Monday, April 4, 2011

Gold is in trouble, you better get your shit in order, I smell the blood

Back from Fight Club. Every Monday Night my Commentary will be delayed till around 10-11 pm est because Im training with knives and shit.

On with the Fraud:


-79,599 volume today, and we went up, what an equation this is turning out to be eh?
-NO activity in the Gold vaults...HA! Looking closer and closer to the silver situation we had in fuckgoats better call China and get your metal back, or I smell some gold backwardation coming.


-OI at 139,454, Blythe get your shit together, seriously, how the fuck are you letting us hillbillies, low life, middle class win this trade. Give us some fucking competition already.
-44,838 volume today and we make 38 year highs, how fucking coincidental is that?
-Zero deposits, massive withdrawals, SHOCKING
-SLV adds 737,152 oz, oky doky

Okay my loyal peeps, the world is awash with fraud and lies and mind trickery. Here a HUGE HINT: when there is cash settlements at the COMEX, its in default. If this is news to you, then so be it. But when this all goes to shit, you can say, "Hey remember that idiot SGS who speaks in semi lunacy sentence structure as to hide his real form of syntax was right about the COMEX defaulting years before it 'defaulted"? Dont say I didnt warn you.

As far as the Metals I will be eye fucking the Gold Vaults. Silver is fucked that cat is out of the bag...but GOLD too? Holy fuck, this could get interesting in the summer.

Like the Turk, I will watching how the Blythe's bids up the cost of the lease rates components.

The $US is just doesn't want to die, we need some QE3 baby, that should get it to 70 or so.

QUICK NEWS: Brought to you by - TINKA Resources...if you bought it, your wife must be sucking you off by now. Good boy. Dont forget to take some profits. I say its going higher long term, but she still can go to zero. Will try to get an update in there but I have launched another buisness this week and its mind boggling how dumb people are to get shit together. Fuck.

US to invade Yemen next, US banks cooking books again, 2008 crash to commence shortly if Benjamin Shalom does not print some more, Sprott needs another $300 mill in physical (good luck finding it- I guess you can call the Comex or SLV like Kid Dynamite says they have all the metal they do), Brent is at like $230 or something like that, Debt Ceiling to be breached May 16th (Geithner) but he doesnt realize its already breached, Feds confiscating Silver Liberty Dollars and probably soon to be your maples and Eagles, and YES, Libya, Yemen, SA, Israel, and 16 other ME nations are still on fire! Oh ya, and Japan is now dumping shit into the water, like a lot of shit.


  1. The People’s Daily Online (March 23) reported that China has 50 large-scale projects in Libya. The outbreak of hostilities has halted these projects and resulted in 30,000 Chinese workers being evacuated from Libya. Chinese companies report that they expect to lose hundreds of millions of yuan.

    China is relying on Africa, principally Libya, Angola, and Nigeria, for future energy needs. In response to China’s economic engagement with Africa, Washington is engaging the continent military with the US African Command (AFRICOM) created by President George W. Bush in 2007. Forty-nine African countries agreed to participate with Washington in AFRICOM, but Gaddafi refused, thus creating a second reason for Washington to target Libya for takeover.

    A third reason for targeting Libya is that Libya and Syria are the only two countries with Mediterranean sea coasts that are not under the control or influence of Washington. Suggestively, protests also have broken out in Syria. Whatever Syrians might think of their government, after watching Iraq’s fate and now Libya’s it is unlikely that Syrians would set themselves up for US military intervention. Both the CIA and Mossad are known to use social networking sites to foment protests and to spread disinformation. These intelligence services are the likely conspirators that the Syrian and Libyan governments blame for the protests.

    Caught off guard by protests in Tunisia and Egypt, Washington realized that protests could be used to remove Gaddafi and Assad. The humanitarian excuse for intervening in Libya is not credible considering Washington’s go-ahead to the Saudi military to crush the protests in Bahrain, the home base for the US Fifth Fleet.

