythe anyway.

  19. We are a Poor family, due to the fact we have nine kids.. What's a But last fall, my wife and I decided to put our house back into hawk.. To the Bankers money and bought Physical Silver.. I have a house payment again, and I can pay it off anytime I want to, but the pace of silver has already doubled my money.. I'm choosing not to pay it

  20. @coconutrumplus With respect, you come across as someone who isn't well acquainted with derivatives or the mechanics of futures markets. It is very unreasonable to compare the CBOT in 1848 to the markets that exist today. If the stock markets of today were to shutdown. The economic backbone (which is already broken by the way) will actually have a chance to rid itself of the clique of undereducated, under performing and severely unqualified narcissists that are holding it hostage currently.

    Tell me, @coconutrumplus, how many bankers know Ito's Lenna and, I wonder, how many can derive it?

    These morons have created a system which they don't understand but are keeping it simply because it maintains their hegemony. The sooner we toughen up and send a clear unequivocal message: "enough is enough", the better.

    Get off your hind-ends, the time to act is now. I really mean it.

    For the ones that are awake, you're not alone. We know what's going on. Keep fighting the good fight, the media won't talk about you, but the intelligent creatures will have you in their thoughts for as long as they're alive (their children will certainly know about you too).

  21. Apologies, major typo in my post above, "Ito's Lenna" should read "Ito's Lemma".

  22. I recently happened upon this guy, Chris Hedges, a former war correspondent and Pulitizer Prize winner. There are many videos of his speeches on youtube. He basically says as in the Hank William's Jr. song, "'s all over but the crying." Look them up if you're interested in the a pretty unassailable take of how we got to the position we're currently in and where we're going. Also John Mauldin, someone I don't really like, recently said on Puplava's interview that if it goes, in his opinion, it will probably go in 2013.