Saturday, April 16, 2011

Silver OI @ 148,652, lights out soon baby, light fuckin out.



-Gold OI explodes by 16,309
-168,704 volume, shockingly it was wasnt over 200K, and we had a green day, how easy is that?
-ZERO deposits to Dealer (The writing is on the wall here if you havent figured this shit out yet)
-18.2 tonnes added to GLD, hahahha


-OI keeps stepping up 148,652, you are fucked Blythe.
-ZERO deposits, more withdrawals.
-SLV adds 2.2 million ounces (If you didnt hear the weather, it was raining silver eagles over Atlanta on Thursday, so Bltyhe's little coons with large baskets were basically catching all this silver and adding it to the SLV "inventory."

COT report:

JPM and friends COVERED 3754 contracts. HA! No shit eh? Wonder why the price went up...gee golly fuckwhiz. But wait a second! The COT runs till Wednesday. Price action flew on Thursday/Friday which we do not have data for yet....hummmmmm interesting to note


May is still looking good. Seems to me we are still on track A few of my loyal readers have been asking what the fuck this chart is. So I will explain it.

1. Calls and Puts: Across the top you see this right? A call is a bet that the price is going up. Put is a bet its going down.

2. Dont worry about the bid/ask/last.

3. Volume is key, obviously as the volume goes up, more and more people are putting on bets.

So, it this example above, traders are still betting, and betting heavily that by May 21 expiry, SLV will hit $45 and thus hit their "strike" price and be able to sell there shares or premiums and make money.

On the flip side, those that are buying puts, may be betting that the price will go down, OR they are hedging the longs on SLV and buying 'insurance.'

I will not explain anymore as this can all be found on Google or wiki or any other stock board.

My main commentary is that things are progressing exactly the way I wanted them to. Remember I posted the First Bears Video in November. At that time there were a fucknumerous amount of haters saying I was full of shit, gay, lying, etc. I dont gloat. I just keep stacking the physical and purchase a few shares of paper miners that I let my readers here know about.

Speaking of that magical new mining stock, I am putting it on hold for another 48 hrs. I am doing so much DD on it, that I've lost track.

I also chatted with my boy Andrew and TINKA, and the drills should be in any moment ready to break ground within 2 weeks. Last week I gave a buy signal at .55 on it, it hit .53, and the next day was up 15% to .64. Not sure if anyone bought it, but what the hey.

I also would like to touch upon family, close friends, etc. After speaking with a friend of mine, who is very well read in the current silver situation, we have come to the conclusion that 'normal' sheeple dont want to hear about this 'conspiracy' shit all the time. And it just hit me as to why this is; people dont have a fuckin penny to their names, and in $250K plus, and dont really know how to pay their mortgage on monday, and here us assholes keep telling them to buy silver with money they dont have!
If you want peace, happiness, and want to teach people about this stuff-here it is....Dont do it. yeah, I fuckin said it. Dont do it. Its a waste of your time. Protect your family, and keep stacking. Others dont care to here about it, trust me on this one. And when silver ticks down a dollar or two, you know they are cheering for it to go to zero, I see it everyday.
It will be my greatest wish to have all of this modernized world shit the bed, and blow up in a ball of flames. Only then will the morons who buy flat screens and 400K mortgages realize that they will starve to death. Its happening before your very eyes, just let it be. They have a sickness. The sick need to perish. And yes, I would eat your fuckin puppy, dont let me near you.

You know how to thank me!


  1. Fantastic post. Speaking of the bears video any news and video 6 ?

  2. Ya awesome SGS, I have been following your blog for about 6 months. You see the things I have for the past 10 years, after 9-11 I started buying silver as a small investor... all I want to do is pay off my mortgage and have some barter silver left, as I have put together enough supplies to last us 3 years including my investments in lead to protect it all. I will be making a donation soon to show my appreciation. Keep up the great work!

  3. Nice post, SGS.

    Is this the first time shorts were covered? I've only been following your blog for a couple of months now?

    If so, that's huuuuuuuge!!!

