Monday, April 25, 2011

Silver Comex volume...hummmm, shocking.

It was NOT shocking at all to see the silver volume today at 279,844. That lady's and gentlemen is full retard. Its full retard b/c we were up 6.5% then down 2% then up then down then up. Converting that volume into ounces is ridiculous. I'm not even going to waste my time doing it. Moving on.

We got our first deposit into the GOLD dealer today!!! Yeah 5000 (nice round number) ounces. Crazy how they can settle millions of ounces and only have 5000 come in all month. Weird eh.

Silver has ZERO deposits into customer, and many many withdrawals. I sound like a broken record for fucks sake.

COT report:

JPM et al. short another 13,155 contracts of Gold.
JPM et al. short another 662 contracts of silver.

You are witnessing the biggest paper fiat-keep-the-lid-from-exploding-market in the history of markets.

Onto the trolls:

I will be deleting posts now as I have attracted more fucking idiots somehow. I just cant keep up with the enormity of stupidity rolling in. I am way too busy for this shit.

Anyone that bought Fire River today great. Downside risk is minimal. Upside potential is huge.
Tinka remains suppressed as the elections are waning on it right now. I will have my bids in again if people decide to sell this into me- I will gladly take more. Everything is still on schedule for the drilling. Nothing has changed.

Here is a great reminder. Make sure you put out your SELL orders say .50-$1 higher. This way JPM and Cannacrap, and other fucksmacks cant short them. PUT OUT YOUR LIMIT SELL ORDER AND DO US ALL A FAVOUR PLEASE SO THEY CANT SHORT THESE STOCKS.

Thanks me today. Seriously,take 1 second and thank me. I love getting my $$ back from these fuckin GPS following crooks.


  1. Monkey's hard at work again in the after hours. I like $39 at some point this week. Come on Dirty Dimon, call Benny and put a lid on it for juuuust a bit longer.....

  2. i just opened a e mail from apmex ,offering to buy u.s. mint products,$38 over spot price for gold eagles...$3 over spot for silver eagles... wow thats news that i like to hear. what yall think of that?

  3. This monkey is hard at BTFD!! Thanks, SGS, for Fire River. Still waiting for TK to come around, but I'm holding tight. Thanks for all your efforts in "running a clean house" and for getting the word out to those of us that are actually listening.

  4. "Still waiting for TK to come around" whats your entry, a lot of us are in around .32 so its easier to sit on this.

  5. "Silver is going to pop to $39-$44 and I’m going to short the s--- out of it. It’s still a commodity. Supply and demand still work,” says Robert Moriarty (March 1,2011)

    The smug douchebag Bob Moriarty is shorting the shit out of silver while trying to convince everyone to dump their silver positions. He's telling everyone you can't profit if you don't sell right now, before Silver collapses.

    I hope silver keeps going higher and that little cocksucker Bob Moriarty keeps shorting it all the way up and loses everything. He is nothing but a penny stock pump and dumper who dumps his cheap/free shares into the demand he creates when he pumps a company. I hope everyone ignores what the little fucker writes and keeps going long silver so that Bob and all the other lying cocksuckers in the gold/silver community get crushed as most of them are probably shorting right now. David Morgan, the Jon Nadler clone, is probably shorting right now as well and I hope he gets fucking wiped out as well. Too many lying, cocksucking douchebags in the PM community that people trust.

  6. "Make sure you put out your SELL orders say .50-$1 higher. This way JPM and Cannacrap, and other fucksmacks cant short them."

    ??? Can someone educate me on why this makes a difference? Thanks

  7. If anybody sells their silver right now, you are a fucking moron. The only way to get silver higher is to buy and hold. Besides, I, like most people(I hope)are NOT buying silver to turn a quick profit. They are holding it to use as barter/currency when the USD falls off Mt. Bernankeverest. I long for the days when I can buy 2 shopping carts full of food and beer for 2 oz of silver. Who really beleives the USD is gonna pop back up again? Anybody? Most likely no one. When the USD tanks, Gold will skyrocket to $8000/oz while silver sits nicely at $400/oz at a 20:1 ratio. It will happen. Maybe not this year, though I hope sincerely it does, but you cant always have your cake and eat it too.

