Friday, April 29, 2011

Steven Butler, sell the $US dollar on any

Beginning is Canadian politics...forward to 2 minutes 50 seconds

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  1. Always get "We are experiencing temporary difficulties ..." when trying watch BNN videos. Being like that for several months.

  2. How soon will we see US$ at 72.00?

    I believe VERY soon.

    Then, the slide to the bottom, like it was pushed off a cliff!!

    Watch SILVER go parabolic at that point, baby!

    AG MAY $25.00 were a bargain today.Next week silver breaks the $50 barrier and will go right to $54-$55.Should be just the boost the miners need to JOIN the rally.

    DIE dollar, DIE!!


  3. Gold closed April above $1550- we should see gold drag silver for a change next week to new silver highs!

  4. I use technical analysis, and one thing is concerning gaps. Gaps will always get filled, eventually. Silver could tear up $10 next week, who knows...but those gaps in the charts will eventually get filled, and, unfortunately, it is to the down side. Just food for thought.

  5. It's the FO SHO BRO.

    However something is happening with the GOLD and SILVER disconnect.

    Loaded up on some PAL, PHYS, SLV, and staying out of PSLV.

    How am I hedged? In US currency. :-)
    I'll use it to buy more physical.

  6. @Silverbull,

    Do you really like the JP Morgue is going to give up so easily on $50. I think there's going to be a lot of resistance to get there. First, because it's an all time high, and secondly because it's a huge psychological barrier.


  7. guys and girls,

    come on! there are more important things to talk about than silver all day!

    prince william got married today! oh his wife is so remarkable!

    oh how grand life is!!!!

    f'n joke


    It's Getting Plain Silly: MF Global Hikes Silver Margin To 175% Of CME, Or Over 10% Of Contract

    Now it's just getting plain silly. Following two margin hikes by the CME, one for 9% and one for 10% this week, now MF Global, run by former Goldman CEO Jon Corzine has joined the fray, and has hiked its silver margin to $25,397. As a reminder, the latest CME margin is $14,513, or about 6% of the contract value of $241,750 assuming a silver price of $48.35. So MF Global's is 175% of the CME!

    I knew something was fishy...just didn't know why until I checked ZERO HEDGE.

  9. Haha, 2pac4ya, according to my local newspaper, BILLIONS of people followed the wedding.

    Somehow, this finally made me understand what the classical Starcraft game cheat "Black Sheep Wall" actually means..

    "OUhuO, I LOVE YOU WILL" *PigFugly-Squeeeze*
    Meanwhile on Jekyll Island:
    Be ready to pull the [Princess Divorce Button], and nuke the shit out of the New Madrid fault line and let all hell break loose if silver even gets CLOSE to 49.9!"

    Hope you have clean underwear!

  10. I'm guessing with silver margin hikes the play is to crash gold now. Late next month we go back to silver. Then Comex goes kaboom............. June July

  11. Anyone that believes the COMEX has silver or gold needs to the read the following report by Eric Sprott: Follow the Money. You can find at

    The important aspect of this report is on page 2 paragraph 2 where Mr. Sprott breaks down ALL the gold and silver from 2010--both mined and recycled. If you have any doubts about silver going much higher, I would suggest re-reading this paragraph until you truly comprehend the maganitude of the DATA. This is not conspriacy theory, just raw data based in fact and not emotion. If we continue taking possession of physical silver and/or gold we will over-run any market manipulation. This could take several more years, which is only to our benefit--more wealth for us to enjoy once the manipulation has ended.

  12. Does noone that comes to this blog do technical analysis or is it just BTFD?

  13. Ledbedder: No one is stopping you from doing a technical analysis. But if you don't do one for us then you might just be a BTFD too.

  14. Ledbedder, what is the purpose or function of technical analysis in such a heavily manipulated market when it has such a low percentage of being correct in a free trading market? Seems like a waste of time to me.

  15. Ledbetter. There are a number of people that I follow everyday. These are well experienced traders in precious metals. Collectively the people that I follow everyday have well over 200 years of experience. All of them---again--ALL of them use technical analysis to follow the ups/downs/sideways movement of the charts; along with following the crimes at the CRIMEX. Not sure what has your panties in a wad, but I have a great deal of confidence in the people that I listen to, and you are not one of them. I do appreciate you presenting an alternative view to the market, however, in the long run you are mistaken. Silver will continue to climb, as long as the populace of the PLANET continues to purchase silver and take immediate delivery into their hand. Your charts and analysis, nor the CRIMEX follow these purchases. The CRIMEX does see the result in the REARVIEW MIRROR as the dealers have to reload. That is what will continue to drive the silver market for at least another year, if not longer. I am very long physical silver--as in my possession. Where does that fit into the analysis, other than the rearview mirror?

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  17. As long as the pathetic US Fed doesn't get its act together and the US $ continues to sink, PMs must go up. That enormous deficit and debt aren't going anywhere.

  18. How can TA work on a market that has 100 shares of paper AG traded for every one ounce of phyzz?
    That's a huge disconnect. Maybe you can use TA as a reference at times, but to rely on it for gold and silver trading is utter insanity.

  19. I'm researching AMERICAN SILVER EAGLE BULLION COINS. Found some interesting information in my own archives after watching some guy's video:

    Are you Scared?

  20. Party on Garth! Volume is increasing as big traders enter the scene. This will eventually draw public attention driving physical sales, especially in the US as the dollar dies a very slow death of a thousand cuts! The frog in the pot syndrome, low and slow she'll die and those who wake sooner will be physically wealthier! The Comex cannot openly default, it policy says it has the right to reimburse with fiat.

    What we need is someone to infiltrate a Comex vault. Find out from an inside what lurks inside those dust halls!

  21. In the politics circle, I hear a deal is already cut to approve a debt raise, when that happens most of the world will see the USD nothing but print, fear and loss of faith in the US will grow, as the USD falls oil, gold, silver goes up. Hard to stop a Tsunami with a sand wall.

    As for the next elections, rumor is Obama may try and get Hillary to be his Vice, that way a woman on ticket will help pull votes and will be able to use the Clinton name to "Fix" the economy since Bill left us with a surplus. If this happens and Obama gets another four his spending will be twice as bad - since he knows he does not have to run again - so who cares. To me this is bad for US, bad for USD and good for Silver and Gold.

    I would rather have my Country than make money on silver...but it does not look like any of us have a choice with the idiots in Washington, Wall Street, Fed and others pulling the strings and calling the shots.

    I think "Buy P Silver" is pretty good advice.

  22. Horsyguy, great comments that really make sense.
    The Hillary/O'Bummer ticket makes me cringe in agony. The addicts need their crack, so the Repubs won't do dick to stop the debt limit ceiling rise. Commodities will soar and the POS US Dollar sinks to new lows causing even more inflation that will kill the American middle class. The shiny will keep you in the black!

  23. Capitald: Very true that silver is the most manipulated market in the world (but, there are so many). If you were trading futures (as I do), using technical analysis does gives you points of reference when to take a position or when to take profits. Even in silver and gold, believe it or not.