  4. SGS,
    You hit the nail on the head. It is mostly petty jealousy. I am trying to help people so they can to take part in the greatest once in a lifetime investment opportunity and many just look at me like I have 2 heads. I tell a 22 year old kid, friend of my sons who has 5000.00 bucks saved, and to my surprise he listens to what I say, does his research on your site and turds and a few others. buys 2 silver options contracts and has now turned his 5k in 35k. This stuff is only for a few of us. which is fine. My lazy ass is retiring this year at the age of 47. I have other interest in life to pursue. Thanks for the great blog Sgs. Love it.

  5. SGS, 99% of the sheeple are utterly clueless.
    Don't waste your time on them. Your right, I tried to explain shit to them and they think I am a fucking loon. Well, fuckotrons, I have shiny stacked, 1 year of food, water, water filtration, medical supplies, black rifles, mucho ammo and things I can barter with for there worthless gold and silver when the shit hits the fan. Most of the 99% will become fertilizer...


  6. I'll tell you something. I thought Lindsey Williams was full of shit when he said oil would go from 150.00 to 50.00. I thought yea right. then I started thinking, He was in the know. If I had bought 140.00 puts when Oil was 148.00 I would have made millions. With all the good info from SGS, Turd, Harvey, Butler , endless mountain and brotherjohnf on youtube, I will make it this time. There is a fucktard load of money to be made. I already have about all the physical I can store so now its options. Straddles for insurance and when we go to between 70- to 80 the next 50% sell off will come. Go short, take the cash buy physical.. repeat..

  7. SGS...Hit the Nail on the Head

    I just had a vacation with the family last week. We spent the week at Moab..the land of the Arches. During Christmas my brother-in-law got on the phone and asked me "So...where's the price of Gold going?" This was the first time he ever asked me about it. I told me it wasn't Gold he should be in but silver.

    A few weeks later he emailed me about buying some silver eagles and I gave him my advice. I told him some (very little) of the things I know....and I haven't heard a PEEP from him since. The whole time during the vaction in MOAB...not one word came up...and I didn't even bring it up.

    Whats they GOT MONEY....or a good bit of it in 401k's and etc. My sister is a high level person in a top 50 corporations. Oh well...they find out soon enough.

    That being said....Look at these interesting figures on gold and silver:


    SILVER 1971-1980 = $6.80 avg. price
    SILVER 1981-1990 = $6.85 avg. price
    SILVER 1991-2000 = $4.88 avg. price
    SILVER 2001-2010 = $10.25 avg. price
    AVERAGE 40 years = $7.19

    GOLD 1971-1980 = $190.15 avg. price
    GOLD 1981-1990 = $395.38 avg. price
    GOLD 1991-2000 = $340.48 avg. price
    GOLD 2001-2010 = $616.53 avg. price
    AVERAGE 40 years = $385.63

    If you notice during the 1970's decade compared to the 1980's decade, silver stayed about the same....but it was gold that doubled in price.

    If we compare the average price of silver in the 1970's...$6.80 compared to 2000's decade of $10.25 the move in silver was only 50.7% in 40 years.

    But if we look at gold in the 1970's at $190.15 compared to $616.53 in the 2000 decade there was a much higher move of 224% move in Gold.

    This is why SILVER is finally catching up on the Gold Silver ratio. Silver basically stayed flat for 40 years.

  8. can someone give me some basic "how to" to invest in some silver options. I can spare 5K if I can multiply it a few times..

  9. what broker should I sign up for options?

    Should I trade on margin as well?

  10. I have tried to tell a couple of close friends about silver, but they really are more interested in Dancing With The Stars.

    Oh well... I am not rich, but every paycheque I buy some physical. I don't believe in the Mad Max scenario, but I do think things will get worse before they get better.

  11. You cant make silver converts overnight, it takes persistence. I've made 2 personal converts, but each took 2-3 years of persistent discussions on silver facts, supply/demand, manipulation, etc.

