Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gold, gold - where art thou in thine CRIMEX?



-Volume today was 114,097. We had a green day. Volume yesterday was 202,975. We had a down day. Can someone please start charting the correlation between price and volume on both silver and gold, please...we may find an arb here we can exploit. Also please chart the deposits into the customer, and total withdrawals. Go back and look at harveys reports and plot the data and send it to me please at in the comments section please let me know who is proficient enough to do this and who has the time thanks.
-ZERO deposits into customer. Seriously...? 13 straight days in a delivery month? Impossible.
-Zero oz served today. Impossible.

-145,722 you are telling me it only dropped 1102 contracts from $42-38.95? Blythe, you are fucked. Get your shit together for May, you are going to get squeezed like lemons you dirty dirty wench.
-volume yesterday was 141,111. Shocking.
-ZERO deposits.
-244,159 withdrawn.

SLV/GLD=gay, I would rather waste my time typing this than report that fuckjunk

The CRIMEX is a complete joke. The CFTC is a complete joke, and by the end of this someone should be tried for treason. How they can sit here and allow foreigners to take your gold and silver offshore at these prices its blasphemy. Someone will get hung for this when the shit clears.

Anyone who followed my advice yesterday and bought silver, or in the paper form TINKA was up like a champ today. Remember, the sheep buy on Green days, professionals step in, with their huge nuts and buy the red days. Congrats to whom did it, proceed to press the donate button and transfer some worthless capital into my account.

I had a busy day...I'm really working on a huge Junior for us right now. I couldn't believe my eyes today on it...will report this weekend so everyone can have time to do some DD.

More to come tonight!

You know how to thank me ;)!


  1. feels goooood gettin filled at the lowest price of the day. too bad the stones werent big enough to pull the trigger equally at 20.07 on first majestic :/ very interested what junior pick youre brewin. you sure know how to string a guy along! hah.

  2. Bring on the Junior! Leveraged leverage. Whoooo!!!!

  3. Are we going to break $41 here? I'd like to see how it behaves if it makes it to $41.25 overnight....developing....

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  5. CFTC Chair is a member of the PPT (working group on markets). So yeah, watch as Mirror Man Bart keeps looking into things, and nothing changes.

  6. How far back do you want to go on the charting data?

  7. Ted Butler came out today and said that he is expecing a 10 to 20.00 or even more pop in the silver price soon. He also said a short squeeze is developing in the SLV. I am going to sit here and laugh my ass off at Kid Dickless and Brian o'faggerty when that Short Squeeze gets rolling.
    I can't wait to see SGS's coloraful metafors describing those 2. Learned a new one tonight..
    Fuckjunk. lmao.

  8. If you have a good chart I'd like to see one for the last 5 days in 5 minute candlesticks just with some volume.

    Bang! Hit the top there like a brick.

    Chop Chop Chop....

  9. Going for raw trades in SLV, PSLV, and UCO now. Not sure how that will unfold.

    Have to play the electric funds here

    Anyone buy some physical yesterday?

    The best bang for the buck is the NWTM 100oz. bars right now.

    I can't believe I didn't load up enough when those bars were under $1800. Can you imagine people saying: "...remember when silver was only $65 an ounce?..."?

    EBAY is hopping. Those power sellers are going wild there!

    EBAY Power Selling Silver

  10. YOSH: WOuld like till June of you guys can get the full impact on whats happening on these huge down days.

  11. Alright, too late tonight to start. I will start tomorrow. I'll shoot you an email tonight to make sure I set it up right and then if I have any questions, I contact you via email. Cool?

  12. I hope Blythe shorts with her mouth closed (not really) because when sh*t hits the fan its gone get her right in the mouth. I hope she chokes and dies.

  13. We need to terminate the TSA now. Do they pull this in Canada?

    Stop The TSA And Bring Back America

  14. @UNIT yeah, and let's hose the fed and the irs while we're at it.

    Translation: they're all the same. When the time comes it's gonna get ugly.

  15. Who cares what silver sells on Ebay? I am tired of reading that these sheeple represent a "buying power".

  16. What I love is at this time (5:25 am, Thurs, eastern) is that the futures (May contract) is up 69.3 cents!! F Blythe!

  17. Fucking love how those ass clowns in London sell between 2-4 am EDT most days. McGuire (Macguire?) should be proud, not that the CFTC actually listened!!