    If Washington succeeds in overthrowing the Assad government in Syria, Russia would lose its Mediterranean naval base at the Syrian port of Tartus. Thus, Washington has much to gain if it can use the cloak of popular rebellion to eject both China and Russia from the Mediterranean. Rome’s mare nostrum (“our sea”) would become Washington’s mare nostrum.

    “Gaddafi must go,” declared Obama. How long before we also hear, “Assad must go?”

    The American captive press is at work demonizing both Gaddafi and Assad, an eye doctor who returned to Syria from London to head the government after his father’s death.

    Caesar Obama has done Bush one step better. Caesar Obama has taken the US to war against Libya without even the pretense of asking Congress for authorization. This is an impeachable offense, but an impotent Congress is unable to protect its power. By accepting the claims of executive authority, Congress has acquiesced to Caesarism. The American people have no more control over their government than do people in countries ruled by dictators.

  2. My FEDPRINTS credit card is maxed out. Now I need a QE credit card with no spending limit.

  3. Did your source elaborate about his comment last week? Regarding getting some food and supplies in order?

  4. From Eric Sprott tonight:

    "When asked about the paper silver market Sprott remarked, “Well, you know what goes on on the Comex is never easy to understand. Every day we trade something like 350 million ounces of silver on the Comex. 350 million ounces when we produce something like 900 million a year and there’s only one thing you can conclude from that, the people trading it have no interest whatsoever in physical silver because it’s just way bigger than the market needs to be. Who the hell would be trading that amount of silver other than somebody working in the trading room in the sky?

    Part II next.

  5. "So I think the people who trade the paper trade so much more than is produced every day that they were so far able to contort the market, and it looks like the physical buying is now going to upset that former control they had over things.”

    We're coming after you, paper bulls. Screw this tinka crap. Have you forgotten that this stuff is denominated in Dollars? Dollars that lose value? Keeping you in mining stocks is about the last desperate step the Feds want you to take before you go all into physical when THAT fails. It's a distraction, to keep you out of physical at all costs. Who's going to be the ones making the rules locally on the other side? The ones with paper, or the ones with tangible things?

    Good luck!


  6. Pete: Yes he did! I forgot to mention it I will add in. He is getting more comfortable with the guy, but he says civil unrest is heading soon. My guy is trying to ask him what the trigger will be, first he will question the dollar collapse as a possible tipping point. One week at a time.

  7. Sprott Physical Gold Trust Announces Follow On, Will Sequester Another $300 Million In Physical; PSLV Next?

    It's a good thing that unlike the silver market, which continues to be in backwardation (see chart), the gold market is fully supplied. Otherwise the just released news from Sprott Asset Management that his Physical Gold Trust (PHYS) is pursuing a $300 million follow on would finally send gold breaking out to $2,000, where it will be sooner or later anyway.

    Looks like there is more FUEL for the GOLD FIRE. Also, silver continues in backwardation by at least $.60 in the furthest outside month.

    Don't forget Japanese are about to shut down its toyota plants in the USA which will keep some 25,000 autoworkers home. This is just the beginning of the end.

    Those who think Japan will rebuild itself, need to get a REVERSE LOBOTOMY. This is the collapse of the global supply chain.

    Make sure you got your gold and silver bullion, bullets and beans. Get out of the big cities before the collapse begins.

  8. 6al: you make no sense....if we can triple our money in cash and then buy physical then we win. Yes dollars loose value, but trust me friend, $560,000 of them can buy me more physical and are not declining that fast in value as fast as we acquire them in these trades. Nuff said.

  9. Fight Club is a metaphor right? You're not actually training to fight with knives and shit?

  10. It's funny you say that, I believe the dollar collapsing is the #1 trigger for martial law, unrest, and chaos. Some people say a New Madrid or other earthquake, suitcase nuke, EMP, or some other black swan. But my money (pun intended) is on the scenario that we wake up one morning and the $ is through the floor. Then, it's on, big time.