  12. Last paragraph is sadly true. I made a presentation, I send out weekly newletter compilations of relevant silver/crashing dollar news. I told my buddies last Sept. about FR.WT.B. Honest.
    In return, I've been considered a lovable kook at best, and been asked to 'stop sending all that stuff'.
    People look at you blinky eyed when you tell them about inflation and rising interest rates. They think history and economics dont apply to us, cause we've lived through a 3 decade long boom.
    Like he said, stack, hoard, prepare. It aint gonna be pretty.
    48 hours til the new junior. We are counting down the hours and betting on the mystery miner. (SVL?)

  13. That's exactly it SGS. I sincerely believe the Most High is stripping humanity of its unbelievably arrogant pride (most of us) and returning us back to our natural animal instincts.

    It actually completely appals me how many people laugh at you when you talk about even having a THREE MONTH food supply.

    It's just common sense depend on a grocery store for your food survival is just pathetic...and more and more people will realize it when they realize the are putting 50% of their paychecks into something that is produced essentially for free (garden, livestock).

    I'm with you on this one 200% SGS. I want the world to go to shit because I am sick of these people who are stuck in the matrix. Why? Because I have to deal with them everyday....I want REAL people running around this world not these fake social media engineered humans...

    This must be done to restore the human spirit on Earth.

  14. Street Segment from Wall Street:

    Street Segment New York Silver Liberation Army

    We are really going to see some action here this week! Are you ready?

  15. I made a silver convert of my best friend in about 10 minutes. My other good friends like won't even respond when I talk about silver. I just don't get it. Why not even discuss it?
    Made a believer out of grandma and grandpa too, but they were around when silver coinage was used.

    If you can make a believer out of those in your family with some wealth and are elderly, that will really help the family "wealth" down the line.

    If only I could convince the rest of my extended family. It's just one of the hardest things to start a conversation about.

    Why? Because the entire time I feel THEY feel like I am being condescending to their intelligence. How could a college aged kid without a college education know more than me about the world we live??

    Quite simple really (and I feel bad they don't know about this)...I don't watch TV and do my own research.

  16. And to any college kids out there....I was at a crossroads, 7k for a semester of college that I didn't really want to go to or start saving for the future. This was back in the summer and I chose to invest college savings into silver.

    Could not have been happier. The opening of the silver Pandora box has led me to so many truths in this world...I would NEVER go back.

    By far the best decision I've ever made.

    Fuck college, I learned more RELATIVE information (not this nonsense college teaches you) about our own world and our own lives than I would have learned at 4 years of college.

    College student = 100k debt by the time they are 22. At age 28 he finally pays off the debt. His net worth is now ZERO again.

    College age employee = 50k SAVED by the time they are 22 (at least). Age 28 = 150k saved = time to start family and own life which you easily could do with 150k saved (mind you as long as they are invested into hard assets)

    College age employee at age 28 who bought silver from the time he graduated high shcool until age 28 = Millions in USD worth of silver

    it's that simple! the effect of truth is so strong (and silver fundamentals are so strong) that I wouldn't sell my silver if it hit 1 dollar an ounce. I will only TRADE it for goods in the future. Or some astronomical fiat number that lets me buy those goods.

  17. I show the door, they choose whether they want to walk through it or not. That decision is ultimately theirs. I respect it and accept it.

    I do not wish them harm.

    I don't want to see this eschatological disaster materialize, if it does, I'd be a lot more satisfied if I could help, not just point, laugh and taunt.

    Realize, there is strength in cooperation, a strength in forging, in creating. A strength unlike anything the cretins from the orifices of Hell and their Uruk-hai minions have decided to show on their screens or write about in their papers.

    Join me, brothers and sisters, in forging the Alliance of the Awakened. An alliance that seeks to create, not exterminate, to build, not destroy. Let us all establish a new abode of humanity where mutual respect is instinct and not something that has to be taught or enforced.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have the power. Will we use it?

    If you feel satisfied laughing at others' misery, then, what's the difference between you and the monetary cartel?

    I've lived in the East and West for quite a while and I've realized among other things that it matters not which tax farm you were born in, we're all slaves just the same.