    SGS- I love you man... in a weird, psychotic, heterosexual way. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. - Fuck WeatherUnit. Yea... FUCK YOU WEATHER UNIT. Fucking fuckhead.

  8. I am also curious why putting your shares in a sell order above the price would allow them not to be shorted. Is it because the fact that the shares are no longer "able to be burrowed" if they have an order to be sold? That is my guess, but would appreciate clarification. Thanks for the work you put in SGS.

    Ron Paul to announce his exploratory committee tomorrow, maybe he will comment on the FED's meeting tomorrow. I hope so... would be epic in the face of the biggest PR day for the FED.

    @ SilverGoldSilver

    Do you think there will be policy changes in this meeting? I feel this is a bit to planned (maybe just a bit paranoid) to be the regular MOPE. With the recent news "coming out" over the weekend about China moving away from the dollar, will Bernanke be in rescue mode in ways that people are not expecting? One thing is for sure, Wednesday will answer a lot of questions. Wondering your take if you had a second (not on what it will do to metals but if there will be some sort of unexpected comment/new policy released).


  9. if it gets that bad high rise you gonna get merked for your 2 oz's so quit wishin for it we have it easy right now

  10. Well, there was tungsten gold bar... I don't see why not having silver plated Eagles out there now. What does it take "someone" to start making something that is not 0.999 or better coins ? We have heard all these scams going on. I won't be surprised to see coins made are not as specified.
    Anyway, I personally trust Canadian Maples better.

    Oh, one more thing about the Limited Orders. I would like to take a crack at it. The movement of the trading not only depends on the spread, it is also depended on the level 2 quotes. The amount of shares sitting behind each bid or ask level is also used to decide the direction of the price. If there are 10 millions shares sitting on the ask, and there are only hundreds shares on bidding, the the price will go down because of demand and supply. That aids the shorting.

  11. 279,844 contracts * 5,000oz/contract = 1.4B oz
    i.e., 2 years of world production traded in a single day...
    Fucktronic !

  12. @ SGS

    I just got in a week or so ago--.64.

  13. @SGS

    You must have an admirer.

  14. That guy ripped off "full retard" AND "paging Blythe".


  15. It is unbelievable that JPM added more shorts again. Are these jacklegs really gonna cover these shorts or just let the CRIMEX default and have Uncle Sugar slip em' some loving via the backdoor when it does. How many fucking contracts have these assholes shorted today? Fuck them, buy and hold physical and laugh when this whole desert oasis mirage vanishes and hoardes of Bedouin with sharp objects to stick up their asses appear.

  16. Anybody else notice that Silver overseas frequently takes off when the Sydney market closes?

  17. Asians are clueless without the CRIMEX or LMBA open to follow. China knows where all the shiny is...

  18. how long until drilling an results for tinka?

    how much lower can it go?

  19. people love to panic after a sell off from a near all time high!!! i'm stayin in no matter what happens. i'll go down with silver all the way to ZERO! it is the only thing that makes sense to me.. everything else is an absolute joke. buy, sell, hold I don't give a fuck... I'm in until something else makes sense.

  20. $45.50 and dropping like a rock. Sell! Sell! SELLLLLL!


  21. I'm staying too. No matter what happens.


    Since SGS wants to delete my posts I won't post here anymore. It's your problem if you miss something now.

    The News UNIT

  22. Oh man I'm one happy guy, I have $40k of play money coming in at the end of this week, what a bargain, silver will be on sale!!

  23. anyone ever consider this scenario?

    silver/gold goes so high so fast, THE ELITE has to do something ...

    they limit it, etc, chip money (like rocky told russo), make silver and gold worthless (temporarily, so the Rothschilds and other demons get "sell off" at peanuts like the Nathan Mayer Rothschilds profited following Waterloo) and we are all chumps holding useless metals and standing in bread lines ...

