Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hinterland Metals HMI.V / HNLMF about to do something here

Anyone looking for a trade, Hinterland Metals ticker HMI.V / HNLMF on the otcbb is about to explode. Just got the confirmation via insider. I just bought 350K at .17/.18
Lets see what happens here. I see .30 soon. Word is they are dividending out to Stakeholder Gold...yup, this looks good to go.

I just pass alone the info I get as it comes in...if my people can stack and transfer the funds into physical...I am happy.

"you can only acquire free Stakeholder by owning HMI"

Dont say I didnt help you.


  1. Sorry, what does "dividending out" mean?

  2. Parenthetic: (Might get out of ELECTRONIC TRADING completely---let that sink in)

    Here's the main thing: BREAKING NEWS: This is it folks!

    Bernanke Warns of New Financial Crisis

  3. Hinterland Metals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:HMI) ("Hinterland") is pleased to announce the execution of an Arrangement Agreement with Stakeholder Gold Corp. ("Stakeholder"), it's wholly-owned subsidiary, pursuant to which certain Yukon gold assets of Hinterland will be transferred to Stakeholder in consideration for the issuance of common shares of Stakeholder equal to 25% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Hinterland immediately prior to the closing of the transaction, for a total of approximately 20 million shares. As previously announced by Hinterland (see press release dated February 1, 2011), Hinterland intends to keep 7.5% of the shares received from Stakeholder and distribute the balance to its shareholders.

    The transactions contemplated by the agreement will be carried out as a plan of arrangement (the "Arrangement") under the provisions of the Canada Business Corporations Act. Under the Arrangement, each Hinterland common share will be exchanged for 0.25 of a new common share of Hinterland and 0.23125 of a Stakeholder common share. Furthermore, the Arrangement contemplates that holders of outstanding warrants and options shall be entitled to receive new Hinterland common shares and Stakeholder common shares upon the exercise thereof in accordance with the aforementioned ratios (for more information on the terms and conditions of the exercise of the convertible securities of Hinterland under the Arrangement, see the Plan of Arrangement attached to the Arrangement Agreement which is being filed at www.sedar.com concurrently with the dissemination of this press release). Following the closing of the Arrangement, Hinterland will have approximately 20 million common shares issued and outstanding.

    Hinterland expects to hold its annual and special meeting of shareholders (the "Meeting") to approve the Arrangement by the end of May 2011. In this regard, Hinterland will be mailing to its shareholders and convertible security holders (the "Securityholders") an information circular (the "Circular") containing information on the Arrangement and Stakeholder. Hinterland expects the Circular to be sent out to its Securityholders within a delay of approximately 30 days.

    The closing of the Arrangement is subject to number of conditions, including (i) the Arrangement being approved by the Superior Court of Quebec and by the shareholders of Hinterland by a majority of 66 2/3% of the votes cast at the Meeting, (ii) holders of not more than 2% of the issued and outstanding common shares of Hinterland having exercised their right of dissent in respect of the Arrangement, (iii) the TSX Venture Exchange having conditionally approved the listing of the shares of Stakeholder and the new common shares of Hinterland, (iv) the successful completion by Stakeholder of a private placement for minimum gross proceeds of $825,000, (v) the execution of a definitive agreement between Hinterland and Stakeholder for the transfer of the Yukon gold assets and (vi) other conditions customary to this type of transaction.

  4. Under the Arrangement, each Hinterland common share will be exchanged for 0.25 of a new common share of Hinterland and 0.23125 of a Stakeholder common share.

    This is too easy. I know know why it bounced from .14-.22 in April. This is free money at its best.

  5. SGS I know you're busy but do you have any opinions on AmeriTrade? Good company? I need to start trading this now and just need someone's blessing that I'm doing the right thing here.

  6. I didn't here any crisis warning, just an answer to a hypothetical question.

    Where's the breaking news in that?

  7. This song is dedicated to Weather Unit and all the other trolls out there:


    I had to dig through some of my records for an appropriate song.

    I hope this one is suitable enough :)

    Warning: Contains strong language.

