Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thank you ...

Not too sure why I just got influx of donations all in the last few hours (I hope Everyone didnt get stopped out of their Tinka), but I appreciate the generosity of this online community.

Open thread...enjoy the wealth effect.


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  2. sierra: I still want to see that north com post or info on it, you are still on my shit list until I see something, you do realize I am deleting your posts?

  3. I have a guess where that all came from:

    I think he looked at the map's history of viewers of this page, saw "Colorado Springs, CO" and then noted that's where NorthComm is based. Seems like a bit of a stretch to me...

  4. Good stuff SGS, please keep up your good work. I clicked on all your sponsers tonight. Now, for some good wholesome entertainment, how about posting a pic of your 7 month old with a 100oz bar in his lap. And maybe photoshop him giving the finger to Blythe.

  5. SGZ (Sego) in Princeton area of southern BC 120% increase in the last 2 months. Drilling and assays ongoing as we speak. You were looking for the next TK.

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  7. sgs.. go back on that post I explained my fucktard mistake. :)

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  11. E, well stated however kudo's MUST be given to SGS simply for his colourful personality and creative vernacular... I for one will donate to the kids college fund on the simple entertainment value.... really, have you ever heard CNBC utilize the strength of the term "fucktard"...?

  12. Not every junior is about to drill on a potentially massive resource either....

    Tinka is. I don't even own the fuckin' thing, just stating the obvious.

  13. @E,

    The same could be said for almost any investment class these days. You would be hard pressed to "lose money" in this market. I watch Jim Cramer on national TV every day, shocked that the market is "doing so well" during one of the biggest recessions in the last decade.

    I think everyone here understands what is really going on, and the real reason that we all love this site is that everyone here is on the same page, and we are all just as frustrated as SGS. He is just publishing what we are all thinking.

    As for Tinka stock, no one said that it will out perform every other stock out there. I don't think anyone here is under that impression. But I think you may be over-stating the obvious if your point is that there may be better investment options available.

    On the other hand, I don't have the time to do the research myself, so I appreciate the work that SGS has put in, as well as your recommendations, and the recommendations of everyone else on this site that has mentioned their own personal favorite silver mine stocks. The next time I find myself with money to invest, I will seriously consider all of these stocks you guys have mentioned.

    Although, to be honest, I'll probably consider SGS's advice first, cause that guys predictions are down right scary sometimes. I think he may be a might be a freaking precog.

  14. Massive things going on as the US DOLLAR tanks.

    The News UNIT

    The dollar is heading for 70.00 on the USD INDEX....wow!

  15. I bought TK.V at .44 3 weeks ago thanks to SGS, and now it's at what, .66? AFTER the .72 pullback... So much for market timing.

    At any rate, that's still 50% in 3 weeks, bitchez. Did all the silver stocks do that? Or does SGS's forum here account for the entire volume of TK trades from then to now?

    Anyway, SGS's pumping is encouraging. I look forward to market volumes at $1.50. I want to see how many shares "I'm selling half at $1.50" is... When people pump, they don't usually give their sell targets. Anyone accusing SGS of pumpanddumping will either get validated or shamed @ $1.50. At that point, SGS's credibility will either soar or plummet.

    Anyone want to take the over/under on it? I got 5 FRNs with your name on it. When SGS sells, it's time to BTFD...

  16. E: I awoke to like 13 of your comments. and 12 were deleted. If you would like to talk about how great all your other juniors are, and how they are better than Tinka, proceed to "create New Blog" and go nuts. Anyone coming on here saying Tinka underperformed its peers is out of their fucking brain. I said buy this at .32, not .70...go to stockhouse and spew your shit or sell your shares. Mining stocks go from zero to hero everyday, I'm here to tell my people which one may possibly go to hero knowing every inch of the way it can go back to zero.
    This is $1.50 by end of summer. I could postulate why it will be $5, by then the haters will show up, so I;ll stick to that. And if it doesnt, well I guess a 300% return is better than losing.

  17. Some sellers on the board boyz? Go ahead and sell some more@! Run it down to .50 again for me :)

    My other plays haven't moved much at all. Tinka's blowing away everything I've got.

  18. Hello SGS,
    I would be very interested on hearing your opinion regarding the following issues:

    1. The dissolution of the Canadian parliament
    Reuters Link

    2. This interview with Muhammad Rafeeq and Bill Murphy from GATA on Gold price manipulation.

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