    If you're a banker or a trader, take a look around you, beyond those silly monitors that show you graphs that you probably don't understand but make you feel like anointed ones, look at all those smegma eating fucksquibles [1] around you and think who'll have your back if you fall, these fiat eating fuckatrons [1] or my brothers and sisters at the abode of humanity in the Alliance of the Awakened?

    [1] I really couldn't find a better term to describe the infected ones.

  18. SGS, not sure if you've seen this Mike Maloney video yet. It's a great view

  19. I absolutely LOVE your blog and have been reading it every day since I found it (about 3 weeks ago). I am new to all this (6 weeks to be exact) purchasing silver bullion leveraged with Monex and have already taken 17K profit in that time with another 29k profit sitting if I sell more of my position. I am DESPERATELY trying to pay down debt preparing for all that is to come. Both my brother and a friend bought TINKA stock based on my recommendation (through reading your stuff). BTW...the Lakota do eat real puppy soup - it is for one of their ceremonies. Thanks so much for sharing all that you know - I did watch the CFTC meeting from last year and it is all such a disgrace....I am letting EVERYONE I know - know the truth. Most have been open, but as you say, have no money to do anything about it.

  20. SGS, I like Mike Maloney's approach. He tells the truth, sincerely, honestly, and sensibly to the middle class. If people listen then they will put two and two together and sell their house, and all their assets and buy gold and silver and live in a small rented apartment until the days comes when they can scoop up cash flow assets.

    As Mike Maloney says, "This is the greatest wealth transfer in history."

    Too bad many of my relatives are going to die - but they have been warned.

  21. Yup! Most US Citizens have been in the paper pulp fiction mills; fiat blindness go round. dead head fed goons grinding our bones to make a corrupt systems bread. I voted long ago for physical silver. Each ounce accumulated a real vote for change. A change I can believe in. Taking power from the corrupt bankster fraudsters and putting it back into the peoples hands with sound money. A free people need sound money and we'll have it. Come hell with dead head feds; in collusion with fall street bankster fraudsters, stacked coast to roast as cord wood!!

  22. Afrum, I always enjoy reading your posts over at TF's blog. I like your style.

    RM, that's been my plan now for about 6 months. Just wish my place would sell so I can get to the All Inn by June or so. I'm even selling my hotrod, but I'll replace it with a cheap '41 Willy's coupe in a few years.


  23. Don Corleone said it best "woman and children can be careless, but not men"

  24. First post here, have been into silver and gold for a few years now after listening to Net hosts who woke me up ... Ironically, I got into it by initially investigating 9/11, the moon, Nayirah, Operation Ajax, USS Liberty, Mena Arkansas, The Lavon Affair, etc...

    My sis went to STANFORD, a pedantic genius, but get her outside her paradigms and beyond her blue pill Matrix diet, she becomes an intellectual pygmy ...

    This blog, and many others on the Net, can point people in the right direction IF they are open minded ... To deny yourself that clear window proves fear. FDR knew all about Pearl Harbor, made it happen, check the McCollom memo or listen to Admiral Kimmel's grandson sometime, but FDR was right about FEAR ITSELF.

    Keep buying, this carnival ride is only beginning.

  25. dayovana,

    > Don Corleone said it best "woman and children can be careless, but not men"

    Excellent analysis as to why there are virtually ZERO women on these forums (or who give a rats-ass about 'money')! Women are about to get a wake-up-call that they have been desperately needing over the past half century.

    As Mel Gibson recently said: "I need a woman!" (a real woman, not just a 'female').

  26. Interesting comments and post. Sounds so 1999, this time it's different internet bubble to me. Been there, done that, got carried away and got my hat handed to me. So as the Wolf so eloquently put it in Pulp Fiction, before we start sucking each others' dicks, just remember it can all change in the wink of an eye; remember 2008? Most of the people reading this blog (and others) have an inkling of what's going on. Just remember that criminals are running the casino and they will do whatever it takes to part you from your winnings.

