Monday, April 18, 2011

Good Morning America

Looks like the $US is catching its legs (which I called last week) as the PTB will not let it go to zero that quick. I suspected after one of the largest endowments stands for delivery that the $US would rally...LOL....seriously, you dont know how easily this market is pushed around with those who hold a bottomless pit of fiat freely printed FRNotes-AKA JPM.

Looks like we are already getting 'corrected.' I will buy more physical at $40-41, if it doesnt come into that level, well, then I wont buy anymore. Always buy on Red days. Todays looks to be shaping up like a red day. Buy the weakness. Fed speeches today should accelerate this selloff into the 10am noon fuckjob fix with a reversal after that.

I have also been informed that Eric Sprott is also now concerned with how the FUCKMEX is settling if the dealer has receives a bunch of ZERO's so far this month. We truly are puzzled, and the increase price of gold is an indicator of such anomalies.

Thanks goes out to Mr. Montgomery who has provided us with all the info we need in the form of an excel spreadsheet. This goes to show you how productive we can all be in times of tyranny.


  1. where's the excel ? I'd really love to see it. Thanks

  2. 1. price is fiat.
    2. buy the dips and
    3. take delivery.

    simple SGS 3 step plan to insure your wealth from shitting the bed.

  3. cmusat:
    I think he ment it to be a mental spreadsheet,
    as a shrine in which you find inner peace on red days.

    Furthermore, the support for 40 is quite substantial, right?
    I will also try to go in at 40-41, but I wont be triggerhappy this time, to see that it actually holds for a day or two. (wednesday)

  4. you guys checking out this roaring rebound? Cant keep a good metals down, or a rickety old fiat currency up. The half life on these prop ups are getting down to hours. 15 hun by close??

  5. I retract that. 15 hun by market OPEN??

  6. just bought more phyzz, thank you S&P

  7. Pardon the multiple posts but...
    For all those who were concerned about the impending financial crash dragging down gold/silver in it's toiletbowl swirl, please read the article below on this morning's price movement. Unlike 2008, today there was a 'safe haven' move FROM treasuries into gold. That trend, along with the UT Fund trend, could be the first spray of the gold buying tsunami trying to fit into the gold supply martini glass.

    Comex gold futures have rebounded from lower price levels seen earlier in the trading session Monday, as the Standard & Poors ratings agency has just downgraded the the U.S. debt outlook to negative. The Triple A debt rating was maintained by S&P, but the outlook downgrade by the agency hit the U.S. stock market hard and also prompted a sell off in U.S. Treasuries. Meantime, the U.S. dollar index backed down from its session high on the negative U.S.debt outlook. The S&P downgrade of the U.S. prompted fresh safe-haven buying interest in the precious metals markets, as both gold and silver futures rallied sharply on the news and are trading at fresh for-their-move highs.