Monday, April 18, 2011

Cannot give commentary tonight

Dont know if anyone has worked with site programmers before, as they are all a disaster. Gave some files to a programmer and my life is nothing short of a nightmare right now.

Just keep an eye on the $US, it's holding well. I'll try to check in later. Fuck.


  1. The best thing about a rising USDX (POSX) causing a gold/silver pullback, is that you can be 1000% certain that a rising USDX is a hoax/farce/impossibility/con/contrived absurdity.
    It is government and banks colluding to fool you into subscribing to their ongoing ponzi and is is as doomed as a Titanic with ice water pouring over the rail.

  2. I'm a software developer here in Austin, TX. I run a small software contracting site. Hit me up at and I may be able to help out. You've answered enough of my general gold and silver questions that I'd feel fine about offering a few hours in return for the knowledge.

  3. Programming buyers rule of thumb.

    Good, fast or cheap. Pick 2.

    If you have issues with your US Programmers, and based on what I see of your successful site here you typically opt for 2 and 3.

    Your expectation of all 3 comes from all the mis-information in the media that you can get good programming from India that includes all 3.

    My impression is that you have a US based developer and you're lucky it gets much worse. Business hours, language barrier, etc.

    Advice, stop waiting till the last minute to get shit done and stop expecting that it will be affordable and stop expecting it to come with no personal effort and be perfect.

    Doesn't work that way.

    Now, if you worked with my firm, 2 man shop in Denver and Seattle you'd get all 3 but that's why we're working for clients that dont build their empire on a free app like blogspot.

    However, we're open to estimates if you're looking for a change.

  4. Careful now, let's not forget, you get what you pay for.

  5. SGS, what exactly seems to be the problem with the programmer?

  6. Zach, thats really cool of you to offer your services. Your a stand up guy. Wpitco go fuck yourself. People like you are the reason our country is about to collapse you assclown fucksquibble. You use this site to increase your wealth at no charge. You think you would man up. Do you really call a 3 man crew an Empire. I bet SGS could buy you and sell you like a French Whore.

  7. For those of you on facebook, if you have Ron Paul as your "friend", you may have noticed he just put out a note about SilverSeek's article today and exclaiming his amazement with Silver going from $11 to $42 in 2 years. Below is a screenshot of his facebook page today. Note he posted this to 326,000+ fans!

  8. stifflersurmastr, Wpitco is telling the truth ... unfortunately it's one of those immutable laws of project management.

    Applies equally to software development as it does to house renovations. Us project management types don't expect you to believe it, but it has to be addressed by someone at some point at some part of any project - (normally the triage team).

  9. Well he seemed like he was being a dick about it. Here's a thought. Instead of making a donation because he's up 40.53 percent on the year on the investment he had the balls to buy into in Silver alone. I'm not even mentioning Gold. Most places charge 1 percent of your wealth. He have could just offered his services like Zach did and stop bitching SGS decided to go with a free blog. Because if SGS had decided to make a larger more complex web investment to launch his business who do you think he would have to pass that expense along to? Not only here do you get to make money, you get great comedy and an education in precious metals.

  10. @stifflersurmastr, agreed. Today's software and platforms are so complex it makes me giddy — but good staff can navigate through it easily. The flipside is these folk are difficult to find and hiring is very competitive.

    I'm sure there are enough tech-savvy readers here that SGS could easily pull in a working crew using donated help, but then it depends what his objectives/requirements are but running a business model using donated help generally doesn't work well (refer: project triangle). Hope that helps.

  11. Heres some commentary:

    The United Nations is set to rubber stamp an EU invasion force of ground troops that would be sent into Libya under the cooked up pretense of “humanitarian aid” and empowered to fight if Gaddafi forces threatened to impede their mission to “secure sea and land corridors inside the country,” another blatant attempt to legitimize the aggressive war by goading Gaddafi into attacking western troops and justifying a wider military intervention.

  12. Time to put out your info on Obama being a controlled CIA agent

  13. I wonder what's going to happen to all that Gold their sitting on. I read Libya ranks number 3 in the world in gold reserves. If there was actually an independent audit they probably would be number 1 in Gold reserves.

    Obama could never have passed the CIA's background check. Not a chance. lol

  14. Depends on what he's asking for. If he's asking for a new enterprise level application, then yea, free is going to get him garbage (and he ain't going to get it from me, I've got a full-time contract). However, if he needs some tweaks, changes, and minor upgrades to scripts/source he already has, then free isn't really free because I feel I've already earned from the info and would be happy to return the favor. Also, he may just be looking to compile some gold/silver data, which is also a joke for me because that's pretty much what I did at my past job, only it was compiling data for the banking industry on home market inflation rates. No, we did not help fuel the crash, but we did monitor the data surrounding it.

  15. @SGS: I am a web programmer. If you need a good one, let me know.

  16. Thank you guys, its now under control. It seems he was rusty in writing in "Joomla" .... you should see the look on my face right now.

  17. @silvergoldsilver Joomla! is a content management system (a very good one). I've use it alot (I've written several components / modules for it).

    Is he trying to create a Template for you?

    If you're having a lot of problems with it, just let me know. More than happy to help anytime.

  18. For completeness, I should also mention it could also be used as an application development framework.

    Depending on what he's trying to do, this could take a very long time if he's new to using the code base.

  19. stifflersurmastr, Fucksquibble. Sweet, appreciate it, accepting it as a term of endearment.

    I wouldnt say I was trying to be a dick as much as cuttin to the chase. As to me being part of the problem, you're wrong. The problem is people only want to hear what they want to hear.

    All I was saying is if SGS is having problems with programmers maybe it's because his expectations are unreasonable. Good, Cheap, Fast and now your expectation free and the readers of this site expectation of free content.

    Lot a pressure for that programmer.

    By the way, never said I had an empire, douche.

    Good luck SGS. Keep up the good work.