  11. No its not a metaphor. Dont worry we are safe about it. LOL

  12. This audio clip is for all you shitbirds who only own paper silver...


  13. lol talk about full spectrum preparation for the collapse. You better not forget your chain mail before trying to run up on SGS's stash, damn.

  14. For those of you who are taking SGS serious here is a web site with some serious shit to survive the whatscoming. I traveled and worked in over 30 countries for a popular fast food chain and got to see some scary stuff. I will say that explosions and people scrambling to get food and water from empty stores are the scarest. Here is the list:

    Good luck everyone

  15. had a weird thing happen to me today. I had a broken English speaking Arab knock on my door. He asked me if I knew my neighbor and said she wasnt home and if I could give her this case of pistachios and bread in a garbage bag. I cant make shit like that up.


  16. ag: its a mix of military execution, Krav Maga, and street fighting.


  18. SGS,

    Then the game becomes getting out of paper into physical BEFORE the other paper sharks do, the ones doing the exact same thing as you.

    AND you are buying in rapidly depreciating dollars when you could be spending that money in tangible things whose prices have not yet changed near as much as silver/gold has.

    Part II follows.


  19. Part II...

    For instance, I work for a company that lets me have discounts when buying supplies. Last week, I had a gift card from the company that I redeemed for supplies that we sell. I used it to cover the amount and pay the rest. For instance, it was about $102 I would have paid without the card and the discount, but with both figured in, I only had to pay a total of about $15. $15!!! I paid 15% of retail that our customers pay EVERY DAY! Nobody outside of our industry has that kind of buying power for these supplies. That's where my money goes, before they go up in prices and reduce my utility per dollar, like silver did.

    Part III follows.


  20. Let's see. Current citizenship for the family in St. Kitts ~$325, a late model 40' Tartan ~$125 (smaller rigs much cheaper and easier to singlehand but tight on space) leaves ~$100 worth of ballast to bribe your way out of the seaway. I say cash in @ $700+ to be on the safeside. As they say a rising Ag lifts all boats.

  21. Meh... we'll see, but I don't see a comex default yet - people still like cash and TPTB have plenty of that. I'm waiting until fall for the big stuff - but up until then.

  22. Part III...

    I need to add also, that I did not get a cost of living increase for two years, and I've not received a raise for two years when you figure everything out. Because my earnings per hour did not go up, but prices went up, silver this time was the first thing to go out of my reach. I then had to turn to the next thing before they in turn go up against my weaker and weaker dollar - supplies.

    I bought in a long time ago.


  23. Buying silver eagles from Monex or whoever, they will have your SS# in the transaction. If the government wants silver or gold bullion and coins from us it will be easy for them to get whatever much we got. Our kiss ass Congress will pass a law like in 1933 so what do you do? Remember we have 9/11 and Homeland Security to do to us whatever they want now.

  24. I live in silicon valley all thru the boom and bust. I have seen people making millions because of stock options and IPO's of start-ups. Today, TI just bought the NSM for billions. I know some of the people work there. It dang on me that these highly paid executives making billion dollars purchases for high tech companies. That means They don't see collapse of the US or civilization. High Tech gadgets are the least thing on people's mind if society falls apart.

    Now, it is kind of hard for me to see the total collapse of the US, especially the civil unrest things. I can see US dollar getting trashed. But that means all the outsourcing jobs will be coming back because we are cheaper then. I can see PM prices goes up even to triple digit, but I can't quite picture silicon valley becoming Egypt or Tunisia.

    Comments anyone ?

  25. Just another thought, I don't see the dips on the silver during the Asian trading session. I wonder the typical shorting was done in HK exchanges (HSBC and JPM). Right now, China, HK, Taiwan are shut down for holidays. May be they will go full force shorting when London Exchange opens.

    SGS may know it better.

  26. When the Govt. cheese runs dry, the rats will feast on anything around them. Better not be in any big cities then. How that for fucking unrest. Grocery stores running on food on shelves only, food brought in all day long to keep shelves full. Empty shelves and 98% of sheeple are fucked. How that for unrest. Gas stations run out of gas after a day. How's that for unrest. Shit is going to hit the fan you want to be on the sidelines with a beer in your hand and not out in the shit with 298 million other unprepared walking corpses.

