Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Despite some headwinds, the U.S. central bank indicated that....

they are kicking the bucket down the road for 2 more months, raising the debt ceiling, and keying in enormous electronic FRN transfers to JPM, BAC, HSBC, etc. to keep the ponzi afloat.

Not sure if CNN wrote that above or whatever.

I didnt want to write anything intra day. It was one of those let it ride events. I hope people bought like I did at $44.90 like I said to do here no more than 48 hrs ago when the silver bubble 'popped'-Laugh out loud aka LOL.

Will we slap around here around the $50? Possibly. But everyday the dollar makes moves like it did today could be its last.

So what is Ben going to do now? The option of raising rates is off the table. Its just not going to happen. It cant. I'm not going to go into this. Just realize, right here, right now, in this moment we are in, rates will NOT go up. It's borderline impossible.

I am now going to take excerpts from the FOMC meeting today, and make a complete mockery of it.

1. "The Fed's unprecedented easy money policies have been accused of pushing up the cost of oil and other commodities." But Shalom said its b/c of the 3rd world countries expanding-Lie.

2. "Inflation has picked up in recent months, but longer-term inflation expectations have remained stable and measures of underlying inflation are still subdued" Ya this is happening on the planet Fucktune where Ben and his ass pirates build 30,000 sq foot homes. Fuck you.

3."At the same time, higher commodity costs have weighed on consumer spending and the unemployment rate is still at a lofty 8.8 percent." 8.8 eh? Seriously do people actually believe this shit anymore? Has Ben looked at the updated Foreclosure listing? Its shocking, and scary actually. Below you can find subdivision to gander-dont shit your pants.

Orlando 1 in 15 homes now in foreclosure. Change? YES WE CAN!

Those that bought Hinterland Metals yesterday before the close like I said to were rewarded today with a cool 20% gain. Good for you.

Tinka remains a buy. Please view this for any questions relating to the elections. Click here to Read

Fire River Gold is still consolidating. Click here for more info

More to come later. If you feel like you gained something today buy any of my reco's on phyzz or the miners and have gained a certain perspective on how to trade when others are selling anything they can on red days, you know how to thank me, it takes 1 second. Thanks to Sean M. for the sizable donation, I am assuming he made a fuck ton.

I may have a metals report later tonight. I am actually thinking of taking a picture of my hard on and sending it to Blythe. On the fence with it still.


  1. found this, pretty interesting to history buffs ....

    1344 - Price of silver @ ~$400.00 per ounce

    1477 - Silver value reaches ~$806.00 per ounce ( all time high )

    1545 - Potosl mines open in North America ( silver value begins a gradual decline )

    1780's - Silver value falls below $100.00 per ounce

    1890's - Silver prices fall below $50.00 per ounce

    1980 - Price of silver @ $68.00 per ounce (Hunt Brothers attempt to corner silver market)

    1998 - Silver valued @ $6.24 per ounce

    2003 - $4.07 per ounce

    * they had this based on the 1998 dollar

  2. don't send blyth shit...the cops/courts will make you register as a sex offender and I doubt you really want to go there for the bitch...

  3. I'm still trying to decide which was more awkward... Steve Liesman's Ass-kissing, or Benny trying to blame the USD's "safe-haven rally" in '08 for it's current death-spiral.

    Back to reality... Is American Idol on??

  4. SGS, I would send you money but your cloaked racist remarks overshadow your intelligence.

  5. I'll dedicate this song to Blythe:


    Let's show Blythe some love, maybe she never felt it. That could be why she's working in a bank.

    Blythe, I love you. You're going to lose, no matter how hard you try, you're just going to lose. You're on the losing team, you never won, you never will. I'm smiling sweetheart, I'll never stop smiling (and nor should you).

    Silver, let's get physical!

  6. I know we all want silver and gold to go higher, but seriously, they are not going higher, the dollar is going lower and the paper commodity ponzi scheme truth is coming out, which means this country is going to be a toilet bowl. Personally, although I like to get rich holding silver, I would prefer to get rich getting a higher salary because I worked hard at my profession and created something useful. It's so sad I cannot do that in this country anymore. I feel sorry for all people living paycheck to paycheck or on fixed income, really really sad! Come on humanity, lets stop f'ing about, time to evolve!

  7. @Garry.... I hear what your are saying and that really should the idea. Honest days work, provide for the family, vacation here and there, retire at 50-55. It is shame what this world/country has come to.

    In the meantime, I'm going to try to beat these dickheads at their own game.

  8. 73.12 - wow the currency markets didn't like B's speech. Lower is trouble.

