Friday, April 8, 2011

Kid Dynamite, where you at? Come back and explain why JP Morgue only has 30,844 oz's...

I remember you saying that JP might actually be long silver (fat fucking chance anyone bought that duckscrap), so I will open the floor to the latest article in regards to the Morgue, and how the real market is taking the news.

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  1. LOL you know he isnt gonna say anything now.
    Can't wait for monday

  2. Tinka will remain in this channel till drills and financing are in place. .60-.75 plus elections might add some pop or drop. either way $2 by end of summer. HINT: Andrew Carter is NOT a miner, he is strictly an explorer! Mother fucker can find the chimu!

  3. also note that the MACD is about to get squashed, might be a great opportunity to pick up shares on stop loss triggers next bids are in place-fill me up!

  4. USD just rolled over.


  5. Just out of curiosity, anyone start buying puts or shorting JPM yet ?

  6. SGS - I don't want to burst your bubble - I took you off my reading list after you said you only allowed groupthink on your blog, so you can't expect me to be involved in your comment threads (nor do you really want me to, I'm sure, as the facts make all of your insanity look ig'nant and bad)

    but are you even being serious here? I love a good troll - i'll bite. really? now JPM is almost OUT of silver? SURELY you know that this warehouse was just opened a few weeks ago - i mean, I KNOW you know that because you bitched about it for a week, accusing Blythe of rigging the game some more and using the warehouse to avoid COMEX Armageddon. I wonder how many computer monitors you smashed, and how many people you hurt at fight club because of this warehouse.

    Of course, COMEX Armageddon didn't happen, as was clear from the start to anyone who could read the numbers and see that there was ample silver to deliver into the standing contracts, and the reason for the non-armageddon had nothing to do with this vault, which has seen almost ZERO activity so far!

    but if you want to miseducate your readers some more, in my honor - have at it.

    your name in lights if you can show me JPM's silver losses in their latest 10k. but you have to come to my blog to let me know - I don't read your garbage anymore.

  7. one more thought for you, since I know you can't wait to rant, but just in case you want to use your brain to think about how this piece you linked to is possibly the dumbest silver piece published all week (despite tough competition from you and your boy Harvey):

    you are well aware that JPM's vault didn't even exist until Mid-march. and yet, Mark McHugh's idiotic piece shows the deliveries that JPM has made all year. Of course, one does not need a warehouse to make deliveries. And the amount of metal in one's own warehouse has no constraint on the ability to make deliveries (FACT. not debatable.) You understand that, right? You want your readers to understand that, right? or do you want them to be confused? Are you going to tell them that this must mean that JPM delivered bologna sandwiches wrapped in aluminum foil - NOT silver bullion - for all those months before they had the warehouse?

    if you want a reply from me on your future nonsense, all you have to do is link to my blog: i'll see the link and come read your hysterics. (I can already see your reply: "I DON"T WANT TO LINK TO YOU YOU FUCKTWIT - YOU"RE A FUCKING SHILL AND A MORON" no problem - then don't be surprised if I don't come to answer your questions. oops - sorry - i know you don't really want the answers anyway!)

    ps - you understand that I'm long silver, right?

  8. @Kid Dynamite
    "I took you off my reading list after you said you only allowed groupthink on your blog"


    "at fight club because of this warehouse."

    Contradiction! You did not stop reading. Very good, at least you're getting a decent education.

    Tell me, Kid Dynamite, what's Open Interest?

    Your attempts at condescending ad hominem attacks make you look like an amateur by the way.

  9. Kid Dickless... you are a joke.

  10. Kid Dickless,
    looks to me like were dealing with facts.

  11. By the way Kid Dickless, do you go by the name JZNEFF on the daily paul?

  12. my response to that awful Zero Hedge article:

  13. "And the amount of metal in one's own warehouse has no constraint on the ability to make deliveries (FACT. not debatable.) You understand that, right? "

    Please enlighten me on this concept. I am stupid. Explain this in sheep terms slowly so we all can learn from your insight.