Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fed Transparency? And here comes inflation....

I took this from the Golden Truth. A good short read. Click below to see it all on his blog.

The media has been happily reporting that the Fed is making itself "more transparent" with the news that Bernanke will now give quarterly press conferences AND that today the Fed releases the names of the banks who borrowed from the discount window during the 2008 banking system collapse. The quarterly press conference is a bunch of b.s. because Bernanke, following in the footsteps of Greenspan, really doesn't say much when his lips are moving and he has for sure issued many non-truths. And disclosure of the names of banks that took discount window money should not be news to anyone who is paying attention.

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  1. Sheesh - how politically correct can you get? What the hell is a non-truth? Back when I was a kid I woulda gotten the belt for a "non-truth", 'cause my parents called it lying.

    The sooner we use plain English to call these jerks on the carpet, the better. Now that I think of it, "shunning" would be a good word to learn, and to start practicing.