    So, am I saying that speculating in PM's is bad? No. Just remember that PM's are an insurance policy, not a get rich scheme. The goal here is not to stack Ag and Au to the rafters but to insure your current wealth. If you're speculating, that's fine, just remember to factor in an exit strategy.

  27. Right on SGS! I am DONE wasting my fucking time and energy trying to convince these brain-dead fucking morons of the importance of all of this. My conclusion is they have a subconscious death wish and they WILL get it! I convinced a friend a 5 months ago who I thought "Got it" when I talked him into picking up a couple hundred oz of "PHYZZ." I shot him a text yesterday to let him know Ag hit 43 and the stupid fuck replies "Really? That's Awesome! So when do we cash out?" And, NO...he wasn't fucking kidding. So I proceeded to reply "Anytime you want....I'll gladly give you my worthless fiat in exchange for your pile you Jackass!!!" DONE!!!! I'm buying the dips and getting ready for the shit show.

  28. @reefman - and to all ~ I am a woman and I am on this blog, but just posted to comments for the first time today. Also read Turd Ferguson and listen to Bob Chapman. Watch endlessmountain on youtube (the Silver Bull) and on's silver discussion forum group where my favorite poster is AGStacker. Enjoy listening to/watching James Turk and Mike Maloney. I have learned MORE in the last 3 to 6 weeks than in all my years of American History classes and have been telling just about EVERYONE I know what is going down. I even know what forming a nice FUBM is! It's fun, but it's also sad. Just wrote to former grad school classmates: "Buy silver. The country is going to shit. Democracy is dead." Did anyone respond? No. Everyone was silent, when I said that. Well my thoughts are that we are having a dismemberment b/c the course we have been on is UNSUSTAINABLE and there are various greedy powers (Illuminati, globalists - whatever you want to call da big familia businesses - have manipulated things because they are VERY intent about what they want). In time, my hope is that something new and good will self-organize from out of the shock and the ashes. The one thing the Illuminatists can never count on - the one thing that can screw them over - is the HUMAN factor, the HUMAN element. This is, I believe in part, what this silver revolution is all about (ala Max Keiser, and so on). We shall see.... Maybe I sound like a nut, but I have learned to connect the dots long ago, having had the privilege of hanging with folks like journalist Jim Marrs. And now with Chase Bank threatening me with a 27% interest rate on the credit card if I am only ONE DAY late, they are shamelessly IN OUR FACES about the power they revel in throwing around. Bless her heart Maxine Waters chewed out the bastards, but has anything changed?
    I am just SO grateful to so many here that have posted such WONDERFUL links and videos and have taught me so dang much in these last few weeks. Thank you SGS, and all you Guys and Gals (wherever you might be) who comment authentically here ~~~ My gratitude is beyond measure. Silver is saving my ass. But what is behind that? It's people - the people who are here and the people who have woken up and are waking up and those who are still to wake up. I am just so grateful that there is hope. And it lies in the Human Spirit.

  29. Your Fucking Nuts!.................AND I LOVE IT!

    Great post. I have the privilege of saving one, my BIL, he listened he reads and he sees. All it took was one Silver Maple, hooked.

    He thanks me all the time, were cool man.

    By the way some mining mishap with HL, EXK is a buy.

    See you over at ATW, SGS.

  30. Absolutely SGS. I cannot say enough about this blog and the comments on it. I have been attempting to wake up family and friends for over 5 years....telling them to buy gold/silver, that this 'great experiment' is fuking toast!...You would think after seeing the price of silver/gold go from 7/300 an oz to over 43/1485 ...a big fuking lightbulb would go off....but nothing! People dont WANT to know...they would rather live in the lie...if even for however brief than face the reality that is going to smack them in their ugly faces very soon.....with that said...anyone in the San Antonio, tx area.?

  31. "If you want peace, happiness, and want to teach people about this stuff-here it is....Dont do it. yeah, I fuckin said it"

    I share your pain, brotha. I share your pain.

  32. I have only been following a couple of months. I am placing an order for 5k shares of TK for Monday. Is this the right time or should I wait for the next dip?