  27. Jovil... SSN, I have never been asked for SSN for all the purchase I have done. However, through credit card transactions and shipping addresses, they can definitely track down the owner.

  28. AC_Doctor, Japan's grocery market is cleaned out, gas station is empty. Electricity is out, water is out, is that unrest ?

    If you are envisioning people are rioting, stealing, robbing and killing everywhere in the US. I am not sure what you can do other than being a farmer. What good is it for you when the world around you are no longer civilized. Do you intend to live in the rest of your live like a prison guard, glazing through your window and carrying a gun 24 hours a day ?

  29. People in Japan may be hungry but they are not starving. The mind does crazy things when you are starved and or dehydrated. Whe the poor Japanese people find out about the true radiation issues then 100 million are going to be looking for a new home in another country.
    Japan is the straw that will break the camel's back, along with MENA and devaluing currencies.

  30. AC_doctor.... Atomic bombs exploded in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People are still living in those cities. The nuclear leaks is not going to kill or harm everyone living in all corners of Japan. Just like the three miles island incident did not kill everyone in Pennsylvania either. IMO, you are a tad dramatizing the issue.

    With all the gloom and doom news, may be the world will end soon. If that is the case, so be it. But I would think it may be better to prepare oneself in case the world doesn't end soon. In another word, one may try to be cautiously optimistic. Just my 2 cents.

  31. Leaving the city isn't an option for me unfortunately, but I have armed myself and prepared with food and supplies. I plan to make a stand against the zimbabwe horde of the walking unfed.


    My wife and I sold our company back in 2006 in Atlanta and left the big city. We relocated to a small ranching community in the west. We live in the foothills of a 11,000 foot mountain range with a year around running creek.

    I have met many of the local business establishments in the area and I can tell you many of them are in debt up to their eyeballs. For instance, the local dairies here got hammered when milk went to $9.00 a hundred pounds in 2008-2009. At the height of the bull market in 2008 milk was going for $21.00 a hundred pounds.

    When times were FAT, these dairies increased their herds and production. That meant more debt. If you remember, one of the banks in Colorado that the FDIC took over was FRONTIER BANK in 2009 that lost its ass when the huge JOHNSON DAIRY went belly up. The Johnson dairy had over 9,000 cows....and get this...they were leased cows fer pete sakes.

    30, 2009 --
    EATON - One of the nation's biggest dairy operations filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this month, owing millions to creditors and suffering from industry-wide conditions that are worrying operators of all sizes.

    Johnson Dairy, which opened in 2003 and has grown into the largest dairy operation in the state, filed for bankruptcy on Jan. 8, citing assets of $10 million to $50 million and debts of between $50 million and $100 million.


    I can tell you that in my county there were 40 small dairies about 15 years ago. Today there are only 4. In the surrounding 4 counties there are 4 large dairies with over 3,000 cows each. One was already taken over by the bank and the other 3 are in debt up to their eyeballs.

    The Banks had to keep lending them money as they were in to deep to pull the plug. This is the way it is in the whole fricken country.

    When the dollar will the banks, and the supply chains of everything.

  33. SRSrocco.... wow, I wish I live near you. Actually, I read Chinese and emerging markets are short of food. Their industrial development has reduced their food production. Chinese farmers are buying farms and ranches in New Zealand and Austraiia. In the name of "national securities", local governments are blocking Chinese from buying ranches and farms. Milk and dairy production is one of big demands from emerging markets. India and China has problem securing safe food. I would think a lot of Chinese businessmen would see opportunities there.

  34. cocnutrumplus....I gather as the Fiat system implodes, nationalization of mines, farms, oil fields, and other natural resources will FLY LIKE A G-SIX.

    Unless you own the business in the country you live....SORRY CHARLIE.

  35. The flying monkees are out in force in London!