    How long could everyone hold out IF metals could not be traded for sustenance, bc every transaction would be chipped ... and a chicken farmer ain't taking a Morgan for 2 hens IF he can't spend it.

    just a thought I have had many times...

    * phoned in and presented it to Bob Chapman on Stadtmiller's RBN show last summer and they pretended they didn't understand, laughed it off, and nervously chortled, "Metals is your only alternative" ... Under fair rules I agree, but would love to hear input on my hypothetical.

    why couldnt it happen just like that? ... bleed people 1/10/20 years, give them some infrequent Jubilees to "sell" for some monetary chips etc; or tell them if they didn't they'd be imprisoned.

    Ok, I am a writer, but damn, I am telling you this scenario is certainly one that sometimes worries me.

    thanks for reading :)

  24. So, can any detail when the different markets open up? Comex, LBMA, asian (?) ? I'm curious how this affects price actions - the PMs got slammed at 6:30 this morning !

  25. @Weather Unit, it's our problem if we miss something? LOL. Dude your "sources" are just shit you find in the mainstream and alternative media like the rest of us - nothing special. Good riddance.

    What is happening to my precious silver? Back into 45...Jamie just blew his load of paper silver.

  26. gregg, your scenario is a mad max situation. if you believe in end times etc then you should probably be farming and learning to hunt. silver is an INDUSTRIAL metal and HEDGE against FIAT paper money. It will always have value and can always be used for something.

    SGS are you going to delete his comment?

  27. Makaveli,

    it's a scenario I could see in a movie, I'm half kidding about it ... but still it's an intriguing thought.

  28. Gregg I don't see that situation playing out as you imagine it. I would imagine it would create somewhat of a currency duality like the Tally Stick system. The Tally Sticks were the only currency accepted for the payment of taxes so demand was built into them (how I could see the chip functioning) and also offset the manipulative control and power of the goldsmiths. So people would transact in both; the nation backed currency when they needed it and the intrinsically valuable money otherwise to preserve wealth.

  29. Gregg, ever consider standing in a bread line with worthless paper?

    Just listen to Lindsey Williams, and Rollover 1981 says the same thing, so do most smart investors.

    Look at Zimbabwe, the only thing of value was gold and silver. Why? Foreigners wouldn't accept there paper.

  30. on another hand, silver has dropped $5 during the last 24 hours ... people need to know the honchos do have a lotta games to shake out the rabble

  31. good! shake them out! I've had too many retards talking about silver the past two weeks. my friends dad buddy got a call from his financial advisor telling him silver was the play @ $45 an oz... today my CEO today talked about the price of silver in his qtr speech. shake them out and the people who bought for the right reasons will be rewarded in the end. we will prevail!

  32. At this rate we should see the 30's soon eh?

  33. Woooo Hoooo!

    Silver sale!!
    I hope gold goes on sale soon too!!

    Oh man, this is great!

  34. On the other hand silver rose faster than it declined....hummm...its filling the gap right now...and quite frankly I'm ready to step in here and pick a little up

  35. I believe we are starting to see a decoupling of "paper" silver and REAL Silver.. Nobody has Silver Eagles.. APMEX is willing to "Pay" three above Spot for them and they have to make a Profit ! Let the "Paper" fall as far as it These metal companies can't just give it away because the price falls.. Wheres the Logic in that.. They paid in the middle forties to get it to sell it ! The lower it goes, we just see a bigger different price in the Real and it just Exposes them even more for the Criminals they are.. Or take the Idiots point of View and the Metal companies are gouging

  36. Careful: I think support is around 42.85 if we get another leg down.....

  37. @bflowers1

    If the premium that APMEX was paying was an amout over spot to keep the price at $50/eagle I would agree that we would be witnessing the final stages of paper & metal decoupling, but the $3.00 is the minting surcharge.

    If this continues-I see there be a frozen physical market where no one will trade silver for paper before I see a decoupling like you suggest.

    I do not understand why people would see their silver for paper anyway-at this point right now-it is silly.

  38. I thought you weren't going to post anymore, Moon Unit Zappa?


  39. After watching the market for months, I finally had to agree with SGS. Just forget about the fiat, and get as many physical as you can.

