Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silver margin raised by 10%, eventually you will have to stop all silver trading you fuckturtles


-OI increases in June month to 352,958
-Volume today was 168,099, and guess what?! We went up. SHOCKING.
-deposits to the dealer ZERO. Deposits to the customer ZERO. Withdrawals form dealer ZERO, withdrawals from customer ZERO. HOLY FUCK!

-OI contracts to 135,763, which may be good if the weaker longs sold out, or if the banks covered. We shall see wont we.
-deposits to the dealer ZERO

CME raised margins requirements again-that would have been the mid day selloff that I got 17 texts about, only to be dismissed like 4 minutes later as people realized these quickfucks are the last attempt to keep this thing down. Well, its not working.
Here's what the CME can do to stop this train: HALT ALL SILVER TRADING. There I have given them the recipe to delay the inevitable.

TINKA update. Drills will be turning May 15-17th. The chart is now starting to form a bull flag. Hope you are with us on this one. GOT CHIMU?

Hinterland Metals should break out tomorrow to new highs.

Well there you have it. Options in line. Dealer hasnt received metal in like a month and Adrian Douglas has hinted to a default...June/July should be fun-get your shit in order.

Please watch the video below. Try not to stare at her hands.


  1. I think Peter was staring at her hands.

  2. Man hands.

  3. LOL, smoking hot, love the body glove muffin top, RT has the best, ohhh enough.

    BTW, I didn't even know they raised margins till just now. Shows how much gas they have left in the tank. LOL, like it's the Jasper's of the world driving up prices. Oh boy I have to fork up another 150 to cover my maybe 1 contract. Go F"Y"S Comex. Just gave 2 more silver eagles for my friends boys for their birthday. We have a rolling pin to Dimon's sack!

  4. Do you realize that if the Comex defaults you might as well close all US markets? The Sovereigns will absolutely go apeshit. I say they raise margin to 100% before default. The leveraged longs liquidate, the Fed writes an off balance sheet blank check to JPM so they don't neednto cover until silver corrects to 20and we get a V bottom as they take off the majority of their shorts and we bounce to reach market equilibrium.

  5. @6:48 I think Peter Schiff was trying to wheel this bittie.

  6. Na, he was staring at her tits because the desk was too high! Cute and smart!

  7. The US bankers know the US is going to default, so JPM and any other US bank don't give two shits about covering there shorts, they know the default will wipe all debts clean. Lets get that straight.

    All they are trying to do is slow the rate at which the dollar declines, they want an orderly decline (quote George Soros).

    If PM's start going up 25% a week foreigners will panic, chaos in the markets, you have a disorderly decline and massive disruption, not desired. The margin hikes are like hitting the breaks to keep the dollar decline going the speed limit.

  8. Volume high it's good...volume low it's good? The problem with conspiracy people is that they always have to move the mark to keep up their thesis.

  9. MikeS, if the CRIMEX defaults, silver goes to the moon and 10,000 lawyers bleed JPM to death via litigation. All the 99 paper holders want their silver, which 1 ounce of physical exists for every 100 ounces of paper trash silver...

  10. Dumbfucks who store their silver in unallocated vaults are going to find out the silver aint there either causing a HUGE RUN. Who knows how many are going to get jacked when this fuse is lit...

  11. Wow, they're keeping a tight lid on $48.50. No doubt London will open and AG will get beat down even further.

    Enjoy the roller coaster, everyone. They can only keep this beach ball under water for so long.

  12. London closed for the wedding.

  13. Silver is the honey badger of all commodities.

  14. just have two back to back article about silver correction due now... What a timing... Two articles together at 20 minutes ago ?!
    Game is rigged.... Get physical silver and gold... keep buying if you can. Make sure you got enough food and water... Even if the society doesn't break down, in several months, the food prices will go higher and higher. You can start digging into the food you buy now.

  15. I myself have stopped using Chase credit card or banks.

    I don't want them to make another dollar off me.
    Unless they have zero percent loan that I don't have to pay for another year. Then I just write a check to myself and buy physicals silver. That way, chase made 4% off me, but I tie up their money for 1 year and buying something that helps hurting them.

