Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selling silver? Bad choice.


  1. its amazing how so many people are still plugged into the matrix... its sad but its reality .. as in the matrix .. they are all potential agents .. that sell silver and soon will sell you out just to eat

  2. great video find hope you dont mind me reposting

  3. Charlatan ! Wait, I'm meant that for Geitner.

  4. Updates and more coming:

    The News UNIT Blogspot

    The recent pullback from $50 is nothing. Here's the new way to look at Silver:

    Think GOLD! Get it?

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  6. Dear SDS
    OI in the Mays tells you everything you need to know. Enjoy the miners as theyre a bargain, but do be careful on any long silver especially front month options from here.

  7. I like that guy, but why are his ears so pink?

  8. Weather Unit....what's the deal? I used to enjoy going on JESUS FREAK rooms on AOL and being the odd man out just to annoy those hypocrites. But you, I can't understand.

    I can see going to a JP MORGUE or BLANK of AMERICA yahoo investor forum and being the asshole there, but why here?

    You are on the wrong side of this one I can assure you. I would give you kudos for being this way on the SLV, as it is a piece of trash, but to say silver is in a my friend are barking up the wrong tree.

    Anyhow...we take Eric Sprott and James Turk (billionaire investors) and SGS blog here over anything you have to say.

    If you keep on with your rant, I will acknowledge you as "THE LUNATIC"

    your call....

  9. I like Chris. Good guy. I really liked how he finished by saying that you accumulate wealth to be generous and help others. That's such a good word.

    *looks to his chart* Oh, there goes silver!

  10. Where did I say "silver is in a bubble"? Show me. And I'm not here on SGS's blog to argue about my blog. I'm here to find out the facts. Do you have the facts? Show them.

    Here's a fact:

    The Weekly Telegram Says Don't Listen to Me

    There are people out there that are working overtime to make a fool out of people. It takes some time to comb through all these details.....developing....