    If what SGS post is true and accurate, then the scale of the JPM naked short selling is criminal. Unfortunately, CFTC and the Fed are the culprits. This country is becoming hopeless if we aren't already is. Get as many physical precise metals as you can.

    JPM, HSBC, CFTC and FED is going to take us down. Ron Paul is right. FED should be audited. So should the vaults of SLV GDL.

    Anyway, may be it is too late. The insane massive naked short selling and relentless printing of fiat is only buying time... Unfortunately, I don't think they are buying time for us though.....

  40. I realize I am late to this party,

    But Gregg, if they've won to the point when they can force everyone to get a chip, that is when everyone but them is just screwed.

    That type of logic is like this one guy I know who won't store any water for emergencies, because the plastic bottles leech toxins into the water.


    Weather Unit - A penny's more

    Get a load of this GARBAGE from ASIABLUES on Zero Hedge:

    Physical Silver Investors Are Being Hoodwinked by the Futures Market

    I am not even going to put a link, if you want to go read that garbage....go to zerohedge on guest posts.

    It's bad enough I have to watch my family and friends wallow in worthless paper assets, I have to stomach lousy analysis.

    As I said before maybe 40 million silver eagles will be sold in 2011. If we take about half of Americans that might be able to buy one, it would leave us with 160 million people. Thats a quarter ounce of silver eagle for everyone. Thats a FRICKEN BUBBLE??

    Grandmas trading tech stocks in 1999 after bingo on SUNDAY is a FRICKEN BUBBLE.

    Theres a great deal of BRAIN DAMAGE out there folks....and it ain't good for you.

    SGS....looks like you made the right call buying back in at $44.90.

  42. Turd talked about the paper pushers hammering silver after for a few days after the 22nd the last few delivery months to encourage contract rollovers and discourage delivery. Perhaps this is getting more and more difficult for them so they let the lid off a little to allow silver to run up to $49+ so when they knock it down it looks like a bigger sell off than normal. Possibly some physical sell off "profit taking" with the Fed meeting and Bernank press conference looming contributing also? I'd expect a huge rebound as people buy back in once that tool announces no rate increase as we know he has to.

  43. @gregg

    There is a guy I work with that asks the same questions about gold and silver. What if the "powers that be" suddenly declare gold and silver worthless and name some other asset that only "they" have been accumulating as the "new money" or decide to confiscate them as a matter of "national security".

    If this were so you wouldn't see the international banksters accumulating and hording PMs in increasing quantities, mainstream shill investment talking heads would be hyping the shit out of PMs, not laughing at and mocking the occasional Peter Schiff who shreds them with common sense.

    None of the evidence of what is going on around us points to this. But for an instance lets assume that happens.

    A. What are our options we have no better guess as to what "new money" would be anyway. We know that this slave paper we have is a rode to poverty, quickly transforming from a carriage ride to a Ferrari. So your best option is to own physical.

    B. I would assume there would be some underground barter system develop among people who own phys as we know that no matter what "they" say, PMs are real money.

    What many of us believe will happen shortly is that PMs will explode in the near future as fiat currency pushers are forced to print more and more money in exponential amounts, as the great short caper is exposed, and as the world realizes physical has dried up.

    At that point it won't even be worth measuring phys in dollars because it will just be so ridiculous. Once upon a time when the dollar was invented, it's value was measured by how many ounces it was worth, originally $1=1/20th an ounce of gold. Now as we should measure it, $1=1/1500th an ounce of gold. Who knows exactly how much the dollar is over valued. Who knows how much the currency has exploded since the $1 was worth 1/20th an ounce.

    Amazing how they've mind jacked 99% of the country(world?) into believing that real stuff should be measured by how much worthless paper it takes to purchase. The other factors are normalcy bias and the false belief that America the great is too big to fail.

    Paper should be measured by how much Gold/Silver it's worth, not the other way around. Take your worthless paper while someone will still give you real money for it and buy phys. There will come a time when someone won't give you an ounce for a shit ton of $100 bills.