  9. OMG, I got no money to buy physical but I just went over to Gainesville coin to check pricing. I was surprised to see they changed their premiums on Maples and Philharmonics. Before the monster box for philharmonics was 2.2 over spot. And 2.8 over spot for Maples. Now Gainesville is charging 4 and 3.9 over spot. for philharmonics and Maples monster boxes.

    Damn, that is huge jump in the premiums. And they don't have them in stock either. Delivery is in the end of May...

    First majestic is having backlog several weeks ago. I bet things are even worse now.

    I don't know other cheap place to shop, even if I have more money.

  10. @SGS afraid to buy Hinterland with its recent explosion today? would you suggest wait for a dip, or just increase TK or FRV ?

  11. @Mike - Your overbearing sensitivity and indicated feminism make me wonder if there are balls between your legs.

    @Gary - I agree with the very last statement you made. Its time to evolve. I too would like to become "rich" holding silver, but I'm in this game for a different reason; to have a viable commodity to use for barter once the dollar is deemed worthless (worthless as in, its $15 for a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas is 5% of your weekly pay). I too have worked hard to perfect my craft, and have donated much of my free time to it, achieving some truly astounding creations, but it's time to beat these guys at their own game as 2pac4ya said. Its time the people wake the f**k up, and take back what we so readily were once willing to defend at all costs, including the loss of ones life.

  12. Mike: dont flatter yourself-I hate everyone equally and their is nothing cloaked about it. Nothing intelligent about me-I just grew a sac as of late and tell the truth. If not beating around the bush and telling the truth is racism, then so be it.

    Does this make me an equalltarian? LOL

    Can you point to a sentence above in which I am a cloaked racist? I would like to extenuate it next to an UNcloaked sentence.

    Mike just for the record, in which I already know the answer to this question, are you christian, jewish, or muslim?

  13. LOL at highrise comment to Mike...

  14. Coconuttrumplus
    Look up coin cottage in Portland.
    They will sell to you over the phone if you are legit and will not rip you off.

  15. For all of you silver buyers out there that dont mind a bit of a high shipping cost... check these guys out... they have a limited range of product, but silver is as silver does...

    10 Oz minimum... $30 shipping...but right now as of 7pm Pacific... they are selling their silver at $47.50/oz.... yea... almost a buck under spot. At least check em out.

  16. I listened to Uncle Ben's craptastic shitparade this afternoon via ZH. That comment about the dollar dropping because the global economy is improving/safe haven just about made me throw up in my mouth. Yeah, that's it. I paid $4.20/gal at Costco the other day because it's 3rd world demand. WTF. Also, could one of the douchebags maybe have asked a tough question?

    Side note: I've been buying from Scottsdale Silver. They're currently charging ~$3.25/oz over spot on a 10oz bar, but it's free shipping.

  17. @highrise:
    but I'm in this game for a different reason; to have a viable commodity to use for barter...

    Same here, expecting the day, soon, when I can buy a basket of food for one thin dime, one thin Roosevelt dime.

  18. SGS, don't waste your time with the putz.
    If he really raked in some jack from your hindsight, he'd send it in gleefully. We don't want one SGS brain cell wasted on a shitbird like Mike...

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  20. Those third word fucks on my shitlist!
    POS just broke in the the 72's!!!

  21. Just saw this on Quamnet tonight in my search as to why silver basically stopped trading tonight in the Hong Kong market tonight.

    I don't suppose this has anything to do with it...

    (Infocast News) Trading in the shares of Silver Grant International Industries Limited (00171)
    has been suspended with effect from 9:00 a.m. on 28 April 2011 pending the issue of an announcement in respect of a very substantial acquisition and connected transaction which is price sensitive in nature.

    I'll keep looking here...


  22. watch out, mike knows jew-jitsu

  23. @highrise408 - I have purchased twice from Great Panther + own the stock (GPR.TO) shipping is slow, but they have inventory, and their rounds are beauties. Got 50oz@42/oz in bars coming in tomorrow.

    I like a company that produces its own rounds/bars with Silver it digs out of the ground.

    I like to trade options on SLW, take half the profits (when they come) and harden them with physical

  24. @davecydell - Thats what im talking about homie! 100 oz would get me a sweeeet piece of property!

    @LSK - Thats good to hear. I havnt heard anybody else but a few others that have ordered from this company, and the same story, slow shipping, but its private silver, so its all gravy. I like your SLW deal... it makes a lot of sense to do that. Them digital dollars are scary sometimes.

  25. SGS...I knew you were kidding...I guess I was just pointing out how extreme everytyhing has become...even the thought police are out there...