  8. Ameritrade.. like buying shares? LOL, lets see what the Ben Bernank has to say tomorrow, if he prints more, buy anything

  9. I know you're in Canada and all so it might be a difficult question. Yes I would like to use Ameritrade as a way to take your trading advice and generate more fiat. I personally don't know anyone into this and I feel the SGS community would know best. Does anyone know if this is a good company to start an account with?

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  11. Short Sellers Now Screaming About a Buy Side Silver Conspiracy


    Good luck proving a conspiracy when the buyers are from all walks of life and the only thing that they share in common is that they seem to not pay attention to the MSM BS Excretory Outlets.

    This tells me some people are getting concerned-something that I do not know has happened before-The Hunts Brothers were before my time.

  12. I see, nice, so Hinterland is spinning off a new company. However this is old news, this was all announced at the beginning of April apparently. Has anything changed? Or do you just think it's undervalued and the timing is right?

  13. SGS...

    so there was a post at 5:21pm from someone who said you were CEESOLUTIONS on Stockhouse, and that you have been playing both sites to pump stocks.
    The post is now gone, but no response from you on what he said.

    Just curious...sounds like he was pretty much accusing you of being disingenuous.

    So are you CEESOLUTIONS from Stockhouse or was that guy just being a dickhead.

    Like I said...I'm just curious...

  14. Lease rates are picking up again.

  15. Jinglejang

    I hear you. I have my physical sorted and now ready to trade. I'm finding it hard reading about all these other guys making more money. I understand the "stay out noob" thing, but we are big boys. I'm thinking Thinkorswim as a trading platform at this stage. I'd love some advice but it's DIY for the time being.

  16. JingleJang, I can share some of my experiences with you.

    If you don't daytrade, nor trade forex nor future, Charles schwab is not bad. They merge their banking service with the brokerage, so it is very easy to move money in and out.

    If you daytrade, trade forex and such, TD is ok as they have one of the better trading platform.

    If you want to trade forex, future, international stocks and everything, I personally like InteractiveBrokers. Their tools sucks, their customer service sucks and their fund transfer sucks. Yet it is a very good brokerage to trade with. One account, you can trade almost everything in the world. Their pricing is among the cheapest.

    Anyway, if you trade only US stocks, options, TD is ok...

  17. Video - April 26, 2011 - The WSJ's Deborah Solomon reports on stepped-up oversight of mutual funds using offshore subsidiaries to speculate on and drive up the price of gold, oil and other commodities.



  18. Save_America: No idea what that is or who that is. Seriously if I wanted to pump stocks I would find shit with 30K volume a day with nothing on the ask. The stocks I reco have millions for sale.
    I am a one man show here pointing out arb opportunities that the market misses. Yes its old news. But thats not all there is that I know about. I will be doing an update later tonight on my findings.

    To be honest with you, after my first bears video, a lot of people said I was pumping silver and scamming people if they buy at $25. I'll leave it at that.

    I try to help people. Its ironic b/c I hate people, but lets leave that for another day.

  19. Did I not call the bottom at 12:30 am last night on silver and post it? Nuff said. People are making a fucking killing on my info.

  20. SGS

    good enough for me! thanks for all the info man.

    So about this Hinterland deal. I got enough to get about 1350 shares. You're saying though that they could double?

  21. SGS, you're definitley the man! A couple questions though:

    Why Help?

    who are your sources? don't need to know names but rather their roles in the PM game.

    You have been a great help... good call last night

  22. 2pac,

    go out on a limb and guess why he helps? he's a self professed misanthrope, so 2 + 2 from there.

  23. yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  24. Anyone masking spread trades on slv?

  25. so he hates all humans or just the sheep who deserve what they get

    and thats why he helps Colin?
    im not getting 4 when i add up what u say

  26. i kinda look at it like this. I try and educate everyone I know about the PM and the USD... I'm trying to help them. I think everyone in here is doing the same. i'm sure we all have similar qualities in here. I think SGS is just doing what we all do but for people who actually listen and have an understanding of what is going on. i would probably do the same if i had the experience as SGS. also, i hate people too!

  27. @coconutrumplus Thanks very much for your input. Much appreciated. I learned something.