  33. a bunch of yall are fags yall need to get off of sgs's dick

  34. And you're a piece of shit son of a bitch, nig4life. Go fuck yourself.

  35. Twig4life;
    You jealous? Turn that frown upside down and your pockets inside out, and get ye to a refinery.

  36. You're a Madman, and yes I will keep my puppies out of reach ! Oh... to tell people that the value of their currency will go down - it's something people don't want to hear or can really understand. My first gold coin purchase was *difficult* - I was displaying my fears about the safety of the currency.

    Well, probably sooner than later we're gonna have a dollar crisis and it won't be pretty. Most people will probably have no idea how it happened.

    Anyway, I don't think the comex will fail... yet. Governments have done wild things in the past when people want the metals over the currency so we'll have to see how this thing plays out.

  37. nig4life there is nothing wrong with being grateful.

    This post spoke to me SGS, "I would eat your fuckin puppy." LOL I can't believe you wrote that. I have been trying to wake my mom up for a long time with little luck telling her about silver and buying her some food to store. Just 2 weeks ago she bought a new puppy (she already HAS a dog). I was sooo pissed I told her she is going to go hungry trying to feed these dumb animals and when meat reaches 50/lb due to inflation that I was going to eat that puppy.

  38. hehehe another story..
    My kid played triple aaa hockey. I had Butlers book that he wrote for investment rarities back in 03. Thats when i went full on Chubby in my silver purchase. Anyway I gave his coach the book. silver was around 5.00. He had the book for a week, brought it back to me and said here. Its just taking space up on my kitchen table. Never thanked me or nothing. I wonder what that idiot is thinking now? or he is probably so oblivious to the action in silver he does not even know. Very few of the people I told about silver have participated. Oh well.

  39. University of Texas Takes Delivery Of $1 Billion In Physical Gold


  40. Great Post SGS. I have been laughed at every step of the way when I invested my life-savings into silver in September. I went through it all where my stupid friends and family would tell me Im nuts for buying silver, getting guns and stockpiling water and food. They still are thinking Im nuts. Whats it going to take to wake these idiots up?? A complete collapse of the system. It will be too late for them to do anything about it

  41. Dude, thanks for the a non-insider, the trading lingo was a bit confusing- but I get the larger concepts. Keep up the good work. I am enjoying the ride.....

  42. Thanks Shill ~ I misspoke and don't think I'm nuts at all. Also, endlessmountain on youtube is not Silver Bull, but Silver Log. He looks at charts, but I think he is very careful in doing so. So despite all the blah blah that is real about market manipulation, from looking at Silver Log, it seems basic fundamentals are in place as well. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a female but I can take it. I am only 6 weeks in this gig, so I am still early in learning. Didn't pay attention to a damn thing for too many years. I woke up, Thank the trickster gods...

  43. I have a multi-millionare uncle that I BEGGED him to buy gold & silver starting about 3 years ago (maybe 4). His ego wouldn't allow his "poor nephew" give him advice. DAMMIT, I know it is frustrating, but if you can reach ONE person,please do it. Figure if I could have gotten him to invest "just" $25,000 in sliver 3-4 years ago.. Also, visit, they do some good stuff

  44. Silver, not bad (typo)

  45. Hey, Capitald, I hope it is a dog that can whip some ass, if not, I don't blame you for being pissed!

  46. Good to hear, Joanie, better late than never.

    I think it's safe to say that there's plenty of women that read here. Just because they don't post, doesn't mean they're not listening.

    My mom listens to me concerning all of her investments. In fact, she takes my advice over her "financial adviser".

    What I find when I explain things to most people is that their eyes kinda glaze over and they just nod. In one ear, out the other. Yeah it's sad, but in this day and age there's no excuse anymore, PLENTY of info out there about what's coming. I guess you can't change someone that's not willing or ready to change... At least we tried and maybe helped wake up a few:)


  47. Reefman, We women read what you men post and take only the best information and run with it. We don't post, because we have to run the household, feed the kids, pleasure the hubby, work the job and make sure we are well invested. Yes, we are here, just don't have time to post! Thanks for making me waste this precious time!