Thursday, April 28, 2011

JPM is long Copper right? Cornered 90% of the trade right? A metal thats more profitable than gold...really?

So why not pump stories like this?

Click here for Copper pump time by the Morgue


  1. Copper is nothing for JPM. LME stock is 0.38 mil tonn. Year production is 20 mil thousand tonn. Those 3 bil USD that JPM put into copper is nothing. Especially compared with the silver exposure of estimated 3 bil ounces that equals to 150 bil USD shorts now.

  2. I hope these assholes all get what is coming to them. I wonder how the discovery is going on the JPM/HSBC silver manipulation class action lawsuit. Soon all those goodies will be out for the world to see what greedy pricks the banksters really are and how they steal from the common man. They are going to pay dearly...

  3. People it is official! The Depression is Over!

    McDonalds is hiring!!!

    the new meal plan for Americans:
    free coffee from employer. $3 meal deal from mcdonalds for lunch... repeat same meal for dinner. $6/day. 1 month food bill=$180. x's 4 people in family = $720/month. life expectancy for children= 32

  4. lol, 2pac.

    SGS, do you have any fight club DHS intel for us?

  5. @pac4ya: From that McD's article... "McDonald’s and its franchisees hired 62,000 people in the U.S. after *receiving more than one million applications*"

    More than a million folks were so deperate for work that they applied at McDonald's....

  6. Additionally,

    "Earlier this month, McDonald’s said sales at stores open at least 13 months climbed 2.9 percent in the U.S. after it attracted more diners with items such as beverages and the Chipotle BBQ Bacon Angus burger. The fast-food chain has about 14,000 stores in the U.S. and more than 18,000 abroad. About 80 percent of all McDonald’s stores are franchised."

    Its not a job! Its a business opporunity

  7. You know what my thinking is: I don't care what job you have, as long as you're contributing to society, that is a good thing. Why you people are mocking this, I just don't understand. Not everyone (myself included) cannot have a PhD or an MBA.