Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why Quantitative Easing Is Bullish for the Dollar and Bearish for Gold

This is why the ZOG media and America in general, needs to be reset, dowsed in kerosene, and lit on fire.

I quote, "Gold fetishists have fared much better - the metal has been hitting all-time highs - but one of their main reasons for owning it is that it’s the undollar. Once it becomes clear that quantitative easing is not killing the dollar, the true believers in gold may begin to have second thoughts. The fact that gold has underperformed many other commodities for several months suggests that it’s happening already."

Wow. Some firm actually pays some guy for this. Holy Shit. This world is fucked.

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  1. By Conrad de Aenlle
    Its pronounced A-nal

  2. He must have missed the silver story. Boohoo. Now he's all spiteful.

    I can't wait when Analle is forced to hided his tungsten bars up his ass when crossing the border. He will be paying a sever price for his stupidity.

  3. If you want to clear your head from all this U.S.A. economic nonsense then listen to this guy:


    I'll make a new post with that on there. That guy should be at the top of the list along with Peter Schiff.

  4. I am trying to find a good trading platform for options and futures. you said in a previous post that you used Venture, but i couldn't find any information on it. What do you recommend?

  5. He' French so it's genetic, and being French he knows everything. With that IQ he's a shoe in for public office!

  6. The gold chart this morning on openening of the NYMEX looks like it might be a trace of Blyth's EKG as her little raid failed again! I can't stop laughing!

  7. i have put in two sell orders...1 at .74, and 1 at .77...i am hoping i fill both with the intention of buying back at .64 to .68...now what is probably going to happen is both orders will fill and tkrff will be at 50.00 at the end of the day!!


  8. Tinka will whip around .65-.75 till drill results, so you will have lots of time to get in....I doubt it will be at .90 before drills, but shit, I hope it is!

  9. since i am smart enough to learn, i took ur advice, did some looking on my own and bought tkrff at .43...and i added to it at .48...when u r dealing with this amount of shares, a penny is huge...so trying to catch .06 to .10 drop is meaningful...now with that being said, i have made more mistakes selling than ever buying..i have liqudated my ira's late last year and bought physical...i did however leave enough to gamble with...and like a lot of gambling, if you don't give a fuck whether you win or lose you can be quite successful...so gpl, which i think is forming its next base to move higher and tkrff firmly in a higher volume uptrend...so we will see if i hit the triple or a staggering show finish, or off the board finish...

  10. Still laughing. I might be able to jump start my car off Blythe's EKG!

  11. The Middle East and Africa are far too to expect calm civility. With the CIA front running and Al Qaeda bringing up the rear this summer is far too exciting to suggest silver collapse. This is just the war the US was looking for to get the MIC and economy running again. Forget QE2.5, they'll need a $Trillion just to fight the wars. I say by 2012 The West calls for conscription and we all wear Exxon and Shell helmets to bolster corporate profits! Hell, in Canada Iggy will give you a few university education if you kill.

  12. Yes, this world is fucked. Just ask Indians who have been holding gold in their families for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Ditto for the Chinese on their silver. Ask them why this world is fucked.


  13. Welcome to the world of ivory tower academics. Anyone who hasnt visited a university lately really should go. It's like a demented DisneyLand that turns young people into armies of Khaki-clad MickeyMouses.
    Ousmène Mandeng and Conrad deAenlle should be thrown in the cage with Doug Kass and John Nadler. Then they can be told to cough up their gold in exchange for MREs since they cant eat gold.
    "While most investors and economists are concentrating on the ballooning number of dollars that the Fed is spreading around, he reasons, they are ignoring the other side of the ledger - the Treasury bonds that the central bank is buying and holding. “Most of that additional supply has remained on the Fed’s balance sheet in the form of non-borrowed reserves,”
    So these enlightened philosophes are consoling us in that, even though the FED creates bales of dollars, at least they are evening out their balance sheet with bales of worthless Treasuries.

  14. tkrff..
    my sale at .74 has been executed
    i am still waiting on .77

    i have turned around and placed a buy order at .6755

    if, when my .77 is executed..i will than put in my next buy order...not sure of price...but i may go for a low ball of .6455?

    any thoughts?