Saturday, April 9, 2011

Question: U think Tiffany's would say it...? I doubt it

If, "We think it is unconscionable for anyone to hoard several billion, yes billion, dollars worth of silver and thus drive the price up so high that others must pay artificially high prices for articles made of silver" as Tiffanys one page NYT article read in 1980, could we see the next Tiffany's one page NYT article read on Monday:

"We think it is unconscionable for JP Morgue to hoard short silver paper obligations, yes 125 million oz's or most likely triple that, and thus drive the price up so high that others must pay inflated prices for articles made of silver that we cant sell because people are buying minted coins instead of the these crap shitlaces we cant unload now because the sheeple are catching on to the ponzi but didnt it 1980 because their was no internet and China and India and netflix and not 4 trillion dollars printed and since this is a run on sentence I'll add in that my friends dad who thinks he's a market guru couldnt even give me a rough ball park on the closing price of silver on friday and people are even questioning it being a crowded trade?"

I have a secured some more fiat..for a great buying opp dip next week I pray it comes. I will also be giving an update on Tinka, and Mid week I will be giving my loyal peeps a look at our new pick...oh its juicy...very very juicy...and Sprott is even on board with it! Time to make that cash again, and turn it into some phyzz (this is my newest term for physical, I have submitted the trademark papers for it as of friday.)

Go drink a beer, study some charts, Next week should be fun. The silver God's are in our corner now.

I also thank you for the donations that keep rolling in, I guess someone is making money from this blog... ;) Cheers, and let the good times roll.


  1. I feel like silver is due for a 10-15% temporary correction, but there is no fundamental situation looming that could cause that to happen, so I suspect there might be a significant margin increase soon, like this week. This will bring silver down over the next couple weeks to the $36-ish level, then it's off to $48 before it does it again, then they announce QE3 and it's to the moon from there!

  2. $36???

    That would cause a serious feeding frenzy. Anything's possible but I don't see it.

    The CFTC monkeys meet this week to yammer on about nothing, come up with excuses to do nada, and fellate JPM et al. Fuck those reprobates.

    I've got a fat position in Tinka at .56 and will let it ride.

    Grazie SGS.

  3. Yeah I expect those CFTC shitstains to extend and pretend as usual. Somebody get a rope...

  4. A new silver pick! Woohoo! Now we're talking. Macro-economic philosophizing is all well and good, but show us the money is why we're here.
    Im guessing...

  5. I don't think we see a correction just now. Silver broke through 40 so easily (one could have expected a psychological resistance here) that I see silver shooting to 50 rather fast and THEN have a rest for a while/dip.

    Also: Now that they made this "historical" 30-something billion cut (lmfao) this is the proof to the greatest fool in the world that they will *never* stop their spending/money printing/fed scam/debt spiral/end of fiat money/fuckers-in-space-mission. Never. Unless the USD vanishes in a cloud of smoke, that is.

    I am long in Silver CFDs to get me more fiat so I can buy more physical. This is the plan for the next weeks and months. I hope that by the end of the year I own a tenth of a ton ... ;)

    My prediction: By June Silver will hit 50, by December Silver will test the third digit.

  6. PS: How about a little conspi-theory?

    I think we all agree that the end of the last week was *unusual* strong, even given the super bullish silver market.

    Now what if somebody knew something about the CFTC meeting and did a little front running.

    Just an idea ...

  7. SGS, your blog inspired me. I wrote an article on rare earth metals, take a look if you are interested. I also mention your blog in passing.

  8. Are we talking about Apogee (APE)?
    The are pulling incredible numbers from drill results
    Pretty much to the point they just need two guys and a shovel to keep them in business.

    And I know Sprott loves the co. and is heavily invested.
    22% move on Friday.

  9. quit tryin to brag iflash no one gives a damn how much silver you got or are gonna have

  10. I see USDX getting back above 75 in a hurry, maybe even bouncing up to 76. That should send the metals down. So BTFD.

  11. Thanks for your posts SGS.

  12. Sorry to break your suspense SGS, I am very good at guessing. I think you are talking about HMI.V :).

  13. I love these kind of games. I bet it's Kootenay Gold Inc. I've been so close to pulling the trigger on it lately... Anyway, that's my guess.

  14. @nig: I don't give a shit what you think. Saw the smiley at the end of my post, you lil fucker?

  15. @iFlash: if you don't give a shit what he thinks, why are you responding?

    Please don't feed the trolls!

    IMHO... I agree with Mike above. With the budget deal, we'll see the US$ come up a bit, and PMs take a minor hit Monday-Tuesday.

  16. @LS650: You're right -sorry.

  17. PS: Regarding budget: No way that out of more than in spendings, a "saving" of thirty-something billions make a great deal. This budget deal is a joke and will not help the Dollar at all.

    But we all will see when markets open again ...

  18. EUR/USd is trading at 1.4465 in early interbank trade.

    Looks like the budget deal will not do much for the USDX

  19. "No way that out of more than in spendings, a "saving" of thirty-something billions make a great deal. "

    Of course - but we're not talking about reality, we're talking about perceptions. The average shmoe walking down the street is hearing that the government cut spending, and thinks that all is well with the world again. Most folks aren't getting out their calculator and doing the basic arithmetic.

  20. @LS650: Thank the Lord that the average shmoe is not investing in significant amounts ... that's why the Dollar will not (and has not) be(en) saved ...