  26. What's the three mining stocks everyone is watching here? I don't feel like going back and looking them symbols up through all these links and posts.

    I remember TKRFF. What are the other two?


    Thought he'd be in here today making sure we all realize silver is in a bubble. I guess the $3.00 move in silver today gave him an enema he won't forget.

    Today we get the typical SILVER ANAL-ISTS giving the sell call. Looks like Puru Saxena is getting ripped a new asshole from Max Keiser by issuing a sell yesterday to his clients. Looks like Puru gets to eat his HAT, FOOT and AZZHOLE on that call.

    I am so tired of the JON NADLERS and the NED SCHMIDTS of the world. Here is what the Kitco Bullion Specialist Nadler stated in his article today:

    Yesterday, one veteran market observer, William O’Neill, a principal with Logic Advisors remarked that as far as silver’s 10% drop was concerned “the market was getting close to $50, and that's just an accident waiting to happen.” Tuesday’s action may have been a fender-bender, at this point.

    ....Such impressive market statistics prompted another analyst, Michael Gross over at to note that “this has been a market of wild speculation.”

    Someone needs to walk up to NADLER on the street and shove a large piece of COW DUNG is his mouth. I can't stand that piece of trash.

    Very few good analysts out there. The rule of thumb is the more foul language and the more crazy the analyst sounds....the more correct the forecast.

  28. Wait till Sydney closes at 1am EST for silver fireworks. May challenge 50 tonight.


    Hey, Weather Unit....did you pull the trigger and sell your Silver? I am rubbing my Lucky Alan Greenspan Rabbit Foot hoping you did.

  30. yeah Mike and your pathetic ass race card . What are you so I can hate you properly. You fucking dumb son of bitch. Your the only racist in here you fuck squibble ass clown.

  31. @ Gary Lindsay.. Gary.. silver is going up in ALL currencies. Silver is going up because of the shortage of silver brought on by 30+ years of silver manipulation by 4 to 8 large US banks. Yes some of silvers price going up is because of the dollar devaluing but nowhere near the amount because of supply demand.

  32. @ Rocco.. I am with you brother.. I agree 100%

  33. Problems are coming up with some of the trading desk "Pension Financials", i was told one of the largests. Interesting enough, the yen and US dollar a gaining strength against all other currency when these sparious problems shows up. The intermittent problems between trading desks and people's SW are making trading very difficutlies because there is not live quotes. When the streaming quotes resume, more often than not, US and Yen are gapping up against other currencies.

    Hmmmm... what a coincident on a day like this. I can't get the quote on silver right now. but I believe it is being traded down.

  34. SGS says "I hate everyone equally."


    I say that all the time too.

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  36. Ag 48.5 / $-Index 73.3
    Are we facing a short dollar rally now?
    However, silver seems very strong.

  37. The recent reclassification of silver at the Comex, in the Scotia Mocatta vault (5M oz) suggests that this may be a "Run on the Bank" - The smart money may be pulling their metal before a collapse. Now to get the word out to the wealthy who may or may not have metal and have been paying dimerage charges for all these years - LOL.

  38. For those who appreciate quantum theory, duality, consciousness and superposition (particles connected at a distance), the the webbot guy Clif High might interest you. Turd was recently interviewed but the webbot people. Interesting stuff:

  39. SGS- what do you think about FMX's article today about the banks turning on each other in the silver pits? COMEX registered supplies down 25% in a week and dropping. This could get interesting quickly.

  40. Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but SGS was right about margins being raised for silver. I checked my IB account this morning and margin is up to $12,825 from $11,245. You'd think they'd send an alert but never do.

  41. Not going to lie, kinda scared for the US$. Flirting with $73.

  42. Or this article that the ETF want permission to add another 50 Mil shares. I hope this isn't like a reverse stock split eg. 10:1. What a fucking joke. Where's the physical to support this? How can these f'k crooks just continue to add-on to this ponzi without recourse?

  43. Damn.. I wussed* out in the last minute and sold som' ETFs at 49.4, since I dont think they will let us breach 50$ for free (?) and the Dollar has yet to Ralley another 5% or so?

    Oh God, correct me if Im wrong!

    (*Im the moose running away

  44. this gold/silver market is getting CRAZY.. I thought 2010 was volatile...holy chit

  45. Steve Liesman has a man crush on the Ben Bernank!

  46. CNBC Vultures starting to get interested in GOLD and SILVER. Even Mr. Yellow Tie is talking GOLD but he says SELL SILVER. They don't all agree.....:-)

    CNBC Vultures Talk Precious Metals