    Also, I bought some JPM puts options..... Just for the heck of it.

  16. If she was the one pumping silver instead of Peter - It would be $400 by Xmas.

  17. in related news ...

  18. Bought Tinka yesterday, and on monday my broker promised to bring Hinterland Metals Inc. to the Swedish portfolio :)


  19. "Volume high it's good...volume low it's good? The problem with conspiracy people is that they always have to move the mark to keep up their thesis"

    Crusso: If GOld volume is over 200K we get smoked, if not we go up...not too sure WTF you are talking about. All else aside, I'm still winning this conspiracy theory ;)

  20. Crusso this is for you:

    "GoldCore Questions On Comex Silver Default Due To Secret Buying By Russian Billionaire, Chinese Traders and People's Bank Of China new
    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 04/29/2011 07:54 -0400

    Let us reiterate a COMEX default on delivery of precious metals and specifically of silver bullion bars is far from “noise”. It is of significant importance and that is why we have covered its possibility for some months. A COMEX default would have massive ramifications for precious metals markets, for the wider commodity markets, for the dollar, for fiat currencies and for our modern financial system. Silver surged 3.4% yesterday to settle at a 31 year nominal high and rose by $1.55 on the day. Silver is up some 28% in April alone. The last time this happened is when Warren Buffett took a large stake in silver in 1987 and there were rumours of Buffett “cornering the market”. Silver remains in backwardation and the possibility of a COMEX default cannot be ruled out – especially as silver bullion inventories are very small vis-à-vis possible capital allocations to silver in the coming weeks and months. The possibility of an attempted cornering of the silver market through buying and taking delivery of physical bullion remains real and would likely lead to a massive short squeeze which could see silver surge to well over its inflation adjusted high of $140/oz. Indeed, a recent article in the Financial Times suggested that private or state interests with very deep pockets are attempting to corner the silver market. Bizarrely, this massive story which mooted the possibility of Russian billionaires, Chinese traders and even the People’s Bank of China and other central banks secretly buying silver, has subsequently been barely reported or commented on. There are now two “conspiracy theories”. One is the long side conspiracy theory which claims, a la the FT, that there are foreign private and state actors attempting to corner the silver market through secret buying. "

    You idiot.

  21. silvergoldsilver.
    Your post yesterday about comex op ex volume was wrong. Your source was lazy. Yes you had these huge volumes, not it was not the least bit unusual for last options trading day.

    All you have to do is go back and read the options exercising reports for previous COMEX last option trading days. All are similarly high.

    In fact today's may open interest is actually a lot lower than I would have expected. 2143 contracts left standing for May.

    This is actually less than we had standing for delivery on March, and I think we have at least one more day of trading before only standers are left.

    I'm a big time silver bull, but this is sloppy without even reading the past reports that the numbers are based on is lazy and just damages the credibility of the whole PM blog community.

    I usually post sources:
    Source for todays open interest:

    Source for options exercise data:
    This month last option trading day:

    Then go back to the last trading day in Feb when March came off the table:

  22. Thanks Paul, I will stop tainting the blogosphere with criminal comex data that changes daily.

  23. CRIMEX Its bad enough without exaggerating ;-)

  24. If I hold 500 oz of physical, do I own as much as or more than someone with a 50,000 share basket of SLV?

  25. Nope, no manipulation at all. Markets are open for 8 minutes, then silver goes straight down. Normal markets. No manipulation here. Move along folks.

    I'm surprised Dimon and Masters haven't had their caps twisted back by some gun totin' investor.

  26. oh man SGS called him an idiot! that is great...

  27. "Fuckturtle" LOL we need an archive of these words

  28. I like how Schiff totally hit on her at the end...classic! His reference to the Titanic crossing was hilarious.

    Love that chick's ( . Y . )

  29. schiff hitting on RT babe = epic win

  30. Anyone catching this crush at the end? Blythe just hammered silver down a buck in 30 seconds. Yep, this is all just normal market behavior. No manipulation here at all. SGS, when is this shit gonna end?

  31. Island: It wont, its the ponzi, they have to maintain the status quo.